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  1. Working on a Pokemon fan fiction, which will focus on a team of investigators working to close Ultra Wormholes opening across multiple regions.

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    2. Shattered Rift

      Shattered Rift

      I swear Pokemon stopped making sense after Dialga and Palkia.

    3. Code


      Actually, Dialga and Palkia are one of the things I think that lead to this, considering the nature of the Ultra Wormholes (Time/Space anomalies that lead into alternate worlds).

    4. Shattered Rift

      Shattered Rift

      That was part of the joke I tried (and failed) to make. We had our three god Pokemon. And I only made it a dozen hours into White and have barely touched any installments since. Just a few hours into X and a couple into AS. So I've never even mega evolved a Pokemon, let alone have any knowledge about the new legendaries that I'm guessing have tried to outclass the previous ones for lore.

  2. So... how dead are we?

    Holy crap, RA! I haven't seen you around in forever. Well, it's nice to see the boards haven't died. And... I for the most part recognize most of you guys.
  3. I'm not crazy about Loot Boxes but at the same time, don't consider them gambling. Most times there is an option to use in-game currency to purchase them (albeit real-world currency more often than not gives you access to better quality boxes and the like faster). This outcry against Loot boxes is probably coming from the same group of old folks that were trumpeting how video game violence was connected to violence in the real world back several years ago (not that they have stopped, it just hasn't been as prominent). Funny thing is, the situation with kids taking a card and using it without a parent's knowledge is nothing new. When I was a kid I took money from my dad's wallet when he was asleep so I could buy a freaking package of gum. That was nearly twenty years ago. The only thing that's really changed is the medium (credit/debit cards have become more prevalent in this day and age). I doubt very seriously that a kid is not going to get punished for blowing hundreds of dollars on Loot Boxes, and parents who use this as a flagship for their crusade against the Loot Boxes... can you really call them parents? Instead of taking responsibility for an issue that arose because of their child, they place the blame elsewhere. There's really no excuse for this type of behavior. Unfortunately, responsibility is something I see lots of parents these days lacking... and being one myself, I can't really fathom why that is.

    I'll have to give False Swipe a look. I can watch a Game Channel so long as the creator doesn't sound overly... what's the word? Pretentious. That's the one. Or toxic. Dobbs and Verlisify come to mind. I can stomach Dobbs in small doses on certain occasions, but Verlis... I just can't. Don't particularly want to. Playing Ultra Moon. Bev is playing Sun. I had to slow down (she wants to catch up to where I am in the game, I'm about to start Poni Island, and she just got done with the Water Trial, I think). So I'm breeding for a shiny Litten. That will kill some time, I figured. My Team Grump the Incineroar (Lv. 56) Incinium Z Flare Blitz Thrash Flamethrower Darkest Lariat Empress the Primarina (Lv. 53) Waterium Z Aqua Jet Sparkling Aria Moonblast Icy Wind Satelite the Magnezone (Lv. 56) Electrium Z / Steelium Z Flash Cannon Magnet Rise Electro Ball Thunder Wave Noinoi the Noivern (Lv. 61) N/A Echoed Voice Draco Meteor Air Slash Roost Verde the Venusaur (Lv. 53) Muscle Band (no idea why) Leech Seed Solar Beam Synthesis Toxic Rexxy the Tyranitar (Lv. 56) Darknium Z Crunch Thrash Earthquake Rock Slide None of these movesets are finalized. I'm just playing around with different moves to see what works best, honestly. But Verde... I can't tell you how many times I've used Verde to "outlast" an opponent, by Toxic Poisoning, Leech Seeding and just spamming Synthesis when his HP gets a bit lower than I'd like. --- So, in other PokeNews, I got around to watching "I Choose You." :/ I don't hate it but I felt like it was a giant middle finger to the old anime. I get that this was supposed to be a reboot movie, and showing a "what if?" storyline where Ash finds the Rainbow Wing and actually meets Ho-oh again. But... here's what I liked and hated. THE GOOD The opening segments, up until Ho-oh appears for the first time was good. It stuck close to the anime, and was fairly faithful to the source material. Charmander story arc was better, to me, because of the fact that Charmander's original trainer in this timeline, Cross, was a recurring antagonist. It gave more depth to Ash's Charmander. Also, having Charmander not become disobedient after evolving was nice. Nods to the original series (The way the group finds Charmander, sitting on a rock; Butterfree's Goodbye; etc.) THE BAD The new characters. I liked Sorell alright, but Verity was freaking annoying. And the sting from them completely erasing Brock and Misty and replacing them with these two definitely had something to do with that. Ash caught how many Pokemon? I'm pretty sure the only ones he had towards the end were Pikachu and Charizard. Bulbasaur and Squirtle got the shaft. They are mentioned and referenced at the beginning of the movie (it seems like Gary and Marina chose Squirtle and Bulbasaur as their starters, respectively), but after that, nothing. WHERE DOES ALL OF THIS TAKE PLACE? It looks like its supposed to be Kanto, but then they start mentioning the Brass Tower and having Pokemon show up from Alola and Sinnoh... and then they have to go to Mt. Tensei. WHAT EVEN IS MARSHADOW IN ALL OF THIS? I mean, I get a vibe that he's the main antagonist, trying to corrupt the Rainbow Wing. Then it makes it seem like, "No, he's the Rainbow Wing's Guardian...? Trying to make sure it gets to Tensei and stays pure?" Then BOOM main antagonist. It felt like the writers couldn't figure out what they wanted to do with Marshadow. WHAT I WISH THEY HAD DONE BETTER MORE BROCK AND MISTY IN THIS MOVIE. Verity was not my favorite character but it felt like there was potential. Her storyline was very shallow and did not get fleshed out very well, but it seemed like she was from Sinnoh and her Mother may have been Cynthia. An actual Reboot. Reboot it better. This was all over the place. It felt like the company started to do a reboot/recap movie, then all of the writers quit, and they put a team to finish the movie that were working on a Ho-oh movie, and decided to Frankenstein the two films together. Has anyone else seen this? And what were your thoughts? What are your thoughts on this, even if you haven't.
  5. So... how dead is Sparkbomb? I mean, we talking visitation dead? Funeral service? Already in the ground with a few feet of dirt on top? What members are still around? Just putting some feelers out.
  6. I literally hear the music from Sonic the Hedgehog water levels when I go too deep into water. And yeah, never flown. My wife has, but... I figure at some point I will. It's not as far fetched as me snapping on a parachute and taking the leap out.

    What PokeTubers does everyone like? I watched Bird Keeper Toby for a while... but... :/ Here lately I haven't felt it. That accent of his and how fast he goes sometimes just... thwarts my ability to enjoy his newer vids. He has posted some interesting theories in the past, though. Aaaand now I watch MandJTV specifically for Pokemon Talk.
  8. Vision Quest

    I-I realize I'm late to the party but let me give you my two cents, for the hell of it. I realize these issues may have been resolved by this point, as it has been six months since this thread was started... but "I haven't seen it. So it's new to me." I'm going to parrot Red here for the most part, but here's where the originality comes in this post: personal experience. I am pushing thirty and faced a similar situation just a few months shy of a year ago. The last two years of my life have been the most horrible for me because I don't feel like I've really experienced them, for a few different reasons. I won't get into all of the reasons as some are fairly personal but the number 1 on this list was my job, working as a part-timer in the Garden Center at my local Lowes. I worked there for three years, and outlasted every Customer Service Associate hired on aside from the one Full-Time CSA who was my senior. At the time both my wife and I had a job, but she worked at a local hospital in their In-Patient Pharmacy, and somehow my checks were a bit heavier than hers. She worked full-time, I only saw 20-30 Hour paychecks compared to her 80 hours. We could flourish on what we both made and things were great, for a time, but something happened after my daughter was born that changed everything. Wife lost her job, was fired for literally being sick following her pregnancy. She had no prior offenses, no write-ups. She was just cut out to make room for more "reliable" techs over calling in once. So all the pressure, all the weight fell on me and it was not pretty. I realized the urgency behind it and have been through the process of losing a job like this and know how long it normally takes to get back out there and start earning a paycheck again. So I threw myself at my job and worked any shift they would give me. I guess at the time I thought "if I prove myself, they might put me into a full-time position. If I can make it into a full-time position everything will be fine, we won't have to worry." Long story short, it didn't work out. The more time I spent there the more I realized how much I hated my job. It was like any other job in retail, but what finally broke me was the fact that they kept hiring seasonal employees and basically would move them into a full-time position instead of moving me up. And these seasonals would last a month and then quit, for whatever reason. It's a special kind of depression that takes hold of you when you are locked in a dead end job with seemingly no hope for advancement. The kind of person (both physically and mentally) I was during this time was like... a completely different person than I am. I lost over a hundred pounds, was skin and bones. Sometimes I see images pop up on my Facebook feed from a year ago and cannot believe how much I had let myself widdle away. My temper flared over the stupidest things. It was hell, within and without. This job, and the state it had put me was one of the things that almost ruined my marriage. But I got help. I cut ties with Lowes and started taking care of my kids while I searched for an alternative job. My wife got a job at a commercial pharmacy and now makes three times the amount I was bringing in (six times the amount she made at the hospital lolol). I lost all of my babysitters shortly after so its a fairly good thing that it all had worked out like it did. What is the point of my rambling? Venting mostly. Well, moreover... do what you feel is right, man. Don't try to force anything if you know you aren't going to be happy doing it. It can have severe consequences... some you might not expect. When it's all said and done, you have support, online and off.

    1. Shattered Rift

      Shattered Rift


  10. What are you playing?

    Heh. Yeah, KotORs story is great but its hard to get past the graphic limitations of that era and some of the voice acting. And neither of the KotOR games work on my new(ish) desktop PC. Digimon Links was good too. But I had to uninstall it for... some... reason. I don't remember why exactly but if I want to restart I literally have to restart. I think I'm going to wait til I get my hands on a new mobile before I dedicate any more time to Links. As for games I've been playing, I had to sell almost all of my consoles last year (2017 was horrible for a lot of different reasons, but this was top 5). All I have left are a New 2DS, the PS3 (technically my wifes, but I have lots of games on it) and the PC. Of the 3 systems these are what my dominant titles are on them. PC - When my wife isn't on it playing games, I play Chroma Squad (when the kids are around) and Fallout 4 when they are out of the room/asleep. Chroma Squad is an indie Stradegy RPG with heavy influences from Tokusatsu (Sentai/Kamen Rider/Power Rangers). You play as an Indie Film Group who are filming a web series about a team of super heroes. Its got good humor and is fairly cheap on Steam and the battle system is just different enough to not get boring compared to other SRPGs. I think I heard talks of a Mobile and Console version at some point too, but no idea. Need to confirm. PS3 - Dragon Age Inquisition and Persona 5. 2DS - Ultra Moon. But I am snailing my way through. I'm facing the same issue I did with Sun--drudging through that heavy dialogue.
  11. Sky diving or deep-sea diving. Little known fact--I cannot swim. I have not the capability to do anything but sink. But sub-mariner activity has always interested me despite this. Also, I have a mild fear of heights. And as a result have never set foot on a plane, much less decided to throw open its hatch and jump out of it, mid-flight. And sense I stopped drinking, I doubt very seriously I will ever come across courage that isn't liquid/chemical to go through with the act of sky diving unless it is in a Virtual scenario.
  12. What are you playing?

    Truthfully, they have added lots of new features to the battle system that were not present in the original series games. Digimon no longer belong to specific species groups (i.e. Dragon, Holy, Dark, etc.) and instead are divided up amongst different elemental variations of the standard Data, Virus and Vaccine types. These elemental properties as well as types influence weaknesses and resistances. Additionally, certain digimon retain an elemental property, but not a specific type--they are called "Neutral" Types. These do not have a specific alignment to Data, Virus or Vaccine and no resistances or weaknesses to these types, though they do have elemental weaknesses and resistances. The levels are divided up a bit better (a Rookie typically is slower and weaker in combat than a Champion, depending on the two's Stats). The BS is much the same as the DS titles, with a new aspect called "Xros Combo" that increases the power of attacks, or the potency of buffs/debuffs and healing skills. The story has been stellar thus far. I have minor complaints about the exploration system (the lack of camera rotation in dungeons; the hacking skills and their requirements for use), and a few here and there about the localization. The translators did really well in some places, but at some points it feels like the writers stuck too rigidly to the source material--so much so that some jokes and words may have gotten lost in translation. Not to mention Kyoko. Everytime Kyoko opens her mouth to explain something, it seems overwhelmingly complex and needlessly convoluted. Like a Physicist trying to explain their research to a Third Grader.
  13. What are you playing?

    New Digimon game on PS4 /Vita. Digimon Story, so basically the same game mechanics as the DS titles with some new stuff added to make it interesting (field-use Hacking Skills, the ability to Load Digimon with the Data from others, etc.). Its lots of fun, and one of the first CG engine Digimon games we've seen from Japan since the PS2/Gamecube titles (All-Star Rumble doesn't count). Have a party of three, Two Ultimates and a Rookie. Just got my DLC partners from preordering, so trying to raise one of them in my team. And Cyberdramon and Rapidmon are more than enough to cut down enemies before they become a danger to BlackGabumon, anyways. The only things I don't like are the fact that Hacking Kills are field use only and have some pretty annoying requirements to use. They should have battle Hack Skills, that allow the player to speed up or overpower one of their partners. Would be cool. The other thing is you spend lots of time in the DigiLab. Because you can't digivolve outside of it. Even though you have a "Digivice." 😒

    Almost all of my coworkers play Pokémon now. And ever since this trailer came out, everyone has been repeating the phrase "Don't worry, you can do that." As a sort of inside joke when it comes to dealing with hard or impossible work assignments. 😆 Picked up Super Mystery Dungeon. Anyone grabbing uo legendaries this month (well, just Mew but...).
  15. What are you playing?

    Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. Beat the game, beat the Delta Episode, caught Rayquay-quay and Deoxys. Working on building a bit more viable team for Wifi battles. My team has undergone some changes since my last post. Nicnames have changed and roster has changed as well. The details are as follows. Arrancar (Aegislash Female) LV89 Named for the Iconic Hollows from Bleach. I felt it appropriate, considering Aegislash's nature. Was renamed following the defeat of the E4 and Champion. Sovereign (Serperior Male) LV85 Named for its regal stance. It looks down on others like Zhuqiaomon from Digimon Tamers. Was renamed following the defeat of the E4. Poseidon (Swampert Male) LV87 (Mega-Evolution) Self-explanatory. Forget Primal Kyogre--M-Swampert is the real king of the sea. Rayquaza (Event Release) LV93 (M-E) The shiny Rayquay-quay that was released via Mystery Gift. Can't rename it. Love it to death. Probably will replace it in the near future, however... its nice having a freaking shiny Dragon that can demolish everything. Mustang (Emboar Male) LV85 So... named this for Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist. Rasputin (Alakazam Male) LV85 (M-E) Look at that beard. JUST LOOK AT IT. WHAT ELSE COULD I HAVE NAMED HIM?! ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ New Prospects: I'm replacing most of my party. Alakazam, Emboar, Rayquaza, and Serperior will be getting shifted out in favor of dual-type Pokemon. I'm thinking of breeding my Charizard from Y so I have Fire/Flying/Dragon coverage. Going to breed a Gallade for Fighting/Psychic coverage. A Treecko for Grass and later Dragon coverage, or maybe a Shiftry for Grass/Dark. Lastly, I'm going to try and breed an Electrivire, and try to put some effort in raising its defense and HP for Electric coverage. Thoughts?