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  1. Wolf Trek: To Boldly Howl - Game Thread

    My money is also on a False Flag op. Either dominion trying to frame Feds, or, the entity had possessed at least one fed member and is acting through his/her body. Which would leave the stabbing as Dominion.
  2. Wolf Trek: To Boldly Howl - Game Thread

    I do believe this "entity" is aligned against the Federation, Romulans, and possibly the Organians... maybe not "evil" per-se in "wants to kill everyone" but an excellent stand-in.
  3. Wolf Trek: To Boldly Howl - Game Thread

    Vote: Nobody Posting to say "I'm here", "I don't have my role yet" (which is not a surprise, as you said roles aren't out yet), and "I won't be back/online in full capacity until ~8:30 PM mountain time and will be going to bed at ~10:30 PM mountain time so I'm putting a placeholder vote just in case things get hectic with making dinner and I forget to vote later". Also, first.
  4. Pokemon Go

    Pokemon spawn on roads. Having my BF drive around LA and I dual wielding his and my phone, I caught plenty of mons on the 10, 405, 110, etc... Game is terribad in Albuquerque. Away from the university, which I neither live nor work near, it's a wasteland. Was pretty great in Vienna and Prague, tho. And NYC. My mom is now playing, and while she joined the wrong team (Instinct? Seriously?!), she has now lapped me in level and mons because she can literally circle the block and hit a half dozen pokestops and find an equal number of Pokemon. I have to go for miles to get something similar. And I feel @Sinical's pain w.r.t. trash Pokemon being pretty much all there is...
  5. A little frustrating that I died while traveling, more so to know that even if my rez had gone through I would've been a PI due to Traj dying. Partnered dreamers where a partner dying ends things feels really worthless as a power esp. compared to everything else running around this game, but I didnt live long enough to care/find out. Ah, well.
  6. Haha, reading the scrollback, there was a pyro! I feel so vindicated!
  7. You... accused a dead innocent of being a baddie, misspelled his username trying to vote for him, and made a series of nigh-incomprehensible posts while admitting your baddie alliance. But, sure. We'll see how it all falls out.
  8. Ok who is "Taj"??? Edit: Apparently RTF was being typical RTF. Sinical development is interesting. However, were I a baddie, I wouldn't believe for a moment that he wins with other baddies. Anon message at night continues to be intriguing.
  9. Am I the only one who feels like Fox's post pretty much is an admission of guilt, yet people are voting for Sinical anyway? Also, it's possible the Phoenix team is either even/odd or has a limited, but large number of kills. Note that I am blindly assuming from SB lore that the bullets are the phoenixes.
  10. Well, I think it's safe to say I'm not on the stabby team seeing as I died innocent. Too bad, dying while traveling (and thus not able to participate much) is kinda dull. GUESS I HAVE MORE TIME TO PLAY POKEMON GO. -Wanders out of the RP room towards the bar and begins to fix herself some sparkjuice- Hey, anyone else want anything while I'm up? Trust me, you can get pretty sloshed from this stuff...
  11. All-Stars 2016 - Sparkbomb Werewolf

    Quick thought I felt the need to post before going to sleep: Old SB had three teams and four groups: Werewolves (probably our maulers), Spectres (maybe our stabbers, but spectres were never very aggressively-themed), Phoenixes (traditional weapons were all firearms, but I guess maybe could be our stabbers?), and Pyros (who used pyro sticks, fireworks, etc, but were never really a "team" per-se, I don't recall if they had any bladed weapons).
  12. All-Stars 2016 - Sparkbomb Werewolf

    Honestly, right now the baddies seem to be doing our job just fine. More realistically - I'll be asleep when all the action is happening w.r.t. discussion tonight, and would rather risk killing nobody vs my (would-probably-be-random-right-now) vote causing a player to get killed due to shenanigans/baddies subtly voting together. Vote: Nobody I'm headed out for the evening but if things are hideously bad someone should email me and I can try to pop on for a few minutes. No guarantees once I go to sleep.
  13. All-Stars 2016 - Sparkbomb Werewolf

    That's a rather open-ended request. Can you elaborate on what happened to you in any fashion? Can we, ionno, talk about this? Feels a bit out of the blue, though it didn't *do* anything.
  14. Pokemon Go

    Blue. I'm traveling Europe still so I wonder if I'll catch things my US friends can't...