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  1. So... how dead are we?

    Looks maximum overdead to me.
  2. So wait, did I win with the baddies? I'll take it. I honestly feel like a big part of why innos lost was because of the execution style. Not only were they unreliable and delayed, they gave no information unless someone died from it and basically tied up 4 players at a time. It was definitely an interesting mechanic and I would like to see it revisited but I don't feel it was adequate for a game of this size. Thanks for hosting, Blac/Rex (Blex? Nah that just sounds wrong)!
  3. Might want to back Rockman the Foxman up, he's fighting Deathmatch Celairiel after all.
  4. Vote: Rockman the Foxman disclaimer: that is not his actual fighter name (though i wouldn't mind if it were)
  5. I'd be able to get more info if I didn't have to worry about saving FS for fights.
  6. I have news. News about Red aka "Heir to the Martyr". From that fighter name I deduce he hasn't inherited anyone's role and has some sort of protection (which would explain his tie with Sinical and me finding that fighter name instead of a possible inherited fighter name), he inherited Zilary's role (who I don't believe was inno) or he inherited zodiac's role (who doesn't seem to have been inno). In any event. Vote: Red
  7. Vote: zodiac I've explained my suspicions on zodiac and Zilary Inferno Blaze (side note: that name doesn't sound very innocent to me) yesterday, and since we can't vote for the current Fighters zodiac's my choice. Honestly I'd be inclined to vote Red but it really feels like he wants to be in those bouts so I'm being a bit cautious of that.
  8. And this is why you don't ignore your LUK stat, Zilary. Or should I call you Inferno Blaze?
  9. No, I get why you would have voted for either me or zodiac. That part makes sense. But I interpreted it as you having a preference for voting for me over zodiac if neither of us had votes, and that's what had me curious.
  10. Self-preservation can backfire on ya, Zil. Unvote: zodiac Vote: Zilary
  11. Well, for what it's worth here's my stance on the Red vs Sinical thing: I would have voted for Franc yesterday. Red and Sinical both seemed too eager to go at each other which makes me believe something in their roles would benefit them if it happened, but they also phrased it in a way that made me think it was just a silly reference to a past game. Both of my preferred votes (zodiac who just voted without saying anything and Zilary who's giving me the impression that she's trying to fly under the radar and also voted pretty late - which isn't necessarily a tell but is giving me bad vibes) already have someone voting for them so this might be seen as self-preservation, but I'm doing it anyway. Vote: zodiac This is giving me the impression that you'd vote for me over zodiac if neither of us had been voted. Why?