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  1. My only criticism would be that it wasn't clear if it was 4v4 or uniformed majority vs informed minority. A tournament implies the former, and by the time I realised otherwise it was probably too late. I figured rift was evil and kept trying to fight him but excessive alcohol made that harder than it should have been. Then my phone broke which was my only real way of getting online, so I gave up.
  2. Due to events I'vebeen out of gameplay (aka my mum died) I am overworld. Red approved my role Do you honestly think the killer was the opponent when red died. If overworld exists, you must assist for any chance
  3. I'm not willing to discuss that.... But it looks like people aren't willing to discuss anything based on activity
  4. Me and red were in contact. I lied about my power and it ended up as a draw. Take from that what you will.
  5. If a fighter would like my assistance, pm me with your team. If we're on the same team I'd be happy to help.
  6. Why not vote the blatant self preservation votes. The ones that didn't vote are already weakened.
  7. You've made a grave mistake red, this isn't even my penultimate form. I trained every day. I reached my limits every day... Then I exceeded those limits. Speed, power and technique, I have them all. Now bear witness to the results of my efforts. *teleports behind you *
  8. You stopped being my brother the day you slaughtered that orphanage. Why the orphans...why? All I know is that these fists will end you. Pray that you don't end up in the arena with me.
  9. LET'S GO. SUPER VOTE SMASHU: red I'm not too keen on the whole blood speech.
  10. Cardwolf Signups

    Oh ######. With my giant wall of text that I removed, it included my vote. (not that it mattered without Zilary voting) This honestly was the best werewolf I've played in some time. I like the format, although personally would give an extra day for that voting round.
  11. Cardwolf Game

    So that's three roles? Funny you only claimed dreamer after I announced my result on you. This is the easiest choice there's been all game. Please don't fall for the hugely over the top wifom attempt.
  12. Cardwolf Game

    ...but not every role is chosen every time. Your argument doesn't hold up. And are you seriously counter claiming dreamer? In that case you just screwed up completely. You just admitted you don't know what role I have. But you also said you dreamt me. Blatant contradiction. It's over.
  13. Cardwolf Game

    Are you joking? Uncontested dreamer claim against a claimed wolf? I'm dreamer and jailer. I jailed you to prevent myself from being disabled, so I could dream rift for an easy day today.
  14. Cardwolf Game

    Well that was easy. Dreamer here, Rift is wolf. (or worst innocent, but that makes zero sense given his actions)
  15. Cardwolf Game

    Content redacted. I wrote a large essay determining what rifts role was and actions we should take. However, if he's jester you're not innocent, so it's meaningless.
  16. Cardwolf Game

    I have been wondering from the start of game if that move is a good one or not, I was unable to decide. Let's see how this goes. Rift, what's your other role? I apologise for my lack of vote, I thought I'd wake up in time with execution being at midday for me.
  17. Cardwolf Game

    Zilary jailed me though... I can only assume you're going for the jester/wolf wifom because you know there's no way that wouldn't be counteclaimed Edit: nevermind I can't read. Can back up all that claim. To add more info, I'm the disabler. I thought I was jailed , but it was rift being jailed that made my role useless. I propose we execute rift. He claimed two unprovable roles, and one of which gets him a point if he's not executed. Therefore for me and Zilary, executing rift is the statistical play to make unless we have a great reason to choose somebody else. There's always the chance he's jester but with no counter claim that's less likely
  18. Cardwolf Game

    So what's the result rift?