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  1. New Prez

    I think you're conflating the stay of the order and the possibility that it will be judged as an unconstitutional overstep. The stay is needed, and the loss is not merely financial (e.g., green card holders who can/did get sent back to countries they haven't been to in years, that are possibly hostile to them, and in which they have no support network). The stay exists so that irreparable harm is not done while the legality of the order is being decided. The significance of the possible loss only matters for the stay, not for the eventual judgment. Once the lawsuit is entered, and there is an initial finding of enough standing to go forward (jurisdiction, facts, etc). The amount of people impacted does not matter. What matters is that the individuals bringing suit against Trump's administration argued successfully, in front of multiple federal judges, that there is enough immediate damages that will be done by the execution of that order that it should not be enacted until the legality is determined. The key point you brought up is that the judicial system "judges if the order is lawful or not to enact it." While the process of determining lawfulness is carried out, the courts almost always err on the side of not doing anything that can not be easily undo. Basically, two processes. The one you're complaining about is the stay, which is an extremely common thing when lawsuits are filed, even on matters much less significant than this. If the order is found to be unconstitutional, that is another thing entirely. Also, the President does not have blanket power to regulate immigration, and has to abide by a number of laws Congress has passed in the past. The order is definitely not clearly within the law. If it was clearly within the law it would not have been the ######show that it was, and it would not have made it to the point where multiple federal judges are ordering it to be halted while further arguments are done. Also, this is distinctly part of the checks/balances. The President can write an EO that says whatever he wants it to say - one of the checks and balances on that power is the ability of an independent judiciary to tell him that what he is doing is unconstitutional or outside of his powers. His challenging of the judiciary when they do their job to properly vet the Constitutionality of his actions is concerning.
  2. New Prez

    Because there are arguments to be made that it is not within the law. When there are valid arguments, the courts usually try and minimize the harm that occurs while the legal aspects are sorted out. In this case, it's a very easy argument to make that allowing the order to be enforced during the interim will result in irreparable harm to those affected, whereas a hold on the order does not. It's also looking very likely that the ban is an overreach, and is in fact not a Constitutional use of executive power as well. The executive branch has wide latitude, but it can't ignore the laws written and passed by Congress, nor the legal interpretations of the judicial branch. Whatever Trump may think, the President is neither a king nor a CEO, and his powers are in fact constrained. Maybe his orders would be less likely to be blocked by the courts if he had an actual legal expert look it over before signing it. Or if he actually read what he was signing. Since he's asserted that he didn't realize he was placing Bannon on the NSC with one of his previous orders. Also, not even touching his complete disregard for separation of powers and checks/balances. "So-called federal judge", etc.
  3. Werewolf By Design - Signups

    Sure. 1. A 2. C 3. C 4. A 5. B 6. C 7. A 8. A
  4. Werewolf: The Return Signups

    So I was mildly worried the wolves were going to be too strong this game, but it ended up working out. Blacjack inherited the ability to double his vote, so if he had used that/voted, innocents could have won more cleanly. If Shattered hadn't revived the vigilante, it would have taken two days to kill the wolves instead of one, and they probably would have won off of that. Overall, I guess things worked out ok. I would probably split off the Heir into a OMT if I had to balance again (yeah, I've never balanced a game for less than 20 people, first world problems), but I was hesitant to make a OMT with either a kill, or something like a bomb plant win condition in a game with so few people. I figured the plethora of solid innocent powers + the bodyguard inherit to be enough to balance it out. The dreamer hitting two wolves in a row helped too. It would have stalemated without the execute tiebreaker though, since order would have gone tie execute -> Shattered trapped (no kill) -> tie -> NPM trapped (no target), repeat. The dice fell the way they fell though.
  5. Werewolf: The Return Signups

    Role List: Role Descriptions:
  6. Werewolf the Return: Gamer Thread

    “Well. An actual coin flip ending. Not as fun as I expected. First time you were supposed to die, and you didn’t. And then you went and got yourself locked up instead of ending the game! I assume you will keep voting for each other, and since there is no pesky death protection this time, this coin slip should stick…and I’m sorry, it looks like all the wolves have died. Better luck next time!” Shattered was executed, but lived. Nothing happened at night. Shattered was executed, and died. Innocents win. Roles/MC Log going up in the sign up thread shortly. If it wasn't for the whole tie thing for executes (e.g., if no one died on a tie), this would have been a true stalemate. Oh well.
  7. Werewolf the Return: Gamer Thread

    Votes Blacjack (2) - Zilary, Rift Rift (1) - NPM “Look, I’ll keep it simple. You killed someone who guards bodies - that’s creepy though, right? Who guards people who are already dead? Wait, he does it for alive people too? That makes more sense. And it looks like you died again…at least this time your gun doesn’t have any bullets left in it.” Blacjack was executed. They were the Bodyguard. Zilary was mauled. They were the Survivalist (still). “There are currently two people left, and the game is not yet over, how fun? Anyway, to avoid the possible three days it could take to finish this, we will have accelerated days. Once your actions are complete, the day will end. This means both votes, and both powers…if you both have them.”
  8. Werewolf the Return: Gamer Thread

    So. MC mistake time! Yeah, Star is supposed to be red. I did something and then did something else and saved the wrong edited post. I'm sorry for the amount of analysis that resulted from that. List at the front of the page is corrected.
  9. Werewolf the Return: Gamer Thread

    Votes Blacjack (2) - Zilary, Rift Night ends in 1 hour - but will be processed in roughly 2-3 hours as I am out and do not have access to my document.
  10. Werewolf the Return: Gamer Thread

    “Oh, good work! You killed another wolf. The Queen this time, that should be it, right?” “No…there is another.” “Are you doing a Star Wars bit, or is there actually someone left? Well, I guess the game isn’t over yet, so there must be. Let’s see, one more dead person, this time one of those 'Dreamer' types. Too bad, though it looks like he helped as much as possible before dying.” Thezodiac is executed. They were Queen Wolf. TheLastStarMaker was mauled. They were the Mystic.
  11. Werewolf the Return: Gamer Thread

    Votes: thezodiac (4): TheLastStarMaker, Blacjack, NPM, Zilary Blacjack (1): thezodiac Currently thezodiac would be executed.
  12. Werewolf the Return: Gamer Thread

    “Oh my, that was loud. Don’t you know firearms in an enclosed space is how you get tinnitus? Looks like you shot the crown right off of him…and someone else picked it up! Better luck next time.” RocktheFox was shot, he was the King Werewolf. Votes: thezodiac (3): TheLastStarMaker, Blacjack, NPM RocktheFox (2): Rift, Zilary Blacjack (1): thezodiac Currently thezodiac would be executed.
  13. Werewolf the Return: Gamer Thread

    Oh, he edited it after I posted the initial count last night, which I kept updating off of. Votes: thezodiac (3): TheLastStarMaker, Blacjack, NPM RocktheFox (2): Rift, Zilary Blacjack (2): thezodiac, RocktheFox Currently thezodiac would be executed.
  14. Werewolf the Return: Gamer Thread

    Votes: thezodiac (3): TheLastStarMaker, Blacjack, NPM RocktheFox (2): Rift, Zilary Blacjack (1): thezodiac Congratulations on having everyone vote.
  15. Werewolf the Return: Gamer Thread

    Votes: thezodiac (2): TheLastStarMaker, Blacjack RocktheFox (1): Rift