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  1. So... how dead are we?

    For two games years. I still think we should try like...monrthly epic mafia nights or something.
  2. So... how dead are we?

    And so does sparkbomb.
  3. Bring back the box of shouting


  4. Obscure Werewolf Roles

    Oh, one other I thought up. It's called Useful Plain Innocent. Basically it's a PI that actually contributes to the game rather than going pseudo-afk. The most obscure of roles.
  5. What are you playing?

    Divinity original sin 2: Pretty damn good, although has less freedom with character choice than the first in my opinion. Seems like you really need to go in on physical or magic, not a hybrid. Danganronpa v3: Love the series....can't even finish this game. Thoroughly mediocre so far. Hitman: It's hitman. It's pretty good.
  6. Obscure Werewolf Roles

    This has a ton Some of the roles are a bit silly or don't fit the format we play, but a lot would be fitting. (On a side note, we should probably try and set up a weekly/monthly epicmafia night, could draw people back)
  7. 13 Year Anniversary

    No teenage angst when it's dead.
  8. I like big butts and I cannot lie.

    1. Sinical


      That was actually a lie.

  9. My only criticism would be that it wasn't clear if it was 4v4 or uniformed majority vs informed minority. A tournament implies the former, and by the time I realised otherwise it was probably too late. I figured rift was evil and kept trying to fight him but excessive alcohol made that harder than it should have been. Then my phone broke which was my only real way of getting online, so I gave up.
  10. Due to events I'vebeen out of gameplay (aka my mum died) I am overworld. Red approved my role Do you honestly think the killer was the opponent when red died. If overworld exists, you must assist for any chance