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  1. Hi I'll play
  2. Inu could not be killed by the killer. They started not knowing identities, killer only found out by targeting the fan. You protected inu, failed and then he didn't die because of the above. Pretty much the most confusing thing that could have happened to you.
  3. So few quick notes. Sorry for delays, no real excuse for that. Inu and Zilary targeting the other essentially only had a 50% chance of working due to them being same priority and needing to go first for their role to work. I should have been much clearer. Everybody chose paper night 1. Inu played his role really well, Zilary took a risky gamble and it seemed to pay off. I made the protect role too weak. I was scared about balance due to one true evil player, but went a bit far with weakening roles. I feel like the RPS mechanic is a good thing for games, but it really needs a bigger longer game to shine. Mccraabis role would have been a ton better with more days to work with. There was so many ways this game could have gone differently day two, it was insane how close the innocents were to being in a much better position. More on that when I get home later
  4. Zilary is executed, she was the disabler. Rift is killed at night, he was the protector. Spirit wins as the killer. Inu wins too as the killers fan.
  5. "The following are split into tiers. All things in one tier are equal and order between them is decided by randomiser." If there was a disabler, I would inform people if their power failed due to disabler
  6. I have been asked by somebody to post power resolution orders. I probably should have done so beforehand. The following are split into tiers. All things in one tier are equal and order between them is decided by randomiser. Powers that prevent, change strength or switch the powers of others (eg disables, list switch, double, rps choice modifiers) Protects Kills Everything else Sorry, probably should have posted this earlier
  7. In going to go and extend day by a day. This seems like a pivotal day and conversation seems to be quite unfinished. Also I can confirm Mccraabi is ded.
  8. Nobody died. That's good.
  9. 100 side randomiser was rolled, 89 which means Mccraabi. He was an innocent who could find out people's rps use. Rest to come soon
  10. There was no clue on the word newspaper. Sinical just likes sleeping and is not staying up at night to report events.
  11. Cynical woke up after a long sleep, lasting just over a day more than intended and read the newspaper. A local had been killed, authorities aren't certain on just who it is due to the state of the corpse. You do notice that rockthefox doesn't show up for the meeting today though. (fox is dead. Role unrevealed) Day two starts, will end in 24 hours and 20 minutes due to delay. Probably.
  12. Roles now sent out, later than intended sorry. Day will be extended due to this, it will now end in approximately 37 hours. Also a game still needs a plot no matter what, so here goes. Plot by phone. In the small town of sparkbomborough, there is a killer on the loose. You should probably stop them.
  13. I said I'd post it on Monday.. Plurality Nobody votes are allowed No PMs unless I say otherwise Every night submit either rock, paper or scissors. Failure to do so will result in me assigning you the worst result possible player list Rift Mccraabi Spirit Fox - deded night one Inu Zilary Day one ends in 36 and a half hours. PMs going out slowly
  14. 1000 years from now? We're ######ed well before that if current trends continue. And even if it is 1000 years, you can't assume we'll have an answer. Humanity has answers to every crisis...until it doesn't and we go extinct. And western nations were able to expand due to exploiting the environment, and after that we exploited other countries to maintain wealth. With that in mind, why are you opposed to giving a tiny amount of money to allow said earlier exploited countries to develop more environmentally friendly. The countries are going to develop either way and wonderful capitalism dictates that it should be done at the expense of the environment. So somebody needs to cover the cost, or the planet gets ruined and we're all screwed.
  15. So I erm, forgot I was moving today. Schedule has been slightly thrown off. Will be up later today or tomorrow at latest, sorry