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  1. I figured something like this was going on. That's why I kept the frequency flipping part of my role between Star and I and refused to tell him about it on the last day. But now for the important questions. What was the Regent Action I figured out but didn't have access to? EDIT: actually read the first paragraph this time. So I got Regent Track, Regent Investigate, no Boost, Drive or Set. 3/6 ain't bad.
  2. Well, at least that reminded me why I put less effort into games where I'm inno...
  3. Well, there have been multiple days where two people have been disabled. Also, one is a straight-up disabler and the other's more of a pixie. I don't trust Red with the information on the other part of my role. If Zilary wants to know, I'll gladly PM her about it. EDIT: Elect: Rox
  4. ...Right. You have literally zero idea what my role does. None whatsoever. I haven't said a single word about it since like Day 2. Please pay attention. If elected, I will execute Red.
  5. From last night's plot, the OMT seemed to benefit from achieving frequency unity, right? Red's claimed role seems designed to facilitate frequency unity. I'm much more sure on the Red vote now.
  6. Well, now you know Traj was lying when he said I didn't disable him those two days. He and NPM were also the biggest advocates for the "Rox is an OMT" theory. I've made all my targets public and put myself on the spotlight from very early on, which is something I wouldn't do as an OMT. My first guess on the OMT's identity is Red. The Inu execution would make a lot more sense if that were the case, but I really have no idea at this point.
  7. My list to disable Zilary was sent six hours ago. That's all the information I have that might be relevant. If you want something else from me just ask, I'll check back in later. Vote: Red
  8. If Star doesn't change her vote then I won't, either. May luck be a lady tonight, I guess. I'm going to sleep. G'night.
  9. Or Traj is lying about actually having done jack last night and your frequency is blue. Either way if we go through with this I'll withdraw my list since I want to disable Zilary the night she inherits the kill. I would really rather finish the game than take the time to do drake as their death timers tick down. Up to you, big sis.
  10. 50 minutes into the match. You ace the enemy team without a single death on your side. Their mid inhib is open. You're playing support
    Team: "Let's get drake!"
    I feel like this sums up how I feel about the current WW game perfectly.

  11. I'll vote along you for either of those scenarios so we don't get another bloody tie. Just make sure you're actually disabling and not doubling.
  12. My only problem with being disabled tonight is that Zilary will nightkill Star and leave me stuck with Red who's somehow more chaotic than Neutral!Rox. My list's timestamp is 9 hours ago. I can re-send it for a later timestamp if you want.
  13. Let me translate that for you. "As much as stalling the game unnecesasrily might seem better for me, Rox is already on to Zilary and there's no way I'll win unless we execute an inno so I can kill someone tonight and instantly win 2-1."
  14. Elect: Star So we've established that Traj was lying about being disabled yesterday. Which means he could very well have been lying about being disabled two days ago (was it two days ago?). I'd also like to point out that he and NPM were the main advocates for the "Rox is an OMT" theory and that Zilary only hopped on that theory the day she stopped voting for baddies. Also, yesterday's vote switch to Traj out of bloody nowhere. Zilary is NOT a bad player and she only started to "pay less attention" halfway through the game. The only OMT-like things I've done were defending innocents and accusing baddies. Also, I- well ######, i have no defense against that, gg