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  1. Part of me wants to make a new Neopets account

    1. InuyashaOhki


      It's a trap!

      Honestly, the site is pretty dead unless you happen to like Flash Game events and dailies.

    2. Red


      Yeah, I saw.  It's pretty crazy. I feel like if they had really focused on the Battle-dome and Plots, they'd have kept a lot more people playing and invested.

    3. Shattered Rift

      Shattered Rift

      Plots yes, Battledome probably not. As terrific as the Battledome was, I think it only held the attention of a minority of players.

  2. Marry a girl who knows men's fashion. Go with her every time you go to buy clothing. Done.
  3. I didn't list everything, those are just some examples of games on my list. And it's totally cool if you'd like to insult my preferences. Because they are preferences.
  4. Rift Edit: Since this is turning into a conversation, I split it off into its own topic. Slightly off-topic but not worth making a whole new thread to post: I took a few hours and went through the list of all games for PS1,PS2,PS3,PS4, XBox360,XBoxOne, N64, Gamecube and WiiU and I ended up making a list of 56 games called "Games at 40" which represented all the games I've played partially or beaten that I would want to replay down the road. This list represents all the games I consider great. The list includes games like the Bioshock series, the Mario Galaxy games, some Zelda games, the Paper Mario series, some of the Zelda series, the original Devil May Cry and the Uncharted series. And starting in 2017, I will be making a list of the games for new systems that I don't have the time to play but would like to try. Hopefully, it will only be about 6-12 games max per year. I think gaming is great, but I know I won't have a ton of time to play in the next few years. So it will be nice to catalog the few games I might care about and then just get it all out of my head for the next year.
  5. "Are modern consoles worth buying?" isn't really the right question, in my opinion. You either can afford to buy it or you can't. If you can't, you might as well just not worry about it. Something I know I've brought up many years ago was the crisis of not being able to play every game, watch every movie, read every book. We have a finite life-span and I think it's important to accept that. Let's say there are 40-60 good games per console and 10-20 great games per console over it's life span. Let's define great as: games that you'd really, really enjoy, appreciate, and remember. As an adult, your focus, if you want to game, should be on the 10-20 great games. And I think it's really important to understand when you are playing something because you don't want to waste the money you spent on it versus. actual enjoyment. I think the best advice I can give is: if you make more money, you will have less time and more games. You'll only have enough time for the great ones. And that's OK. If you are at a point in life where you can't afford to buy more than one console, you should probably not buy any. It is way more important to have an emergency fund, to have savings, to have money to move for a job, ect. There are a ton of really good indie games from the last seven or eight years on Steam that you can get cheap during sales. Look at it from the standpoint of great art. If this game was a book, a movie, a painting, would it be remembered in a decade or is it just a passing trend? Will anyone even remember Battlefield 4 in ten years? I'm sure people will still remember how good Bioshock was. We live a short life. Show yourself respect by only playing great games. And not wasting your time and money on the good ones.
  6. I tend to think the key isn't really to know players. It's to understand why people are doing what they are doing. Someone can make a completely coherent, logical post for why X is evil. But then the real question is: why do they want us to think X is evil? So don't worry too much about the logic of arguments people make and focus more on the logic of why. Why that vote? Why that argument or post? And the more you do it, the more often you will be right, through practice. The problem then becomes: when do you admit you were wrong and how do you get everyone to believe that you are right? Getting everyone on the same page becomes the hardest task.
  7. No way. Roles or powers shouldn't be given or changed based on inactivity. Games should be balanced around the idea that everyone who signed up make their best attempt to be active. And generally, the thing I've found is that most MC's give a warning for one day of inactivity and replace or modkill on the second. Honestly: the biggest reason that this has become much more of an issue recently is because the lower amount of players. With less people playing and less total days to game completion, one day of inactivity has a much greater effect on the balance and result of a game than a game with 20 players that runs 50% longer.
  8. Ok. Next game: please just wait till Day 3 to start voting for me. Thanks for voting for Exiled, Smile. I will say: I get a very unique perspective from being voted for every game. It almost helps. It's unfortunate McRaaabi died. But again: if the choice is myself, who I know is a loyalist and someone else who I don't know, I'm always going to save myself.
  9. I've stated everything there is to say. I've reviewed every point and replied to them. If Exile is executed, loyalists will win. We will win. If I am executed, the rebels win. Exiled will win. If you decide to change your vote again, more power to you. I'm cool with winning or losing because I know Exiled is a rebel. And even if he wins, I will know I was right.
  10. Hmm. I didn't expect this. I could've let the game end with a majority vote on Exile. Instead I delayed it another day for your benefit. If I was evil, I'd have just finished the game. I didn't because I'm not. Exile not voting for McRaabi makes sense. It splits him and Wee from each other so they don't look suspiciously like teammates. Exile not wanting to vote for Weee, trying to convince us to vote for you (a loyalist) instead. Ends up voting for Weee because you never got on and he had no other option. If he didn't vote for Weee, it would be even more obvious that he's evil. I voted for Wee as soon as groupies convinced me. I could've continued to vote for Exiled and at the time and tried to convince you to do the same. I didn't. I made it very clear early on that I thought Weee was innocent, Trajectory was evil and that it was possible Exiled was evil as well. At the same time, Trajectory also believed Wee was innocent until she continued to avoid death. As soon as I looked at Traj's first post, I realized he was a loyalist and made it very clear on thread. As soon as I realized Wee was evil, I voted for her. The day 2 reveal of my role (Prince and then Handmaiden) was consistent with my belief that a Guard would kill someone if their role was guessed correctly. I was wrong in this belief. But that is how the Guard works in the actual card game Love Letter. I've made this abundantly clear. Trajectory and I both voted for Wee, a rebel. Exiled hesitated because he's evil. You never showed up to vote and give him an alternative, so he had to vote for Wee to protect himself. Exile had the choice of killing you or Trajectory, since I'm a handmaiden. Trajectory's posts before he died definitely gave off the vibe he was suspicious of Exiled's posts where Exiled wanted us to execute Smile (you) instead of Weee because Trajectory and I both agreed you could be evil. If I was evil, I'd have voted with Exiled to kill you instead of Weee. I didn't. I voted to kill Weee, a rebel. And then that night if I was evil, I'd have killed Trajectory, and the game would be over with me and Weee both alive. I have had abundant chances to not vote for Weee and I voted for Weee immediately once I realized she was evil. Exiled dillydallied, ignored his previous multi-day crusade against me and wanted us to vote for you instead of Weee (which we now know was a rebel) I could've allied with Exiled and voted to execute you instead of Weee. With you not showing up, you'd have died to execution and me and Weee as rebels would've won the game. If I was a rebel, this game would be over. I would have won already. It's not over because I'm a loyalist.
  11. Unvote: End Day Early You only have 7 minutes. I figure you might want more time. So I'll stop the Day from ending tonight. If you want it to end, just post so in the next few minutes and I'll re-vote. EDIT: Also, you unvoted Red, not Exiled. So your vote is still on Exiled, lol.
  12. I don't see why Smile would vote for McRaabi instead of me on Day 2 if Wee and Smile were teammates. Them both voting for the same person would not make sense especially so early on, and especially with the knowledge that McRaabi was a loyalist. My vote will not change. I've read the thread and groupies multiple times last night/this morning and I'm confident in my choice. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. But I've come to my conclusions. You can wait an extra day or you can vote to end day early. You can try to change Smile's mind. But I won't be changing mine.
  13. My hands hurt from typing in this Werewolf thread. 

  14. SKT carries Cloud 9 into quarterfinals and Godgiven also advances. I'm happy about this. I have two teams I can root for. (I'm a Forgiven fan, not an H2K fan)
  15. Why would you lie to just play with my feelings? EDIT: This leaves Traj or Smile dying tonight. The last rebel is either Exiled or Smile. I think it's Exile, but we'll have to take another look tomorrow. If Smile dies, than the last rebel is Exile. But I think Exile if evil would be smart enough to kill Traj. EDIT2: Ok. Traj dead. Figured that would happen. Smile wasn't able to post yesterday to vote. Doubt they'd be online to send a list to kill. And honestly: if we hearken back to the last day or two of posts, it seemed pretty obvious that Exile was more comfortable with voting Smile instead of Wee (who ended up being a rebel.) Vote: Exiled Vote: End Day Early Smile, if you are the other loyalist, it'd be nice if you voted for Exiled and voted to end day early as well. I supported a Wee vote, who ended up being a rebel, so you can trust I'm a loyalist. Furthermore, I'm a handmaiden, so even if you are evil and you execute Exiled with me, you will not be able to night kill me. And then we will do a 50/50 vote the next day. So let's get this over with. EDIT3: Unvote: End Day Early I'd like to take some more time to think and look at groupies thoughts as well as the rest of the thread again. Please vote to end day early and when I am finally prepared, I will do so as well. EDIT 4: I've read the whole thread again. I'm very sure it's Exiled. Vote: End Day Early EDIT5: In response to groupies Traj: 1. I could've easily supported a vote on you yesterday instead of Weee. And their would be a 50/50 randomizer chance that you died and the game would then be basically over for the Loyalists. 2. I've consistently changed my vote based on new evidence. And the Mccraabi execution was purely survival for me. I trusted you were a loyalist, as you will see in my posts that day, and I knew I myself was a loyalist. When Weee offered an out, I took it. To myself, there is a 100% chance I'm a loyalist and an unknown less than 100% chance that McRaabi was. I'll take that vote every time. And yesterday I decided to change my vote from Exiled to Wee as soon as I realized she was the logical choice, which I also outlined in my posts. 3. Exiled hesitated and seemed to be waiting to see what Smile would do but Smile never got on. Exile had to cast his lot in with us because we did not budge. Exile's hesitation in voting Wee as well as his complete change of opinion on me is very suspicious. 4. I'm taking charge and voting to end day early. Because I don't have any more thinking left to do and I want this game to end, whether I win or lose, I've already made my bet that Exile is the rebel. And I know that if Smile is the loyalist, they will read my reasoning and agree. And if they don't, loyalists will lose. And I guess I'm ok with that as long as I am right that Exiled is the rebel. 5. And to be fair: your argument that Wee didn't vote for McRaabi until after you started a bandwagon on me is hard to support when you were the first post of the day, it's hard for anyone to beat you to that punch. 6. Smile trusted/mistrusted me last game when we were both innocents in a very similiar vien to the trust Smile put into the execution on McRaabi. 7. And as much as I hate to admit that maybe I was a bit blinded by your bandwagon on me and it made me initially think you were evil; you had some modicum of thought behind your vote on me earlier in the game. Exiled's votes were very much just a jump-on-the-bandwagon vote and comments like, and I'm paraphrasing, "Red is sketchy" don't really lead me to take his innocence very seriously. And if you say that I bandwagoned McRaabi, well duh, yeah. The situation is different: if I'm up for execution as an innocent, I'm going to execute McRaabi instead. I don't know if she's innocent, but I know I am. Exiled supporting the bandwagon on me was not for self-preservation like my bandwagon on McRaabi. I'm so tired of typing. I need to take a break for a few games. Or we can agree to just ignore me the first two or three days of the next game so I can recharge.