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  1. What are you playing?

    Truthfully, they have added lots of new features to the battle system that were not present in the original series games. Digimon no longer belong to specific species groups (i.e. Dragon, Holy, Dark, etc.) and instead are divided up amongst different elemental variations of the standard Data, Virus and Vaccine types. These elemental properties as well as types influence weaknesses and resistances. Additionally, certain digimon retain an elemental property, but not a specific type--they are called "Neutral" Types. These do not have a specific alignment to Data, Virus or Vaccine and no resistances or weaknesses to these types, though they do have elemental weaknesses and resistances. The levels are divided up a bit better (a Rookie typically is slower and weaker in combat than a Champion, depending on the two's Stats). The BS is much the same as the DS titles, with a new aspect called "Xros Combo" that increases the power of attacks, or the potency of buffs/debuffs and healing skills. The story has been stellar thus far. I have minor complaints about the exploration system (the lack of camera rotation in dungeons; the hacking skills and their requirements for use), and a few here and there about the localization. The translators did really well in some places, but at some points it feels like the writers stuck too rigidly to the source material--so much so that some jokes and words may have gotten lost in translation. Not to mention Kyoko. Everytime Kyoko opens her mouth to explain something, it seems overwhelmingly complex and needlessly convoluted. Like a Physicist trying to explain their research to a Third Grader.
  2. What are you playing?

    New Digimon game on PS4 /Vita. Digimon Story, so basically the same game mechanics as the DS titles with some new stuff added to make it interesting (field-use Hacking Skills, the ability to Load Digimon with the Data from others, etc.). Its lots of fun, and one of the first CG engine Digimon games we've seen from Japan since the PS2/Gamecube titles (All-Star Rumble doesn't count). Have a party of three, Two Ultimates and a Rookie. Just got my DLC partners from preordering, so trying to raise one of them in my team. And Cyberdramon and Rapidmon are more than enough to cut down enemies before they become a danger to BlackGabumon, anyways. The only things I don't like are the fact that Hacking Kills are field use only and have some pretty annoying requirements to use. They should have battle Hack Skills, that allow the player to speed up or overpower one of their partners. Would be cool. The other thing is you spend lots of time in the DigiLab. Because you can't digivolve outside of it. Even though you have a "Digivice." 😒

    Almost all of my coworkers play Pokémon now. And ever since this trailer came out, everyone has been repeating the phrase "Don't worry, you can do that." As a sort of inside joke when it comes to dealing with hard or impossible work assignments. 😆 Picked up Super Mystery Dungeon. Anyone grabbing uo legendaries this month (well, just Mew but...).
  4. What are you playing?

    Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. Beat the game, beat the Delta Episode, caught Rayquay-quay and Deoxys. Working on building a bit more viable team for Wifi battles. My team has undergone some changes since my last post. Nicnames have changed and roster has changed as well. The details are as follows. Arrancar (Aegislash Female) LV89 Named for the Iconic Hollows from Bleach. I felt it appropriate, considering Aegislash's nature. Was renamed following the defeat of the E4 and Champion. Sovereign (Serperior Male) LV85 Named for its regal stance. It looks down on others like Zhuqiaomon from Digimon Tamers. Was renamed following the defeat of the E4. Poseidon (Swampert Male) LV87 (Mega-Evolution) Self-explanatory. Forget Primal Kyogre--M-Swampert is the real king of the sea. Rayquaza (Event Release) LV93 (M-E) The shiny Rayquay-quay that was released via Mystery Gift. Can't rename it. Love it to death. Probably will replace it in the near future, however... its nice having a freaking shiny Dragon that can demolish everything. Mustang (Emboar Male) LV85 So... named this for Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist. Rasputin (Alakazam Male) LV85 (M-E) Look at that beard. JUST LOOK AT IT. WHAT ELSE COULD I HAVE NAMED HIM?! ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ New Prospects: I'm replacing most of my party. Alakazam, Emboar, Rayquaza, and Serperior will be getting shifted out in favor of dual-type Pokemon. I'm thinking of breeding my Charizard from Y so I have Fire/Flying/Dragon coverage. Going to breed a Gallade for Fighting/Psychic coverage. A Treecko for Grass and later Dragon coverage, or maybe a Shiftry for Grass/Dark. Lastly, I'm going to try and breed an Electrivire, and try to put some effort in raising its defense and HP for Electric coverage. Thoughts?
  5. BlackGabumon frowned a bit, his rage seeming to falter. He had forgotten in his fluster that he had been degraded... stripped of his former glory and power. Nevertheless, his confidence resurged after a moment's hesitation. "A 'Child-mon' will be more than enough to deal with the likes of you two... you... you..." he searched his very small vocabulary for something that would sting a bit more than the insult the Sistermon had flung in his direction. " Toddler-mons!" Sure, it was lame. But he had to run with it. He couldn't lose his composure now.
  6. Playing Alpha Sapphire. DEOXYS, Y U NO LEMME CATCH U?!?!?!!!?!!!?!?!?!

  7. Playing Pokemon Showdown. Random teams, random match-ups. Won my first one. Gave me a frickin Deoxys.

    1. Code


      Second one didn't do so hot in. Held my own, but that frickin' Darkrai got me in the end. Using the username "Rage Code." Heh. Get it? Rage Code? R/C? Heh.


    2. Blacjak


      Showdown is awesome. I prefer it to PO.

    3. Kirby-oh
  8. How's Life?

    Hmmm.... FTFY LMAO. ~~~ You asked, so here it is. A few months ago, my wife, my son and I moved in with my Grandmother. Our intent was to move out of the Apartments that we lived in (because among other problems, they sucked and the expenses for them did not measure up to the quality of the apartment, the complex itself or the maintenance and management. We had a hot water heater bust on us a month prior to moving out, and despite the fact that we had renters insurance through the complex, they refused to pay us for damages despite the fact that we lost quite a bit to water damage. Said water damage was also the reason behind us not getting our deposit on the place back) to live with and take care of said Grandmother. She has had a few ministrokes and a heart attack, but overall is still able to function for the most part. She just can't get around like she used to (confined to a walker for foreseeable future), and needs someone to prepare meals for her and basically keep the house clean. We moved in, because of the promise that if we did and cooked and cleaned for her, that when she passed away the house would go to us. There was supposed to have been a contract drawn up and everything. That was back in April. When we moved in, we had a bunch of stuff packed up and scattered throughout the house. My wife and I both work 80 hours and 60 hours every two-weeks respectively, and are hardly home, and when we are home we are often times preoccupied with taking care of our son, which is a full-time job in itself. But we still find time to cook for her when we are there. There was a house keeper that was getting paid to do some of the things we were doing too, but once we moved in, she stopped cleaning altogether and would only cook food when we were not at home. And when she did cook for my Grandmother, she would also fix herself a generous portion of the food as well. Food that we bought and paid for specifically for my Grandmother and us. Luckily, we weren't paying her. My Aunts and Uncles were. And oddly enough they were well aware of her slacking off and were content with blaming us for the sorry state that the house had started to fall into, claiming that if we would "pull our weight," then the house would not look so bad. All sorts of problems have originated from this. My former boss and uncle has talked crap to me about my wife, saying that I need to "whip her into shape" and "put her to cleaning like every other woman in the world." In reality my wife works more than I do and almost just as hard because of the nature of her job. Like me, often times she is tired and hurting by the end of her shifts, and only able to clean on certain days. If she had no job, I would fully expect her to pull her weight around the house... but I'm not a damned chauvinist. I don't think "all women belong in the kitchen making us men sandwiches and cleaning up after us." I love my wife and respect her. And if she's cleaning, I'm not sitting on the couch having a beer and playing a video game, I'm right in there with her trying to get things done. There has been talk of kicking us out. Every time we address a concern there is a different reason. This fabled "Contract" that was supposed to be drummed up never came to be. My Grandmother's health took a dive a month or so back, and she ended up being hospitalized. There was talk of putting her in a nursing home, despite the fact that the last time the kids did that, she almost died because of neglect, at the supposed "Best Retirement Villa" in our town. The Uncles and Aunts were supposed to file a lawsuit but never did, claiming that they "Didn't have the money." Despite the fact that most lawyers only ask for payment once a settlement has been reached, some even only requiring payment if the settlement is in their client's favor. And there was no question as to what happened. Would have been the most open/shut case in our town's history. It would have been extremely likely that the lawsuit would have been won. The threat of a "Nursing Home" was brought on by the fact that our "Housekeeper," so called, quit a few weeks ago. Believing that we were "unfit to take care of" my Grandmother, her children started making preparations to move her into a Nursing Home, despite her protests and our trying to find a way to make it unnecessary. Finally, I reached my breaking point. My uncle (the same one from earlier) came over, peeked into our room and our son's room and casually commented that if any of my Grandmother's caretakers were to look into our rooms they would probably call CPS and get our son taken away. Our room was a disaster, and Jamie's room, which he is hardly in except to sleep, had several boxes on the far side of the room, lining the wall but not making an immediate obstruction in the room nor being close enough to the crib that they would fall on him should they become unstable. So the next day I called into work. I took my pain medication that the doctor prescribed, popped in my headphones, turned on Spotify to a Metal playlist... and cleaned the living crap out of our house. Top to bottom. The cleanest it has been in five years. Boxes were unpacked and stored away, since we have no room for their contents. Our room was cleaned and organized, and Jamie's was free of any boxes whatsoever. After I finished with everything, and sat down for a few minutes, I told my Grandmother to call my Uncle and make up some reason for him to need to come over. She obliged, and when he arrived, I walked him through the house, growing increasingly volatile with him as I did, and showed him the extent to which I had cleaned everything. Afterwards, I cornered him in Jamie's room, and told him to pass a message on to his brothers and sisters. If he wanted to talk trash about me, that's fine. If he wanted to talk trash about my wife, expect me to cuss him out. But if he or any of them did or said anything that caused me to lose my son, there was not a place on God's green Earth that they could hide to be safe from me. If they were going to make me live without my son, then I was going to make sure that none of them were living afterwards to regret that mistake. And after that, things have been better. No one talks ###### anymore. When the Aunts and Uncles tried to put Nanny in a Nursing home, I came up with a plan with my Mom to make sure she is taken care of on a day-to-day basis... which completely removed the need for her to go to a nursing home. Despite the fact that the two who were pushing for it the hardest did not relent, because "The Doctor had said that she needed to go to the home," I told them that it was taken care of, so the only reason that they would want to put her into a nursing home now was if they stood to benefit from it somehow. And if the doctor was going to be the problem, we would find her another one. They stormed off, defeated. I'm pretty sure if things take a turn for the worst as far as Grandma's health goes, we will still get kicked out but we do have a contingency plan in place now. But regardless of how things go... I don't really consider my family "family" anymore. The tl;dr version: My "family" sucks. So they aren't my family anymore. On the plus side, my job has been going very well. This is the best job I've ever had... and the only downside to it is that the guy who trained me, the only Full-Time Associate in our department, is moving probably at the end of the month. Me and him see eye-to-eye on lots of things, and have had various discussions on anime, comic books, the Pokemon franchise, and even Power Rangers. He's a pretty bad-###### dude and hate to see him go, but... on the plus side, I'm probably going to be the one to get his position. YAY MO' MONEY. And finally, before I end this long, drawn out post... here's my son. He'll be 8 Months Old on the 18.
  9. (( Sorry for long wait. I've had some stuff going on offline, but I'm good and able to commit now. Long story short, I hate my family. Not my wife and not my mother or grandmother, but my aunts and uncles? Wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire right now. Also, hours have picked up at work. I may be going full-time soon. If that happens, will have to adjust to schedule and work online interaction into it. No idea how long it will take. Will keep you both posted.)) BlackGabumon was well on his way to escaping his pursuers... however, as he darted behind a tree, picking up the pace, a single sentence made his ears perk a bit. "I didn't think great mons ran from an altercation." He skidded to a halt, pausing a moment on the path. He gritted his teeth, fists tightening. Who would dare say something like that? He was trying desperately to calm himself, but to no avail. His pride... his temper got the better of him. He turned on his heels, to face whatever was chasing him. "Who dares insult the great Plutomon with such nonsense?!" he demanded, puffing out his chest and folding his arms across it. His rounded pupils were tiny black slits, and a single vein was visible on his neck, throbbing with the fire that seemed to pump through it and the rest of the vein and blood-vessel like network that ran beneath his skin.
  10. What are you playing?

    Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. Gave up looking for my copy of OR and finally just bit the bullet and bought a used copy of AS. And you know what? The last person to have it had LOTS of good Pokemon that I traded into my box in Y. Particularly starters from earlier generations (the Unova trio, and some of the Sinnoh trio too), a Deoxys, Latios AND Latias. If only they had made the trip to Sea Mauville. LUGIA. I'm on the third badge, delivering Devon Parts. I've played through most of this already, so I'm mainly skipping through the story, and level grinding my team like hell. So far, my team is as follows... and they are all named for Musical Genres or something to do with Music. KADABRA - LV18 - M "Techno" / Synchronize / Relaxed -Confusion -Teleport -Disable - NOTES: I just caught Techno not long ago. Been taking advantage of Trainers wanting to rematch with me, and using them as Grinding Fodder to level him. Aiming for Alakazam, with Alakazamite. I had Gengar (named Boo!) in my playthrough of X. I figured I'd go with his opposite from the original Gen (I always imagined a rivalry between Abra's line and Gastly's, that was not helped by the Sabrina and Lavender Town ark in anime and The Electric Tale of Pikachu Manga). KIRLIA - LV20 - M "Pop" / Synchronize / Hasty -Disarming Voice -Confusion -Magical Leaf -Teleport NOTES: I had intended to go for Gallade with Pop... but I think ultimately I'll be replacing him with something else later. I have two Psychic types now with Techno, and I've never really liked having multiple Pokemon on my teams with the same types. I'll probably still evolve it into Gallade and even get his Megastone, just for the sake of having it, but... I see lots of Box in Pop's future. SHEDINJA - LV20 - ? "Soul" / Wonder Guard / Adamant -Cut -Mud-Slap -Leech Life -False Swipe NOTES: I honestly did not know the method of obtaining Shedinja until this game. Nincada never did appeal to me before, and his Evolutions did, but not enough for me to capture him. But I'm trying some new stuff in AS, so once I found that Shedinja appears in your party if you have extra space and a spare Pokeball, I figured I'd give it a go, if nothing more than getting its Dex Entry. And you know what? I like the hell out of Soul. I wouldn't take him online or anything but he was instrumental in taking down Brawly. Nothing could touch him thanks to Wonder Guard. His HP Stat makes me cringe but all-in-all, I dig Soul. I just need to get him a better move set. NINJASK - LV20 - M "Rhythm" / Speed Boost / Adamant -Cut -Double Team -Fury Cutter -False Swipe NOTES: I was not sure about Rhythm when I first decided to catch, raise and evolve a Nincada to get both Ninjask and Shedinja. Nincada's growth rate was horrible, taking an obscene amount of time to level him high enough to Evolve. I have a feeling this will be the case with Ninjask too. Despite that, I plan on keeping Rhythm on until he gives me a reason not to. Right now, he is instrumental in me filling up my boxes and Dex thanks to his move pool. Speed Boost and Double Team make him one of the fastest, and evasive Pokemon on my current team, as well. Once again, just need to get him a better move set. Funny how the two Pokemon that originated from Nincada both have the same probs. MIGHTYENA - LV20 - M "Punk" / Intimidate / Brave -Fire Fang -Howl -Snarl -Bite NOTES: The first use of the DexNav (the Poochyena with Fire Fang that you encounter when May is trying to show you how to creep up). Punk is just a place filler... I'm waiting it out for a Houndour to replace him, so that I have Fire and Dark type coverage. And the possibility of Mega Evolution is certainly a plus, even if I hear bad things about M-Houndoom. For now, he was that Pokemon I "caught and raised to fill the Dex, and am keeping around til something better comes along." Sorry, Punk... but like your namesake, you are being replaced by something I am planning to call "Metal." *Metal horns* MARSHTOMP - LV20 - M "Blues" / Torrent / Careful -Bide -Growl -Water Gun -Mud Shot NOTES: I normally go with Treecko as my starter for the Hoenn games. I like its design (I like all Reptillian starter designs, except Snivy's later forms, honestly), and its Mega Evolution is awesome. But... I already chose Treecko for my playthrough of OR. I wanted to try something different with AS, and since I already have had both a Treecko and Torchic that were capable of Mega Evolution, the only logical step was to choose Mudkip. I don't really use him much, but his ungodly growth rate has him on level ground with the others. I need to get him some different moves in preparation for Swampert and M.Swampert... but all in due time. And before I go into Prospects for future team members... I'd like to point out that this team build is specifically for CLEARING THE MAIN STORY. I plan on building an entirely different Competitive Team at a later date. PROSPECTS: -A Houndour (naming it Metal). Once I find our Game case in our packed stuff, I plan on seeing if my wife can catch one on her copy of X, since I gave mine to her cousin when I got Y and Omega Ruby. I'll breed it from that one. I don't want anything that has a high growth rate because of it being traded over right now. -A Scyther (D.M., for "Death-Metal). I may get this specifically for Scizor and M.Scizor. This may or may not replace Ninjask. We'll see. -A Sable-Eye or a comparable Ghost-Type (named Dirge). I've always liked Sable-Eye's design... and ORAS introduced a Mega Form for it, though like M.Houndoom I've heard bad things about it. And I feel naked without a Ghost Type on my team. -A Cyndaquil (not sure what to name it). I heard that the Johto starters are offered after defeating the Elite 4. Definitely grabbing up my second favorite Johto-Starter and Fire-Type Starter. Typhlosion may replace whatever I have going on for Fire-Type coverage when I finally get it. -A Bagon (name still up in the air. Heh. Like Salamence). This team needs a Dragon-Type! Just sayin'! -A Beldum (naming it Dubstep). If I ever find my copy of OR, I may just breed one from my Shiny Metagross. I would love to play through with another badass Shiny M.Metagross on my team. Other than that, been playing Witcher III. Mostly just wandering around and getting experience by investigating undiscovered locations, as well as taking on hunts that I can actually survive at my current level. Its lots of fun and I enjoy the style of the gameplay, where the game encourages the use of strategy to slay contracted monsters, rather than "HIT IT TIL IT DIES" like so many other RPGs do. Also, Last of Us Remastered (PS4)... I got it as a downloadable when I got my PS4. Not having good internet at home (I'm tethering on my slowed 4G LTE via my Windows Phone), of course, makes it a pain to have games in this format. Especially since the game likes to allow you to play, even when it hasn't been downloaded entirely. I thought I had downloaded the entire game at a friends' house, but I had just downloaded the first chapter. > : ( I am seriously thinking of just buying the damned disk for the game instead. At least then I can play it through without having to wait for the next day off that I can visit friend, and leech off of his internet. I really like the game. The fact that I keep starting and stopping playing it? Not so much.
  11. Real World; Subway To say he was nervous was an understatement. Log and Violet stood a few inches from each other on the subway. And after what had happened, she was actually striking conversations with him. "So, what's your major?" she asked. "Huh?" he answered, dumbfounded. "I said, 'Major.' That thing that you are going to school for." Violet smiled a bit. "O-oh... right." he said, looking down at the floor. Get ahold of yourself, dammit! he screamed inwardly. "Computer Science... but I really am more interested in Mathematics." Violet gritted her teeth and winced at that ugly word at the end of his sentence. "Never been one for mathematics or numbers. I am pretty formidable when it comes to Literature, though." He felt a bit more at ease now. This wasn't an awkward conversation starter anymore... he could tread here without much fear. "I assume that's the field you are pursuing?" "Journalism, actually." she smiled. "I enjoy Classical Literature, though. I'm taking it on just for the fun of it." "I see..." he spoke, feeling an awkward silence beginning to creep in. Digital World; Evergreen Terminal BlackGabumon started forward at a fairly leisurely pace. He thought about starting to whistle, but he felt that such a cheesy stereotype would give him away. Instead, he decided it best to keep his eyes forward and his body language fairly neutral. Do not let his watchers know what was coming... until... Too late! His three-digit feet dug into the dirt, as he sprinted forward, the four-armed fur he bore flying behind him as he dashed. A few branches slapped, snagged and snapped against him as he charged, trying to put as much distance between himself and his pursuers... taking wild turns and zigging and zagging amongst the trees, in an attempt to lose them in the foliage... whoever they might be. Unknown Across time, across space... events had already began to play out. The clockwork watcher stared, arms folding behind his back as he gave a curt nod. The plight of the BlackGabumon, the two Digimon whom had pursued him following his exile... the trio of young adults who had all unknowingly united on the same Subway cart... everything was about to collide. The tools that they needed to survive were already on the way, crossing those barriers and shattering them one by one, bridging the invisible walls between these events, these very different worlds... ...and though the danger would be great, the reward would be greater, should they succeed in conquering the trial, fast approaching them.
  12. Final Fantasy

    I could get behind that idea. Just so long as they leave a majority of the content in-tact, downsizing them into side-quests wouldn't be so bad. That way it gives you a say in it--"Do I want to storm the gates or try my hand at cross-dressing?" in this case. Another thing I'd like to see would be choice-based story-telling (the likes of Skyrim, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Witcher, etc.). But that's a bit too much. Maybe for one of the newer entries, but it would be difficult working a mechanic like that into a game like FFVII without putting a whole buttload of extra work on the team's probably already extensive workload. All in all, so long as they don't do the character sprites like this... all will be well with this fan heh.
  13. [Happy Hills Apartments] Stepping out into the hallway, Log closed the door and started towards the end of the corridor. Around the time that he would pass in front of her door, she would be headed out for school as well. He felt a bit bad for having planned out his days around this moment, but pushed that feeling aside as he got closer to the door... and just as he was about to pass in front of it-- "Hey, Dip-stick!" he heard Land call out from their own apartment. He froze in his tracks, as he turned slightly, to see what in the world was so important, at a time like this. He could hear her door opening, footsteps as she exited and closed and locked the door behind her as he did. This had better have been good. "Chilly out today! Don't forget your jacket!" No. He wouldn't. Not now. Log spoke inwardly, as Land smiled, as if reading his mind. He raised his left hand up, revealing the wadded clothing gripped tightly, and rared back lobbing it down the corridor at Log. Log was stupified, as the jacket unfolded, draping over him like a net... as well as another person who got caught in its range. The two tumbled to the ground, as Land chuckled at the other end of the corridor, slinking back into the apartment, closing and locking the door behind him. Log struggled--not to so much break free of the clothing article, but to help the passerby do so. When he saw who had been caught in the crossfire of this stupid little game of theirs, the color drained from his face. Eyes the color of sunflowers glared up at Log, as the young woman climbed to her feet, refusing Log as he issued his hand to her, to help her to her feet. She dusted off her blue and orange striped shirt, and jeans. "Your..." she eyed Log suspiciously. "'friend' has quite an arm on him." she said, though her tone and body language made it obvious she was not complimenting Land. "He learn that on the field?" Despite her obvious sarcasm, Log still went along with it. "No, he doesn't actually play Football or anything... he--" he started, the young woman narrowing her eyes and combing locks of red hair out of her face with her right hand. "...n-nevermind. I'm sorry about all of this." She seemed to calm a bit at this, closing her eyes and sighing. "It's alright... no harm done, just... be more careful, alright? The next person you try to tackle in the hall may end up being a bit more fragile than me." Tackle? Her? Log blushed a bit. "You two have been living down the hall from me for a while and I don't even know your names." she said. "The least you could do is oblige me with that after what happened." "Oh... right." Log spoke, as he snatched up his jacket, and started down the corridor, with the young lady at his side. "Logan Jacobs... and that's my roommate, Landon." "Logan and Landon, huh?" she said, looking up as if making a mental note. "Got it." Logan blinked a few times as they neared the elevator. "Wait... you aren't planning to press charges against us for what happened or anything like that, right?" She gave a wry smile. "Guess you'll just have to wait and see, huh?" she joked. The two stood in silence for a few moments before the young lady broke out into laughter. "Nah, I'm not that cold." she said with a chuckle. "My name is Violet Rhodes." she introduced herself. "A pleasure to meet you." ~~~ [Evergreen Terminal - Foot of Olympia] BlackGabumon's ears perked up a bit. His nose was gone... that was true. His new-found allergies had seen to that... but his since of hearing--one of his most keen senses of all, second only to smell--was perfectly intact. And though he could not make out fine details, he definitely could hear someone whispering in the brush. However, he was far too clever to simply confront them. He had to make sure they hadn't caught on to his finding out they were there, in the underbrush, watching his every move... he had to lull them into a false sense of security... and when the time was right, strike back in ambush against his pursuers! But that would be much harder now that he was only at a fraction of the strength he once boasted. The best option he had was to lead them away from their current hiding place, lose them and sneak up on them from the side or back. Whoever was spying on him would rue the day that they had messed with BlackGabumon. ((Next post, I'll be on the subway car, heading to class alongside Gillz's character.))
  14. Final Fantasy

    I'm kind of against this. While the whole ordeal does not serve any real story purpose (there are a few ways to resolve the Don Corneo encounter without having Cloud cross-dress, such as having him and Aerith/Aeris just bust in and save Tifa), these strange, perverse minigames and side-quests were... not so much difficult as they were time consuming. It'd be nice to get some sort of item drop for completing it 100% (Cloud being chosen by Corneo. And, you know... something other than those weird little key items you get throughout the quest). Maybe an item or some Materia. No matter how weird this whole scenario felt, I don't think its right for SE to try and remove it for the sake of "modern audiences." IF they intend to remake the game, they should not take things away from the core game... but add new things. New plot points, etc. There were lots of holes in this story that not even the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII helped fill and could easily be done with some DLC Quests (Deep Ground and Genesis being two of the main new features that were brought in by Dirge of Cerberus and Crisis Core). Likewise, I'd like to see some way to keep Aerith/Aeris from dying. It's bull to find her Ultimate Weapon and 4th Limit Break long after she has already croaked. And I have to wonder... they are likely going to cram in some easter eggs into this game that weren't available in the original releases. What sort of new bosses might we see? We may get some pay off on Deep Ground and Genesis, as I mentioned earlier. There's always the possibility of putting in new WEAPONS or Summon Bosses (ala Crisis Core). That would be interesting.
  15. So. Went to see Jurassic World. Was great. Anyone else seen it?

    1. Clucky


      go see inside out

    2. HummingGillz


      It was fun! Still need to see Tomorrowland and Inside Out.