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  1. Working on a Pokemon fan fiction, which will focus on a team of investigators working to close Ultra Wormholes opening across multiple regions.

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    2. Shattered Rift

      Shattered Rift

      I swear Pokemon stopped making sense after Dialga and Palkia.

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      Actually, Dialga and Palkia are one of the things I think that lead to this, considering the nature of the Ultra Wormholes (Time/Space anomalies that lead into alternate worlds).

    4. Shattered Rift

      Shattered Rift

      That was part of the joke I tried (and failed) to make. We had our three god Pokemon. And I only made it a dozen hours into White and have barely touched any installments since. Just a few hours into X and a couple into AS. So I've never even mega evolved a Pokemon, let alone have any knowledge about the new legendaries that I'm guessing have tried to outclass the previous ones for lore.

  2. So... how dead are we?

    Holy crap, RA! I haven't seen you around in forever. Well, it's nice to see the boards haven't died. And... I for the most part recognize most of you guys.
  3. So... how dead is Sparkbomb? I mean, we talking visitation dead? Funeral service? Already in the ground with a few feet of dirt on top? What members are still around? Just putting some feelers out.
  4. I'm not crazy about Loot Boxes but at the same time, don't consider them gambling. Most times there is an option to use in-game currency to purchase them (albeit real-world currency more often than not gives you access to better quality boxes and the like faster). This outcry against Loot boxes is probably coming from the same group of old folks that were trumpeting how video game violence was connected to violence in the real world back several years ago (not that they have stopped, it just hasn't been as prominent). Funny thing is, the situation with kids taking a card and using it without a parent's knowledge is nothing new. When I was a kid I took money from my dad's wallet when he was asleep so I could buy a freaking package of gum. That was nearly twenty years ago. The only thing that's really changed is the medium (credit/debit cards have become more prevalent in this day and age). I doubt very seriously that a kid is not going to get punished for blowing hundreds of dollars on Loot Boxes, and parents who use this as a flagship for their crusade against the Loot Boxes... can you really call them parents? Instead of taking responsibility for an issue that arose because of their child, they place the blame elsewhere. There's really no excuse for this type of behavior. Unfortunately, responsibility is something I see lots of parents these days lacking... and being one myself, I can't really fathom why that is.

    I'll have to give False Swipe a look. I can watch a Game Channel so long as the creator doesn't sound overly... what's the word? Pretentious. That's the one. Or toxic. Dobbs and Verlisify come to mind. I can stomach Dobbs in small doses on certain occasions, but Verlis... I just can't. Don't particularly want to. Playing Ultra Moon. Bev is playing Sun. I had to slow down (she wants to catch up to where I am in the game, I'm about to start Poni Island, and she just got done with the Water Trial, I think). So I'm breeding for a shiny Litten. That will kill some time, I figured. My Team Grump the Incineroar (Lv. 56) Incinium Z Flare Blitz Thrash Flamethrower Darkest Lariat Empress the Primarina (Lv. 53) Waterium Z Aqua Jet Sparkling Aria Moonblast Icy Wind Satelite the Magnezone (Lv. 56) Electrium Z / Steelium Z Flash Cannon Magnet Rise Electro Ball Thunder Wave Noinoi the Noivern (Lv. 61) N/A Echoed Voice Draco Meteor Air Slash Roost Verde the Venusaur (Lv. 53) Muscle Band (no idea why) Leech Seed Solar Beam Synthesis Toxic Rexxy the Tyranitar (Lv. 56) Darknium Z Crunch Thrash Earthquake Rock Slide None of these movesets are finalized. I'm just playing around with different moves to see what works best, honestly. But Verde... I can't tell you how many times I've used Verde to "outlast" an opponent, by Toxic Poisoning, Leech Seeding and just spamming Synthesis when his HP gets a bit lower than I'd like. --- So, in other PokeNews, I got around to watching "I Choose You." :/ I don't hate it but I felt like it was a giant middle finger to the old anime. I get that this was supposed to be a reboot movie, and showing a "what if?" storyline where Ash finds the Rainbow Wing and actually meets Ho-oh again. But... here's what I liked and hated. THE GOOD The opening segments, up until Ho-oh appears for the first time was good. It stuck close to the anime, and was fairly faithful to the source material. Charmander story arc was better, to me, because of the fact that Charmander's original trainer in this timeline, Cross, was a recurring antagonist. It gave more depth to Ash's Charmander. Also, having Charmander not become disobedient after evolving was nice. Nods to the original series (The way the group finds Charmander, sitting on a rock; Butterfree's Goodbye; etc.) THE BAD The new characters. I liked Sorell alright, but Verity was freaking annoying. And the sting from them completely erasing Brock and Misty and replacing them with these two definitely had something to do with that. Ash caught how many Pokemon? I'm pretty sure the only ones he had towards the end were Pikachu and Charizard. Bulbasaur and Squirtle got the shaft. They are mentioned and referenced at the beginning of the movie (it seems like Gary and Marina chose Squirtle and Bulbasaur as their starters, respectively), but after that, nothing. WHERE DOES ALL OF THIS TAKE PLACE? It looks like its supposed to be Kanto, but then they start mentioning the Brass Tower and having Pokemon show up from Alola and Sinnoh... and then they have to go to Mt. Tensei. WHAT EVEN IS MARSHADOW IN ALL OF THIS? I mean, I get a vibe that he's the main antagonist, trying to corrupt the Rainbow Wing. Then it makes it seem like, "No, he's the Rainbow Wing's Guardian...? Trying to make sure it gets to Tensei and stays pure?" Then BOOM main antagonist. It felt like the writers couldn't figure out what they wanted to do with Marshadow. WHAT I WISH THEY HAD DONE BETTER MORE BROCK AND MISTY IN THIS MOVIE. Verity was not my favorite character but it felt like there was potential. Her storyline was very shallow and did not get fleshed out very well, but it seemed like she was from Sinnoh and her Mother may have been Cynthia. An actual Reboot. Reboot it better. This was all over the place. It felt like the company started to do a reboot/recap movie, then all of the writers quit, and they put a team to finish the movie that were working on a Ho-oh movie, and decided to Frankenstein the two films together. Has anyone else seen this? And what were your thoughts? What are your thoughts on this, even if you haven't.
  6. I literally hear the music from Sonic the Hedgehog water levels when I go too deep into water. And yeah, never flown. My wife has, but... I figure at some point I will. It's not as far fetched as me snapping on a parachute and taking the leap out.

    What PokeTubers does everyone like? I watched Bird Keeper Toby for a while... but... :/ Here lately I haven't felt it. That accent of his and how fast he goes sometimes just... thwarts my ability to enjoy his newer vids. He has posted some interesting theories in the past, though. Aaaand now I watch MandJTV specifically for Pokemon Talk.
  8. Vision Quest

    I-I realize I'm late to the party but let me give you my two cents, for the hell of it. I realize these issues may have been resolved by this point, as it has been six months since this thread was started... but "I haven't seen it. So it's new to me." I'm going to parrot Red here for the most part, but here's where the originality comes in this post: personal experience. I am pushing thirty and faced a similar situation just a few months shy of a year ago. The last two years of my life have been the most horrible for me because I don't feel like I've really experienced them, for a few different reasons. I won't get into all of the reasons as some are fairly personal but the number 1 on this list was my job, working as a part-timer in the Garden Center at my local Lowes. I worked there for three years, and outlasted every Customer Service Associate hired on aside from the one Full-Time CSA who was my senior. At the time both my wife and I had a job, but she worked at a local hospital in their In-Patient Pharmacy, and somehow my checks were a bit heavier than hers. She worked full-time, I only saw 20-30 Hour paychecks compared to her 80 hours. We could flourish on what we both made and things were great, for a time, but something happened after my daughter was born that changed everything. Wife lost her job, was fired for literally being sick following her pregnancy. She had no prior offenses, no write-ups. She was just cut out to make room for more "reliable" techs over calling in once. So all the pressure, all the weight fell on me and it was not pretty. I realized the urgency behind it and have been through the process of losing a job like this and know how long it normally takes to get back out there and start earning a paycheck again. So I threw myself at my job and worked any shift they would give me. I guess at the time I thought "if I prove myself, they might put me into a full-time position. If I can make it into a full-time position everything will be fine, we won't have to worry." Long story short, it didn't work out. The more time I spent there the more I realized how much I hated my job. It was like any other job in retail, but what finally broke me was the fact that they kept hiring seasonal employees and basically would move them into a full-time position instead of moving me up. And these seasonals would last a month and then quit, for whatever reason. It's a special kind of depression that takes hold of you when you are locked in a dead end job with seemingly no hope for advancement. The kind of person (both physically and mentally) I was during this time was like... a completely different person than I am. I lost over a hundred pounds, was skin and bones. Sometimes I see images pop up on my Facebook feed from a year ago and cannot believe how much I had let myself widdle away. My temper flared over the stupidest things. It was hell, within and without. This job, and the state it had put me was one of the things that almost ruined my marriage. But I got help. I cut ties with Lowes and started taking care of my kids while I searched for an alternative job. My wife got a job at a commercial pharmacy and now makes three times the amount I was bringing in (six times the amount she made at the hospital lolol). I lost all of my babysitters shortly after so its a fairly good thing that it all had worked out like it did. What is the point of my rambling? Venting mostly. Well, moreover... do what you feel is right, man. Don't try to force anything if you know you aren't going to be happy doing it. It can have severe consequences... some you might not expect. When it's all said and done, you have support, online and off.

    1. Shattered Rift

      Shattered Rift


  10. What are you playing?

    Heh. Yeah, KotORs story is great but its hard to get past the graphic limitations of that era and some of the voice acting. And neither of the KotOR games work on my new(ish) desktop PC. Digimon Links was good too. But I had to uninstall it for... some... reason. I don't remember why exactly but if I want to restart I literally have to restart. I think I'm going to wait til I get my hands on a new mobile before I dedicate any more time to Links. As for games I've been playing, I had to sell almost all of my consoles last year (2017 was horrible for a lot of different reasons, but this was top 5). All I have left are a New 2DS, the PS3 (technically my wifes, but I have lots of games on it) and the PC. Of the 3 systems these are what my dominant titles are on them. PC - When my wife isn't on it playing games, I play Chroma Squad (when the kids are around) and Fallout 4 when they are out of the room/asleep. Chroma Squad is an indie Stradegy RPG with heavy influences from Tokusatsu (Sentai/Kamen Rider/Power Rangers). You play as an Indie Film Group who are filming a web series about a team of super heroes. Its got good humor and is fairly cheap on Steam and the battle system is just different enough to not get boring compared to other SRPGs. I think I heard talks of a Mobile and Console version at some point too, but no idea. Need to confirm. PS3 - Dragon Age Inquisition and Persona 5. 2DS - Ultra Moon. But I am snailing my way through. I'm facing the same issue I did with Sun--drudging through that heavy dialogue.
  11. Sky diving or deep-sea diving. Little known fact--I cannot swim. I have not the capability to do anything but sink. But sub-mariner activity has always interested me despite this. Also, I have a mild fear of heights. And as a result have never set foot on a plane, much less decided to throw open its hatch and jump out of it, mid-flight. And sense I stopped drinking, I doubt very seriously I will ever come across courage that isn't liquid/chemical to go through with the act of sky diving unless it is in a Virtual scenario.
  12. Digimon

    Let us have ye olde Digimon discussion thread. Discuss whatever. Your favorite season. Your favorite character. Whatever. SEASON: Toss up between Adventure and Tamers. Xros Wars gets an honorable mention. LEAST FAVORITE: Boy Hunters. DUB OR SUB: Depends on the season. As an adult, the sub seems awesome and epic. The Dub of Adventure-Tamers has a special place in my heart, though. FAVORITE CHARACTERS Taichi & Agumon (Adventure). The original Gogglehead. Also one of my all-time fave leaders and digimon. Favorite Crest. Favorite Evolution line. All roads lead to Tai and Agumon as my faves for Adventure.BlackWarGreymon (Adv02). WarGreymon, BAMF mode. The legendary 100 Spire Digimon that, despite their best efforts, could not be controlled by Arukenimon and Mummymon. From his bad attitude, to his sheer strength, BWG won across the board for his position amongst Adv02's cast. Still get teary-eyed when I watch episode 47 of Adv02.Henry & Terriermon (Tamers). Mostly because he reminds me of how I would handle having a partner Digimon. And Terriermon's evolution line is epic.Koichi/Duskmon/Lowemon/whatever (Frontier). Frontier was a wierd season, but they worked Kouji and Koichi's story pretty damned well. I'm sort of partial to his darker forms (mainly because Duskmon looks like a demonic Omegamon).Touma & Gaomon (Savers). The cool, level-headed loner-type that Savers brought forward. Was a good foil to the hot-headed Masaru and partner has epic evolutions.Beelzemon (Xros Wars). Xros Wars was interesting, since they decided to go with a much more Digimon heavy cast than other seasons had in the past. Of them all, Beelzemon stands out to me. Awesome redesign is awesome, and I actually like this incarnation of Beelzemon more than the one from Tamers because of his personality... and also because of the fact that his redesign makes him look more Angelic than the previous design did.
  13. What are you playing?

    Truthfully, they have added lots of new features to the battle system that were not present in the original series games. Digimon no longer belong to specific species groups (i.e. Dragon, Holy, Dark, etc.) and instead are divided up amongst different elemental variations of the standard Data, Virus and Vaccine types. These elemental properties as well as types influence weaknesses and resistances. Additionally, certain digimon retain an elemental property, but not a specific type--they are called "Neutral" Types. These do not have a specific alignment to Data, Virus or Vaccine and no resistances or weaknesses to these types, though they do have elemental weaknesses and resistances. The levels are divided up a bit better (a Rookie typically is slower and weaker in combat than a Champion, depending on the two's Stats). The BS is much the same as the DS titles, with a new aspect called "Xros Combo" that increases the power of attacks, or the potency of buffs/debuffs and healing skills. The story has been stellar thus far. I have minor complaints about the exploration system (the lack of camera rotation in dungeons; the hacking skills and their requirements for use), and a few here and there about the localization. The translators did really well in some places, but at some points it feels like the writers stuck too rigidly to the source material--so much so that some jokes and words may have gotten lost in translation. Not to mention Kyoko. Everytime Kyoko opens her mouth to explain something, it seems overwhelmingly complex and needlessly convoluted. Like a Physicist trying to explain their research to a Third Grader.
  14. What are you playing?

    New Digimon game on PS4 /Vita. Digimon Story, so basically the same game mechanics as the DS titles with some new stuff added to make it interesting (field-use Hacking Skills, the ability to Load Digimon with the Data from others, etc.). Its lots of fun, and one of the first CG engine Digimon games we've seen from Japan since the PS2/Gamecube titles (All-Star Rumble doesn't count). Have a party of three, Two Ultimates and a Rookie. Just got my DLC partners from preordering, so trying to raise one of them in my team. And Cyberdramon and Rapidmon are more than enough to cut down enemies before they become a danger to BlackGabumon, anyways. The only things I don't like are the fact that Hacking Kills are field use only and have some pretty annoying requirements to use. They should have battle Hack Skills, that allow the player to speed up or overpower one of their partners. Would be cool. The other thing is you spend lots of time in the DigiLab. Because you can't digivolve outside of it. Even though you have a "Digivice." 😒

    Almost all of my coworkers play Pokémon now. And ever since this trailer came out, everyone has been repeating the phrase "Don't worry, you can do that." As a sort of inside joke when it comes to dealing with hard or impossible work assignments. 😆 Picked up Super Mystery Dungeon. Anyone grabbing uo legendaries this month (well, just Mew but...).
  16. What are you playing?

    Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. Beat the game, beat the Delta Episode, caught Rayquay-quay and Deoxys. Working on building a bit more viable team for Wifi battles. My team has undergone some changes since my last post. Nicnames have changed and roster has changed as well. The details are as follows. Arrancar (Aegislash Female) LV89 Named for the Iconic Hollows from Bleach. I felt it appropriate, considering Aegislash's nature. Was renamed following the defeat of the E4 and Champion. Sovereign (Serperior Male) LV85 Named for its regal stance. It looks down on others like Zhuqiaomon from Digimon Tamers. Was renamed following the defeat of the E4. Poseidon (Swampert Male) LV87 (Mega-Evolution) Self-explanatory. Forget Primal Kyogre--M-Swampert is the real king of the sea. Rayquaza (Event Release) LV93 (M-E) The shiny Rayquay-quay that was released via Mystery Gift. Can't rename it. Love it to death. Probably will replace it in the near future, however... its nice having a freaking shiny Dragon that can demolish everything. Mustang (Emboar Male) LV85 So... named this for Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist. Rasputin (Alakazam Male) LV85 (M-E) Look at that beard. JUST LOOK AT IT. WHAT ELSE COULD I HAVE NAMED HIM?! ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ New Prospects: I'm replacing most of my party. Alakazam, Emboar, Rayquaza, and Serperior will be getting shifted out in favor of dual-type Pokemon. I'm thinking of breeding my Charizard from Y so I have Fire/Flying/Dragon coverage. Going to breed a Gallade for Fighting/Psychic coverage. A Treecko for Grass and later Dragon coverage, or maybe a Shiftry for Grass/Dark. Lastly, I'm going to try and breed an Electrivire, and try to put some effort in raising its defense and HP for Electric coverage. Thoughts?
  17. DIGIMON TIME TERMINAL THE RULES 1. Board rules are in full effect. If not familiar with them, take a look. Worth a read. Blah blah blah. 2. Keep cussing to a minimum. Nothing more volatile than Hell or Damn. Shouldn't be a prob, but still... 3. Characters are to be age 17-19. "On the cusp of adulthood," so to speak. The reason for this? This story has to do with time travel. And the type that we will be using will put our characters either growing younger or older. This keeps four year olds from running around in the past with juggernaught Digimon of Mass Destruction. 4. Keep Digimon choices away from Adventures Chosen Children's partners. Of course, you can have a variation of one (BlackAgumon for example). 5. As you may have guessed from that last line, yes, this story will have to do with Digimon "Adventure" and "Adventure 02." Not knowing what "tri." will be about yet, this tale will take place within an alternate universe... but will start at about the same time frame (Tai and the others will be 17-ish years old). 6. Fan Made Digimon are A-OK. Also, fan-made attacks are A-OK. 7. *NEW* Players may invent NPCs, for the purpose of advancing the story. NPCs, unless indicated otherwise by their creator, cannot be controlled by anyone but the player who created them. LOCATIONS REAL WORLD Union Crossing A metropolis built upon a man-made island seated in the coast of Japan, and tethered to the island nation by underwater subway routes, and kept afloat by a set of drilling tunnels that were placed into the ocean floor decades upon decades ago, originally used to drill for oil. The drilling effort was in vain, however, as only minute amounts of crude oil could be found. It was decided to turn the drilling platform into a city, and this city has grown from a modest experiment into a true melting pot of cultures. Crossing has several different landmarks, but its most prominent is the Saturnus Building, a monument and business center dedicated to the company that funded the construction of the city itself. It is surrounded by the city's business sector, and is located at the center of the island. Another area is cloistered off to itself on the Western edge of the City, completely devoted to Crossing University, a top rated College that students the world over seek to be enrolled into. In addition, the island is home to a market district, with a Mall at its center, to allow its residents all the "Comforts of home." Each individual district of the city is bound together by underwater tunnels that are strung about the island. The subway also connects the City to many stations along the island nation adjacent's coast. NOTABLE LOCALES (Updated as Revealed)HAPPY HILLS APARTMENT COMPLEXA multi-level high-rise apartment complex located between the Market District and the University, ideal for students to live in due to the proximity to both. As such, much of the tenants at Happy Hills are around College Student Age, or have children who around that age. Among its many residents, Log, Land and "Ms. Girl-Next-Door" live in Happy Hills. DIGITAL WORLD (Iliad) The "Digital World Version" currently in progress. It exists as a mountain range, surrounded by spherical land-masses, called Terminals. These Terminals orbit around the levitating Mountain, called "Olympia," which is the headquarters of the Olympos XII. Each Terminal is an environment specific area that is governed by a member of the Olympos XII. That being said, there are 13 Terminals in all, with the 13th being the former domain of Plutomon. NOTABLE LOCALES Evergreen TerminalThe closest of the Terminals to Olympia. A forested region that is home to a castle, nestled in a field of giant mushrooms, and many nature-spirits digimon. Ruled over by Ceresmon, watched over by her Generals, Rosemon and Lotosmon. MAIN CAST Code | "Logan 'Log' Jacobs" NAME: Logan Jacobs AGE: 19 GENDER: Male PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Brown hair, between short and medium-length. Dark blue eyes. Wears monochrome styled t-shirts (blacks, whites and grays) and jeans. Comfortable looking shoes. PERSONALITY: Witty and sarchastic, but loyal to those who show such loyalty towards him. Jacobs is defensive around new people, almost analytical, as if he is sizing them up and gauging what they are like based on their actions and words. Once he determines a person is "Good," he is easy-going and jokes around with said person... but if that person is deemed "Bad" or ends up betraying his expectations of them, he will treat them with sarchasm and short, snide remarks. He is a kind person somewhere deep down, but is also a vengeful soul and will not hesitate to harm someone who has harmed him or someone close to him. BIOGRAPHY: Orphaned when he was just old enough to remember his parents, Logan Jacobs was taken in by his Father's parents and was raised by them. He was brought up on the heroic tales of his Grandfather, a WWII Veteran whom shared with Logan his romantic ideals regarding Loyalty to Others. This single ideal was a core principle that Logan placed at the center of his universe, and slowly developed as he grew... until it became more of a creed than an ideal. A college student, studying Mathematics and Computer Science, Logan Jacobs is about to have his sense of loyalty put to the test, and be tossed into a world he never knew even existed... into a world that will challenge the principles he holds dear, and will either fortify them... or shatter them utterly against cruel, cruel reality. DIGIVICE COLORS: Black and Gold DIGIMON PARTNER NAME: "Jigoku" / BlackGabumon BIOGRAPHY: Once a powerful member of the Olympos XII, "Jigoku," as Plutomon, ruled over a subsection of the Digital World's "Hell," the realm known as the Dark Area. However, watching from afar the exploits of Digimon, and seeingthe great injustices being committed across the Digital World, Plutomon went against his brother, Jupitermon's wishes and left his Kingdom behind to personally bring wrong-doers to justice. His cruel methods have become infamous within the Digital World, and he was a relentless predator, imprisoning and punishing far beyond the crimes committed. For this reason, Plutomon was stripped of his power, reverting to his "BlackGabumon" form, and was put into exile, his Kingdom being taken over by another of the rulers of the Dark Area. His trust shattered, BlackGabumon began to scheme a way to take back his throne, to regain his lost power and to completely and utterly destroy the remaining members of the Olympos XII for what they had done... however, his curious destiny tied him to Logan Jacobs, a human who is a polar opposite to him and his goals, valuing trust and loyalty above all else, where Jigoku reasons he has no need for either of these. ROOKIE - BlackGabumon 1. Black Spitfire - Fires a jet of pitch-black flames from his mouth at the enemy. 2. Ebon Horn - An upward headbutt that often impales enemies upon his horn. CHAMPION - BlackGaogamon 1. Spiral Blow - Fires a powerful vortex of wind from its mouth at the enemy. 2. Dash Double Claw - Charging at the foe, Jigoku slashes with both claws in an "X-shape" as he passes the foe. ULTIMATE - Cerberumon X 1. Hellfire - Spews emerald flames upon the enemy from its maw. 2. Infernal Gate - Summons a black gate beneath the opponent, where bits of the Dark Area seep through and hold the enemy in place for a few moments. May drag weak foes into Dark Area, destroying them completely. MEGA - Plutomon 1. Black Dogs - Summons ethereal hounds to chase down an opponent and restrain them if neccesary. 2. Hell Spear - Fires a black energy burst from hands that impales opponent, holding them in place. 3. Ebon Edict - Spreads arms wide, dark energy gathering at both hands, as a powerful set of ethereal black jaws appears, opening wide, and devouring an enemy whole, sending them straight to the Dark Area. SUPER-MEGA - Plutomon True Hell King Mode 1. Hell Gate - a larger version of Ebon Edict that opens up beneath several enemies' feet, devouring those with unforgiveable sin in their hearts. 2. Ebony Blades - attacks enemies with the crimson and black swords awarded to him by his kin for attaining this form. Each fatal strike has a chance of summoning Black Dogs from the broken bits of data. 3. Hell Fountain - summons a geiser of emerald flames, that burns at those with unforgiveable sins in their hearts. StratusNova | "Madison Maxwell Hutchinson" NAME: Madison Maxwell Hutchinson AGE: 21 GENDER: Male PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Madison stands unimpressive at 5'9" he has unkempt shoulder length reddish brown hair that matches his scraggly beard. He covers his hazel eyes with round lens beatnik prescription glasses and wears a worn light gray hoodie over concert t-shirts with dark jeans. He almost never wears shoes. PERSONALITY: Madison spends most of his time online. He dislikes talking to people face to face ,even on Skype, and has difficulty trusting people. His default position on nearly any situation is one of skepticism. He believes that when it comes to people you can always count on them to do what they believe is best for themselves. BIOGRAPHY: Out of high school Madison started a printing company with his best friend. After a year his "friend" took off with the profits and Madison's fiancè. Ever since then Madison has shut out the outside world except for supply runs. He stays afloat by performing webmaster duties and making shrewd investments. Though he makes a fair wage he doesn't have anyone he could call a friend, even his dealings online are short and impersonal. DIGIVICE COLORS: Gun Metal Grey with Silver accents. DIGIMON PARTNER NAME: Ryu BIOGRAPHY: Ryudamon is something of a sleeper cell of sorts. His ties to the Olympos XII (Isn't it 13 if Plutomon is there?) unclear even to himself. He's tasked with keeping an eye on the renegade Plutomon in his exiled form. The clever mon thought it best to accomplish this by connecting himself to one of Plutomon's traveling companions, A boy who calls himself Madison. Little does he know that this moody introvert's destiny is tied to his own. ROOKIE - Ryudamon -Lai Blade (Fires a katana blade from his mouth) -Helmet Return (Headbutt) CHAMPION - DinoHyumon -Lizard Dance(A series of slashes with all weapons) -Akinakes (a swing with the large sword Akinakes) ULTIMATE - Paildramon -Desperado Blaster( Fires an energy wave from the two organic cannons growing from its arms, like a machine-gun ) -Cable Catchers (Shoots a long rope of its arms, or fires a spear and fights with this spear ) MEGA - Merukimon -Thousand fists (Attacks with lightning fast punches) -Spirtual Enchant (Summons apparations from his knife) SUPER-MEGA - Merukimon Voodoo Mode (created) -Mirror Image (Creates after images of himself and strikes with his knife Aztec) -Kerykeion (Drains energy from the opponent with his Kerykeion spear) -Kerykeion Blast (uses energy drained from opponent to form a giant blast) HummingGillz | "Elise Linne" NAME: Elise Linne AGE: 18 GENDER: Female PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Blond with dark, chocolate brown eyes. She usually keeps her long hair in a high ponytail, otherwise it ends at the small of her back. A tad short for the average 18-year-old, Elise’s usual attire consists of a light pink spaghetti strap tanktop with a hot pink short-sleeved crop hoodie along with light beige capris. Her favorite shoes are open-toed heels about an inch tall. PERSONALITY: Outgoing but somewhat vain about her appearance. She can be overdramatic about non-ideal situations, and doesn’t really think about what she says when words leave her mouth. She takes things personally and can get angry as a result. Regardless of her faults, Elise’s heart is in the right place most of the time. She just doesn’t know how to show it all that well. BIOGRAPHY: All the way through junior high and high school, Elise found herself swept up in the world of beauty, make up, and fashion. It was fun to always be part of the crowd that followed the fashion trend. Yet along the way, she sort of lost herself. Was it right to always go where everyone else was going? She didn’t know. Now that she’s a freshman in college as a fashion design major, she has no idea how to really express herself. It’s been nagging at the back of her mind as of late, but it’s been showing itself in her failed college assignments. DIGIVICE COLORS: White and Rose Pink DIGIMON PARTNER NAME: Sistermon Blanc (“Rabbit”) BIOGRAPHY: Sistermon Blanc is a somewhat introverted Digimon. She may be quiet and shy, but she always tries her best when the situation calls for it. Sistermon Blanc was sent as a peacekeeper of sorts between Ryudamon and BlackGabumon, since it seemed inevitable that the two would end up fighting anyway. ROOKIE Sistermon Blanc 1. Divine Pierce - Pierces the opponent with the Cross Barbée. 2. Protect Wave - Generates a protective wave by stabbing the butt end of the Cross Barbée into the ground. CHAMPION Swanmon 1. Down Tornado - Spreads its wings, engulfing the opponent in an intense whirling cold wind and feathers, tearing them apart with its sharp-pointed feathers. 2. White Marie – Lifts up vicious whirlwinds towards the opponent. ULTIMATE Hippogriffomon 1. Heat Wave - Spits out an extremely high-temperature wind. 2. Sonic Voice – Lets out a high-pitched scream that only aggravates its enemy’s hearing. Has no effect on those it sees as allies. MEGA Venusmon 1. Healing Therapy - Makes the opponent's fighting spirit vanish just by caressing their head. 2. Love You - Blows a kiss that makes the opponents who receive it fall over from the shock. 3. Peace Fantasia - Has Olive (the dove sitting on Venusmon’s right hand) prick the opponent in the head, making it have peaceful intentions no matter what kind of ferocious personality it has. SUPER-MEGA Venusmon Exquisiteness Mode (Created) 1. Venus Love Me Chain – Whips/Wraps around the opponent with her chain made of the finest jewels. 2. Beautiful Heart – Forms a heart with her hands and then sends a beam of bursting energy in a rolling, corkscrew motion. 3. True Love – Pierces the enemy in the heart with her sword that is so beautiful, it shines too brightly for anyone to see. SUPPORTING ROLES "Landon Petrov" Name: Landon "Land" Petrov Age: 21 Gender: M Personality: Light-hearted, care-free. A bit of a "Why should I care?" attitude about most things. In addition, Land, as he likes to be called, is just as witty and sarcastic as Logan, making the two quite the combination when working in tandem or in opposition of one another. Land tries not to take life too seriously, and chastises those who do... but at the same time, he has a strong sense of justice buried somewhere beneath that facade and will not back down from a fight for a just cause. Phys. Appearance: Auburn hair, more brown than red in color, shoulder length, often tied back into a pony tail with a few bits of his bangs hanging down before his face. He has a full beard of the same rusty brown color as his hair and often runs around his home shirtless, sometimes even opting to leave the house shirtless. When he is forced to cloth himself completely, however, he often wears button-up t-shirts and on occasion t-shirts from his favorite franchises, such as DC, Marvel, Saban, etc. Wears cargo shorts and sandals. Biography: Land Petrov has been a friend of Logan's since the two were children. Land's family was rent in-two by a nasty divorce decades ago, when he was still a boy. His younger brother, Leo, and his Father moved away, leaving him in the custody of his Mother, who was a bit of a "Hippy" for lack of a better term. She cared deeply for her son, and made sure he always had a place to stay and food to eat, whereas his Father was an abusive alcoholic whom had been in and out of prison since before the brothers were born. Land inherited his mother's carefree spirit, and because of this made some rather haunting mistakes in his teenage years... one of which being an unplanned pregnancy. His girlfriend at the time wanted to abort the baby, but Land's insistence that she not go through with it won her over. The two married and were happy... for a time. After High School, the two inevitably split. Land now works as a Shift Manager at a local Pizzeria, living with Log whom took him in after the fallout of Land's divorce settlement. He tries desperately to maintain a relationship with his son, Cason, who is 6-years-old now, and not repeat the mistakes his Father made raising Land and Leo. CREATED BY: Code "Violet Rhodes" Name: Violet "Vi" Rhodes Age: 20 Gender: F Personality: Feisty, but good natured. She is incredibly outspoken, and will not hesitate to tell you what she thinks, no matter who it may offend. A bit competitive, and at times moody, Violet wears these masks to hide her insecurities regarding herself. In truth, she has self-esteem issues as well as difficulties trusting others. Through no fault of her own, she isolates herself from others, not daring to get close enough to make friends, for fear of how they will judge her for her "off-putting" personality. Phys. Appearance: Red hair, cut just above the shoulders and combed out of her face, parting on the left side. She has unique eyes, one being green and the other brown, both baring a sunflower-like pattern that surrounds her pupils, a brilliant gold in color. She is of average height, and a curvy build. She wears an orange and black striped shirt, and blue jeans when first introduced, as well as a pair of gray tennis shoes. She wears a unique lightning-bolt shaped necklace, hidden beneath her shirt. Biography: Hardly a princess growing up, Violet was raised by a Single Mother, with a competitive set of Elder brothers, Vince and Vance, with Vince being the middle child in their family. Her home life did not leave much room for lady-like influences, and she was raised a tom-boy. She developed a unique personality because of this, becoming incredibly independant, and outspoken. This caused her to grow up a bit socially awkward, unable to make and keep friends for very long because of her attitude. However, around the time that she and Vince began attending High School, their older brother, Vance, joined the Military and was shipped out to the front lines, in the Middle East. Vance did not return from his first deployment, leaving their family devastated. Vince and Violet, as a result, grew closer, and neither stays out of contact with one another for very long, despite the distance that the two have grown apart thanks to their lives. She wears a lightning bolt necklace, that was made by Vance when she was younger--a treasured keepsake that she rarely leaves without. CREATED BY: Code EPISODE 1: CONVERGENCE! THREE HEROES AWAKEN! Time flows like a raging river... and unbeknownst to some, our actions are small ripples in its current. But ripples have never been capable of altering its flow... that is, until now. Until the day that one of those ripples grew, becoming a hole. An obstruction in the flow of time. And now... something terrible is beginning to unfold. ~~~ The alarm buzzed to life across the room. Flinging his covers aside, Logan Jacobs staggered across the room, still half-asleep. Reaching his destination, he fumbled with the alarm clock, finally slamming his palm down atop it to silence it. He yawned, as he cut it off, so that it would not repeat that awful noise in a few minutes, and slunk back to his bed. He did not return to sleep, but merely sat there, smacking his lips and closing his eyes, trying his best to manage his exhaustion. He had been up most of the night prior trying to complete some rather complicated Math homework. Well, maybe complicated wasn't the right word. Complicated for his peers maybe... but for Log... the real problem he had ran into was the sheer amount of problems he had taken on. He had missed a few homework assignments weeks prior because of a Family emergency... and was trying to make it up by taking on extra credit assignments. And his overzealous attitude had made numbers his enemy until 5:00AM. The glaring red numbers across the room, once again his enemy, stared at him, shining out the digits "7:01AM." Two hours. He had gotten two hours of sleep. And he felt like he had been sleeping beneath the marching feet of a parade. Nevertheless, Log placed palms on his knees, and hefted himself up from the side of his bed. His stagger did not improve as he moved to the closet, clicked on the light, wenced and nearly hissed as the light clicked on, and started through his clothing to try and find something for him to wear. He settled on a gray shirt with a charcoal geometric shape etched into it, and a pair of jeans. He slipped them on, and marched to the door of his bedroom, slipping on his black skater shoes, and opened the door, taking a few steps into the living room of his apartment. At the living room table, seated on the floor, was his roomate, Landon Petrov. He was shorter, and stubbier than Log, had auburn hair about shoulder length, tied back into a pony-tail, and a full beard of about the same color. He had no shirt on--as he often did not--making the tattoos on his right shoulder and left arm clearly visible. Green eyes were glazed over, clearly as half-asleep as Log was, but even so, staring blankly at the television as he silently munched on a bowl of cereal. Teen Titans Go! was playing on the television... a show that Log hated because of the fact that he had seen the show that inspired it, from which "Go!" was a gross deviation. The two had been friends for a long time. Far longer than they had lived together. Though they joked and picked at one another... this was their way of having one another's backs. Log recognized that, and held their friendship very dearly. To him, Landon was less a friend and more a Brother, who did not share blood heritage with him. "Work today?" Log spoke, breaking Land away from his program. His voice was deep, gravelly. "Yeah. 9:00AM. Class?" Landon's voice, by contrast, was deep, but crisp in nature. "Yeah." Log answered. "No time for breakfast, either. Got to get to the subway." Land raised an eyebrow, a sly grin upon his face. "I'm sure." "What?" Log spoke, grabbing up his messenger bag full of books and supplies for school. "I've seen the way you've been making goggle eyes at our new neighbor, dude." Land answered, using his hands to make a mock-binoculars gesture over his eyes. "What does that have to do with anything?" "Classes are at 8:30AM. I can get you there in thirty minutes by car, and you decide to take the slow, slow--" he explained. Log began to try and interrupt him, but Land raised a finger to silence him. "I'm not done yet!" he added, before continuing. "Super, duper, amazingly slow subway." "The last time we took your car, dude, it broke down. I ran an hour late to class. I might as well not even have gone to that one, dude... I was completely lost in the Professor's lecture." Log defended himself. "I take the train, I get there... semi-on-time." "And the fact that little Miss Girl-next-door rides the Subway too is just an added bonus, I guess?" Landon chided. Log and Land exchanged narrowed eye glares, before Log finally broke their silence. "Yes." he answered simply. "Yes, it is. An amazing, super-duper added bonus." he mocked his friend. "Where do you even string words together like that? Who does that?" "I do. Up here." Land said, tapping his left temple. "Now get out of here, Jacobs... before your one-true-love leaves your butt at the station." Log nodded, snapping off a mock salute, as Land shook his head with a wry smile. ~~~ "Are you certain this was wise?" the young woman spoke, her voice echoing against the great marble halls that the two collossal figures marched down. "He is your brother, afterall." She did not walk, she seemed to stride through the air, as if flying. Bright complexion was shielded from the environs by white cloth, golden armored plates and a flowing blue cape that seemed composed of scales. Her head was adorned with a beautiful crown of golden blades. Her husband, a stern figure in golden armor, with a sprout of angelic wings rising up from the "ears" of his helmet, did not show his face from beneath his armor, but it was very clear he was grimacing at his wife. "What was I to do, Junomon?" he demnaded of her. She lowered her eyes from him, in response. Jupitermon raised a gauntletted hand to his face, his feathery white cloak shifting a bit against the marble-cut tile that stretched out before the two. "He is my brother... but what he has done shall bring shame to us all." "Plutomon was seeking what we all seek, Jupitermon." she said. "A brighter future for our world." "And his methods have insured that none shall attain that pipe-dream, don't you see that?!" he snarled. "I have... I have had enough. Plutomon shall never be spoken of again in my presense. For me... my brother is dead. And we XIII Olympians have become one short." ~~~ "PAH! Like I need some dopey little brother, anyways..." the short, stubby Digimon mumbled beneath his breath. "I work better alone. Everyone knows that. They haven't done anything to weaken me, the fools!" he spoke. Despite his words, though, he had originally been much taller... and much more menacing to behold. But his attitude was the same. Arrogant. Self-Assured to the point of cockiness. This was the essense of Plutomon... sealed up in the small frame of a BlackGabumon. He sneezed a bit, wiping his nose with a furred arm, grumbling to himself. "Stupid Rookie Form... didn't have allergies before..." he murmured. ~~~
  18. BlackGabumon frowned a bit, his rage seeming to falter. He had forgotten in his fluster that he had been degraded... stripped of his former glory and power. Nevertheless, his confidence resurged after a moment's hesitation. "A 'Child-mon' will be more than enough to deal with the likes of you two... you... you..." he searched his very small vocabulary for something that would sting a bit more than the insult the Sistermon had flung in his direction. " Toddler-mons!" Sure, it was lame. But he had to run with it. He couldn't lose his composure now.
  19. Playing Alpha Sapphire. DEOXYS, Y U NO LEMME CATCH U?!?!?!!!?!!!?!?!?!

  20. Playing Pokemon Showdown. Random teams, random match-ups. Won my first one. Gave me a frickin Deoxys.

    1. Code


      Second one didn't do so hot in. Held my own, but that frickin' Darkrai got me in the end. Using the username "Rage Code." Heh. Get it? Rage Code? R/C? Heh.


    2. Blacjak


      Showdown is awesome. I prefer it to PO.

    3. Kirby-oh
  21. How's Life?

    Hmmm.... FTFY LMAO. ~~~ You asked, so here it is. A few months ago, my wife, my son and I moved in with my Grandmother. Our intent was to move out of the Apartments that we lived in (because among other problems, they sucked and the expenses for them did not measure up to the quality of the apartment, the complex itself or the maintenance and management. We had a hot water heater bust on us a month prior to moving out, and despite the fact that we had renters insurance through the complex, they refused to pay us for damages despite the fact that we lost quite a bit to water damage. Said water damage was also the reason behind us not getting our deposit on the place back) to live with and take care of said Grandmother. She has had a few ministrokes and a heart attack, but overall is still able to function for the most part. She just can't get around like she used to (confined to a walker for foreseeable future), and needs someone to prepare meals for her and basically keep the house clean. We moved in, because of the promise that if we did and cooked and cleaned for her, that when she passed away the house would go to us. There was supposed to have been a contract drawn up and everything. That was back in April. When we moved in, we had a bunch of stuff packed up and scattered throughout the house. My wife and I both work 80 hours and 60 hours every two-weeks respectively, and are hardly home, and when we are home we are often times preoccupied with taking care of our son, which is a full-time job in itself. But we still find time to cook for her when we are there. There was a house keeper that was getting paid to do some of the things we were doing too, but once we moved in, she stopped cleaning altogether and would only cook food when we were not at home. And when she did cook for my Grandmother, she would also fix herself a generous portion of the food as well. Food that we bought and paid for specifically for my Grandmother and us. Luckily, we weren't paying her. My Aunts and Uncles were. And oddly enough they were well aware of her slacking off and were content with blaming us for the sorry state that the house had started to fall into, claiming that if we would "pull our weight," then the house would not look so bad. All sorts of problems have originated from this. My former boss and uncle has talked crap to me about my wife, saying that I need to "whip her into shape" and "put her to cleaning like every other woman in the world." In reality my wife works more than I do and almost just as hard because of the nature of her job. Like me, often times she is tired and hurting by the end of her shifts, and only able to clean on certain days. If she had no job, I would fully expect her to pull her weight around the house... but I'm not a damned chauvinist. I don't think "all women belong in the kitchen making us men sandwiches and cleaning up after us." I love my wife and respect her. And if she's cleaning, I'm not sitting on the couch having a beer and playing a video game, I'm right in there with her trying to get things done. There has been talk of kicking us out. Every time we address a concern there is a different reason. This fabled "Contract" that was supposed to be drummed up never came to be. My Grandmother's health took a dive a month or so back, and she ended up being hospitalized. There was talk of putting her in a nursing home, despite the fact that the last time the kids did that, she almost died because of neglect, at the supposed "Best Retirement Villa" in our town. The Uncles and Aunts were supposed to file a lawsuit but never did, claiming that they "Didn't have the money." Despite the fact that most lawyers only ask for payment once a settlement has been reached, some even only requiring payment if the settlement is in their client's favor. And there was no question as to what happened. Would have been the most open/shut case in our town's history. It would have been extremely likely that the lawsuit would have been won. The threat of a "Nursing Home" was brought on by the fact that our "Housekeeper," so called, quit a few weeks ago. Believing that we were "unfit to take care of" my Grandmother, her children started making preparations to move her into a Nursing Home, despite her protests and our trying to find a way to make it unnecessary. Finally, I reached my breaking point. My uncle (the same one from earlier) came over, peeked into our room and our son's room and casually commented that if any of my Grandmother's caretakers were to look into our rooms they would probably call CPS and get our son taken away. Our room was a disaster, and Jamie's room, which he is hardly in except to sleep, had several boxes on the far side of the room, lining the wall but not making an immediate obstruction in the room nor being close enough to the crib that they would fall on him should they become unstable. So the next day I called into work. I took my pain medication that the doctor prescribed, popped in my headphones, turned on Spotify to a Metal playlist... and cleaned the living crap out of our house. Top to bottom. The cleanest it has been in five years. Boxes were unpacked and stored away, since we have no room for their contents. Our room was cleaned and organized, and Jamie's was free of any boxes whatsoever. After I finished with everything, and sat down for a few minutes, I told my Grandmother to call my Uncle and make up some reason for him to need to come over. She obliged, and when he arrived, I walked him through the house, growing increasingly volatile with him as I did, and showed him the extent to which I had cleaned everything. Afterwards, I cornered him in Jamie's room, and told him to pass a message on to his brothers and sisters. If he wanted to talk trash about me, that's fine. If he wanted to talk trash about my wife, expect me to cuss him out. But if he or any of them did or said anything that caused me to lose my son, there was not a place on God's green Earth that they could hide to be safe from me. If they were going to make me live without my son, then I was going to make sure that none of them were living afterwards to regret that mistake. And after that, things have been better. No one talks ###### anymore. When the Aunts and Uncles tried to put Nanny in a Nursing home, I came up with a plan with my Mom to make sure she is taken care of on a day-to-day basis... which completely removed the need for her to go to a nursing home. Despite the fact that the two who were pushing for it the hardest did not relent, because "The Doctor had said that she needed to go to the home," I told them that it was taken care of, so the only reason that they would want to put her into a nursing home now was if they stood to benefit from it somehow. And if the doctor was going to be the problem, we would find her another one. They stormed off, defeated. I'm pretty sure if things take a turn for the worst as far as Grandma's health goes, we will still get kicked out but we do have a contingency plan in place now. But regardless of how things go... I don't really consider my family "family" anymore. The tl;dr version: My "family" sucks. So they aren't my family anymore. On the plus side, my job has been going very well. This is the best job I've ever had... and the only downside to it is that the guy who trained me, the only Full-Time Associate in our department, is moving probably at the end of the month. Me and him see eye-to-eye on lots of things, and have had various discussions on anime, comic books, the Pokemon franchise, and even Power Rangers. He's a pretty bad-###### dude and hate to see him go, but... on the plus side, I'm probably going to be the one to get his position. YAY MO' MONEY. And finally, before I end this long, drawn out post... here's my son. He'll be 8 Months Old on the 18.
  22. (( Sorry for long wait. I've had some stuff going on offline, but I'm good and able to commit now. Long story short, I hate my family. Not my wife and not my mother or grandmother, but my aunts and uncles? Wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire right now. Also, hours have picked up at work. I may be going full-time soon. If that happens, will have to adjust to schedule and work online interaction into it. No idea how long it will take. Will keep you both posted.)) BlackGabumon was well on his way to escaping his pursuers... however, as he darted behind a tree, picking up the pace, a single sentence made his ears perk a bit. "I didn't think great mons ran from an altercation." He skidded to a halt, pausing a moment on the path. He gritted his teeth, fists tightening. Who would dare say something like that? He was trying desperately to calm himself, but to no avail. His pride... his temper got the better of him. He turned on his heels, to face whatever was chasing him. "Who dares insult the great Plutomon with such nonsense?!" he demanded, puffing out his chest and folding his arms across it. His rounded pupils were tiny black slits, and a single vein was visible on his neck, throbbing with the fire that seemed to pump through it and the rest of the vein and blood-vessel like network that ran beneath his skin.
  23. What are you playing?

    Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. Gave up looking for my copy of OR and finally just bit the bullet and bought a used copy of AS. And you know what? The last person to have it had LOTS of good Pokemon that I traded into my box in Y. Particularly starters from earlier generations (the Unova trio, and some of the Sinnoh trio too), a Deoxys, Latios AND Latias. If only they had made the trip to Sea Mauville. LUGIA. I'm on the third badge, delivering Devon Parts. I've played through most of this already, so I'm mainly skipping through the story, and level grinding my team like hell. So far, my team is as follows... and they are all named for Musical Genres or something to do with Music. KADABRA - LV18 - M "Techno" / Synchronize / Relaxed -Confusion -Teleport -Disable - NOTES: I just caught Techno not long ago. Been taking advantage of Trainers wanting to rematch with me, and using them as Grinding Fodder to level him. Aiming for Alakazam, with Alakazamite. I had Gengar (named Boo!) in my playthrough of X. I figured I'd go with his opposite from the original Gen (I always imagined a rivalry between Abra's line and Gastly's, that was not helped by the Sabrina and Lavender Town ark in anime and The Electric Tale of Pikachu Manga). KIRLIA - LV20 - M "Pop" / Synchronize / Hasty -Disarming Voice -Confusion -Magical Leaf -Teleport NOTES: I had intended to go for Gallade with Pop... but I think ultimately I'll be replacing him with something else later. I have two Psychic types now with Techno, and I've never really liked having multiple Pokemon on my teams with the same types. I'll probably still evolve it into Gallade and even get his Megastone, just for the sake of having it, but... I see lots of Box in Pop's future. SHEDINJA - LV20 - ? "Soul" / Wonder Guard / Adamant -Cut -Mud-Slap -Leech Life -False Swipe NOTES: I honestly did not know the method of obtaining Shedinja until this game. Nincada never did appeal to me before, and his Evolutions did, but not enough for me to capture him. But I'm trying some new stuff in AS, so once I found that Shedinja appears in your party if you have extra space and a spare Pokeball, I figured I'd give it a go, if nothing more than getting its Dex Entry. And you know what? I like the hell out of Soul. I wouldn't take him online or anything but he was instrumental in taking down Brawly. Nothing could touch him thanks to Wonder Guard. His HP Stat makes me cringe but all-in-all, I dig Soul. I just need to get him a better move set. NINJASK - LV20 - M "Rhythm" / Speed Boost / Adamant -Cut -Double Team -Fury Cutter -False Swipe NOTES: I was not sure about Rhythm when I first decided to catch, raise and evolve a Nincada to get both Ninjask and Shedinja. Nincada's growth rate was horrible, taking an obscene amount of time to level him high enough to Evolve. I have a feeling this will be the case with Ninjask too. Despite that, I plan on keeping Rhythm on until he gives me a reason not to. Right now, he is instrumental in me filling up my boxes and Dex thanks to his move pool. Speed Boost and Double Team make him one of the fastest, and evasive Pokemon on my current team, as well. Once again, just need to get him a better move set. Funny how the two Pokemon that originated from Nincada both have the same probs. MIGHTYENA - LV20 - M "Punk" / Intimidate / Brave -Fire Fang -Howl -Snarl -Bite NOTES: The first use of the DexNav (the Poochyena with Fire Fang that you encounter when May is trying to show you how to creep up). Punk is just a place filler... I'm waiting it out for a Houndour to replace him, so that I have Fire and Dark type coverage. And the possibility of Mega Evolution is certainly a plus, even if I hear bad things about M-Houndoom. For now, he was that Pokemon I "caught and raised to fill the Dex, and am keeping around til something better comes along." Sorry, Punk... but like your namesake, you are being replaced by something I am planning to call "Metal." *Metal horns* MARSHTOMP - LV20 - M "Blues" / Torrent / Careful -Bide -Growl -Water Gun -Mud Shot NOTES: I normally go with Treecko as my starter for the Hoenn games. I like its design (I like all Reptillian starter designs, except Snivy's later forms, honestly), and its Mega Evolution is awesome. But... I already chose Treecko for my playthrough of OR. I wanted to try something different with AS, and since I already have had both a Treecko and Torchic that were capable of Mega Evolution, the only logical step was to choose Mudkip. I don't really use him much, but his ungodly growth rate has him on level ground with the others. I need to get him some different moves in preparation for Swampert and M.Swampert... but all in due time. And before I go into Prospects for future team members... I'd like to point out that this team build is specifically for CLEARING THE MAIN STORY. I plan on building an entirely different Competitive Team at a later date. PROSPECTS: -A Houndour (naming it Metal). Once I find our Game case in our packed stuff, I plan on seeing if my wife can catch one on her copy of X, since I gave mine to her cousin when I got Y and Omega Ruby. I'll breed it from that one. I don't want anything that has a high growth rate because of it being traded over right now. -A Scyther (D.M., for "Death-Metal). I may get this specifically for Scizor and M.Scizor. This may or may not replace Ninjask. We'll see. -A Sable-Eye or a comparable Ghost-Type (named Dirge). I've always liked Sable-Eye's design... and ORAS introduced a Mega Form for it, though like M.Houndoom I've heard bad things about it. And I feel naked without a Ghost Type on my team. -A Cyndaquil (not sure what to name it). I heard that the Johto starters are offered after defeating the Elite 4. Definitely grabbing up my second favorite Johto-Starter and Fire-Type Starter. Typhlosion may replace whatever I have going on for Fire-Type coverage when I finally get it. -A Bagon (name still up in the air. Heh. Like Salamence). This team needs a Dragon-Type! Just sayin'! -A Beldum (naming it Dubstep). If I ever find my copy of OR, I may just breed one from my Shiny Metagross. I would love to play through with another badass Shiny M.Metagross on my team. Other than that, been playing Witcher III. Mostly just wandering around and getting experience by investigating undiscovered locations, as well as taking on hunts that I can actually survive at my current level. Its lots of fun and I enjoy the style of the gameplay, where the game encourages the use of strategy to slay contracted monsters, rather than "HIT IT TIL IT DIES" like so many other RPGs do. Also, Last of Us Remastered (PS4)... I got it as a downloadable when I got my PS4. Not having good internet at home (I'm tethering on my slowed 4G LTE via my Windows Phone), of course, makes it a pain to have games in this format. Especially since the game likes to allow you to play, even when it hasn't been downloaded entirely. I thought I had downloaded the entire game at a friends' house, but I had just downloaded the first chapter. > : ( I am seriously thinking of just buying the damned disk for the game instead. At least then I can play it through without having to wait for the next day off that I can visit friend, and leech off of his internet. I really like the game. The fact that I keep starting and stopping playing it? Not so much.
  24. Real World; Subway To say he was nervous was an understatement. Log and Violet stood a few inches from each other on the subway. And after what had happened, she was actually striking conversations with him. "So, what's your major?" she asked. "Huh?" he answered, dumbfounded. "I said, 'Major.' That thing that you are going to school for." Violet smiled a bit. "O-oh... right." he said, looking down at the floor. Get ahold of yourself, dammit! he screamed inwardly. "Computer Science... but I really am more interested in Mathematics." Violet gritted her teeth and winced at that ugly word at the end of his sentence. "Never been one for mathematics or numbers. I am pretty formidable when it comes to Literature, though." He felt a bit more at ease now. This wasn't an awkward conversation starter anymore... he could tread here without much fear. "I assume that's the field you are pursuing?" "Journalism, actually." she smiled. "I enjoy Classical Literature, though. I'm taking it on just for the fun of it." "I see..." he spoke, feeling an awkward silence beginning to creep in. Digital World; Evergreen Terminal BlackGabumon started forward at a fairly leisurely pace. He thought about starting to whistle, but he felt that such a cheesy stereotype would give him away. Instead, he decided it best to keep his eyes forward and his body language fairly neutral. Do not let his watchers know what was coming... until... Too late! His three-digit feet dug into the dirt, as he sprinted forward, the four-armed fur he bore flying behind him as he dashed. A few branches slapped, snagged and snapped against him as he charged, trying to put as much distance between himself and his pursuers... taking wild turns and zigging and zagging amongst the trees, in an attempt to lose them in the foliage... whoever they might be. Unknown Across time, across space... events had already began to play out. The clockwork watcher stared, arms folding behind his back as he gave a curt nod. The plight of the BlackGabumon, the two Digimon whom had pursued him following his exile... the trio of young adults who had all unknowingly united on the same Subway cart... everything was about to collide. The tools that they needed to survive were already on the way, crossing those barriers and shattering them one by one, bridging the invisible walls between these events, these very different worlds... ...and though the danger would be great, the reward would be greater, should they succeed in conquering the trial, fast approaching them.
  25. So... this. Let us discuss the Final Fantasys. Game series discussion only. What is your favorite game? Favorite character? Favorite boss? Least favorite whatever? DISCUSS! Favorite Game: A tie between VII and X. The ensemble of characters, the story and the gameplay are all phenomenal for these two entries into the series. VII's battle system is the only thing I like more. X's lack of a traditional Experience System kind of off-put me... not enough to have any impact on its playability. Just a pet-peeve. Favorite Character: Zack Fair (VII/Crisis Core VII). As much as I liked the characters from VII, Zack was a refreshing foil to Cloud, without Cloud Strife's emotional tendencies. His energy is something that kind of resonates with me, as well as his story. Favorite Summon: Bahamut (IX). I'm the traditional dragon fan-boy who likes Bahamut. But my favorite incarnation is IX's. I have no idea why... the design maybe. I like all the other designs too, but I guess IX was the first one that they tried to make the Summons (Eidolons in this one I think) more prominent in the story than they had been in previous entries (I know, they did it in VI too). And it was just... interesting having Bahamut being used by the enemy in IX, and eventually being given back to your party. Favorite Villain: Jecht. Jecht reminded me of my Dad... and he transformed throughout the course of the game as just Tidus's ######-bag Dad to being this... awesome, tragic hero that had sacrificed everything for someone he barely had known near the start of his story. Jecht was an awesome villain, even though he wasn't really a villain in the traditional sense. I definitely like him more than I did Seymour from X. Sephiroth was my second favorite. Only because of the fact that he was a villain in the utmost respect. All the other villains wanted something different, something derrived from greed. And then there's Sephiroth. "I hate everything, so everything needs to die. So now I'm going to cast a spell that will kill the planet." LEAST FAVORITE VILLAIN: Seymour. Seymour was annoying. Seymour was your classic, upper-crust ######-bag with a little power that thought he was something else. And he wasn't. At all. LEAST FAVORITE GAME: FINAL FANTASY XIII. I HATE THE BATTLE SYSTEM. I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT... ...but the story and characters are alright. EDIT: ...and my 100th post is about Final Fantasy. WIN.