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  1. Welcome to a game with a gimmick. Each day you'll choose rock, paper scissors along with your power. This influences the usefulness of your power, beating your targets throw gives you the best result, and losing the worst result. I cannot promise this is going to be an amazing game, but the format should allow me to run it with as little as five players. For other things, PMs will be banned to stop collusion with the RPS system. There will be no PIs. The game may or may not be balanced. The game may or may not be fun. As said above, I can run this with as little as five people, but don't be afraid to nudge a few more people here for signups. Oh, I'm going to be running this whole thing on a phone, so do not expect any plot either.
  2. Probably midday JST (Convert into your local timezone because I have no idea) And this game will likely start in about a week depending on signups. I would have started sooner but won't be able to get it done by the 25th unless I start So would rather wait a week so people can play
  3. "But in case it's not, the following issues may be occurring: pages always appearing the same (that's what cacheing means)" I believe that's more likely caused by nobody posting anything.

    1. Shattered Rift

      Shattered Rift

      I'll see it coming.

  5. I moved because I wasn't happy with life... Had zero idea what I did want to do in life and wanted a year away to just enjoy myself, travel and maybe come up with some plan I would also say that I'm not sure me cutting my gaming collection etc was something that I would have really benefited from if I still lived in the UK so not sure if it would apply to you. It's just that it was somewhat necessary to do in this situation, but I don't regret having to do.
  6. I guess I've been in a similar situation. I moved to Japan two and a half months ago and only brought my phone/ps4 and a few pc components. (Along with clothes etc..) That might still sound like a lot, but I never actually finished building my pc here as I originally planned. Considering that before I came, that was almost solely my life, with all my media, it's been a big change. Plus my previous room was filled with 4 consoles, a huge collection of games, a bunch of books, a guitar and my pc. I honestly doubt I'd have ever got rid of them had I not moved to the other side of the world, but now that I have I don't regret it at all. After arriving I started going out a lot more, and had more time to think about life in the first month and a half. Since then though, my ps4 has just sort of become a replacement pc and I've fallen back into my old patterns somewhat. I'm still being more social than before coming here, but it's still not enough honestly. Self reflection is all but gone. I guess that's the end for this particular vaguely coherent ramble. I don't really have any good way to tie it up.
  7. Well, your list includes ps1 but no ps1 games. I can only assume you've been biased by the new games, especially considering most your series have recent entries.
  8. Dedsite

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      So, now we have to go on a quest for "phoenix down"? Or do we just camp near the site's spawn point?

    3. Shattered Rift

      Shattered Rift

      That spawn point business takes far too long. Usually about two years. I may have my hands on a Phoenix Down, however. Potentially two. If anyone wants to join me in some casual forum discussions, that should ensure that the first Phoenix Down isn't past expiration.

    4. InuyashaOhki


      What about formal forum discussions? I just had my tux dry cleaned.

  9. I'm only really playing multiplayer games (Street fighter 4/guilty gear/rocket league) these days Sometimes I'll pick up another game and play it through quickly but that's getting rarer. Dark souls 3 and doom are about the only ones in the last year outside of some indie games (some great stuff there). Oh and Titanfall 2, that's pretty sweet. I tried playing through mass effect 3..but just couldn't. It got so boring. I have alien isolation downloaded and ready to play but never found the motivation to start. There are some others I can't even remember the names of. At this point I've played enough games that I either need to be in a very specific mood to start a game, or it needs to be either multiplayer, unique or just something that's outright amazing. Unfortunately, most big studios aren't producing anything amazing or unique.
  10. Yeah, I'd say one of those fightpads would be perfect for you from your description, although I'm not sure it will be much lighter on your thumbs honestly. As for your point about game pace, a loooot of guilty gear/blazblue players use pad and they're the most intensive games out there. So idk. I guess I can't say you're wrong that it made your thumb sore, but I can't say I'd ever heard of that problem before. Anyway I'll stop derailing the thread now.
  11. Pad = standard controller or one modified for fighting games Best sf4 player in Europe, who won evo used a damn ps1 pad. Best American in the game, snake eyez used a pad. Best up and comer and now arguably best sfv player uses a pad. Sonicfox, best mortal kombat player and multigame specialist uses a pad. There are a bunch of others. A stick is completely unnecessary, I have one but that's just because I like the feeling of moving my whole arm rather than thumbs and I can customise it to look pretty sweet. A stick doesn't magically make you better (the opposite in fact at first) and outside of a few obscure techniques in a few games offers no benefit. Pad has benefit in that the movements are quicker due to less movement needed and it's harder for opponents to hear/see what you're doing. All in all, if you want a stick get one, but you're hugely misguided on the effect it's going to have.
  12. It appears to be impossible to delete quote boxes and YouTube videos when using a phone on sb...

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      I have had the same experience. You have to clear your cookies/cache too, or it will just keep it there as a draft.

  13. You do not need an arcade stick to play fighting games. A ton of top players use pad. That's just an excuse you use so you don't have to feel bad about being bad. To answer the original question... Are there any games you want? If yes, then quite possibly worth it, if not then no. I had a ps4 on launch which was definitely a mistake, and even now I only really use it for guilty gear and sf4, both available on pc. (albeit with different playerbases) That said I liked that I could play bloodborne. I love the souls series. If I liked uncharted that'd be a huge deal as well. If I didn't have a gaming pc then a console would definitely be worth it for me. So really the question boils down to do you have a few games you really want to play, if not then no. And it sounds like you don't.
  14. Yeah, at this point I'll make the bold prediction that this site is dead
  15. Step one to electing a third party candidate: When faced with two awful choices, you should become outraged and demand change. Not think "Oh he was democratically elected I can't complain" I haven't seen any Americans in favour of abolishing first past the post systems, but plenty complaining about the problems of the system.
  16. 2 c 5b 6a Abstaining on the rest because I'm on my phone and it's a huge pain to scroll up and down.
  17. What's the difference between 6 a and c?
  18. Posting to say I provisionally sign up. Moving country in a day..assuming game isn't starting in next three days with current numbers. If not I'll be able to play assuming I have no internet troubles there. Will save the rest of the signup thing for later when it's confirmed.
  19. Bring back the box of shouting

  20. Even when I'm contributing absolutely nothing I am able to make the evil teams lose. A rare talent. Edit: The more I think about it, the more I think small games should have some disclosure about the format. This game, both the innocents and evil team played horribly suboptimally because we were both unaware on the amount of evil players/teams. If people can guess the format used then everything works out fine, but in this case I don't think absolutely anybody expected a 3 man evil team. But the fact there was one lead to me promoting a really wrong line of play, as we should have executed day one. The fact the game wouldn't be over when evil players = innocent players was also something that should have been communicated (Although the idea itself was good to give credit) This is all much less of an issue in large games, because there's so much going on with multiple teams that you can't predict things overly well anyway, and the games are longer so you have more time to adjust.
  21. *Pick up gun*
  22. We are not denied analysis. We lose the first day, but gain an extra days worth. If we execute today it's a pure guess and we have some analysis for a must get right execution tomorrow. If we don't execute today, we get a night result, a probably guess on execution tomorrow short of night results and then analysis for the must get right execution day three. It's the same situation regardless except we get one more night result and all executions have better odds due to less people. There really is absolutely zero reason to execute today unless you do believe there is a daykill.
  23. But we have the same amount of executions by voting nobody. We just have less targets to choose from for each and every execution. We're not wasting any executions or time.
  24. Assuming 2 evil. (Probably a safe assumption) Options are. A: Execution both day 1+2 and hope one lands. (54% success rate on random) B: Nobody day one, execute day 2 and if there's no daykill an execute on day 3 as well. (29% and 69% respectively) If there's no daykill then B is clearly the better option, if evil team does have one, then A is vastly superior. Looking at both the strength of my role and the size of the game, I'd say it's unlikely there's any method of killing outside of standard nightkill and as such, a no execution would be best approach. vote: nobody