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  1. congrats to @HummingGillz's sister! (time to disappear forever again)

    1. Shattered Rift

      Shattered Rift

      Whoohoo for Humming's sister~!

    2. Bed


      @HummingGillz's sister - you rock.

  2. :( ~~~RIP AIM~~~ :(

    1. Shattered Rift

      Shattered Rift

      *Moment of silence*

    2. InuyashaOhki


      Sad that it wasn't till I saw this announcement that I figured out why my 3rd party client for it wasn't working. Oh well. 

  3. New Prez

    People at the top *USED* to know that Climate Change was a major issue But then American kicked them out and replaced them with the party that thinks profits are a major issue and climate change gets in the way of that so...
  4. Yo Lixyl/Dyl/Other canadians any of you wanna marry me so I can get out of this country?

    1. Dyl


      I live in a pretty conservative area, but we could elope?

  5. Let's Remember Werewolf

    I don't think you were actually manipulating me. I never let it slip I was dreamer and then got you killed. Don't remember if your teammate (I think it was Buzz?) won that game or not.
  6. Let's Remember Werewolf

    I remember playing my first WW game on IDB. This friendly guy befriended me and we'd often talk about the game. I was the mystic. But I was smart enough to not trust him and dreamed him and found he was a werewolf and was able to get one of the other innocent people I had already cleared to take him out. Then in my next game I dreamed him first right away and turned out he wasn't a werewolf so I thought I could trust him but then he was the traitor so that didn't really work. That persons name? JOHN CENA
  7. Happy Canada Day Canadians. Thanks for being our hat! 

  8. /me presses the give clucky a banana button

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    2. Clucky


      Its not working =(

    3. Blacjak
    4. Shattered Rift

      Shattered Rift

      I had to disable it after the Mansion was flooded with bananas.

  9. Testiness of Testiness


  11. send me your SMM level codes 

    1. Dyl


      I would, but you've already played some of my levels, so should be able to find all of them.  But here's this in case you're lazy.
      My favourite level is Boolingham Manor, but it used the invisible block glitch (in a completely fair and ghost house-y way) and was removed.  I'll need to get around to fixing everything that change broke.

    2. Clucky
  12. c-c-c-c-combo breaker

  13. Still don't like how the shoutbox text entry thing expands when I try and type in it. Makes it feel non-shoutboxy =)

  14. so yeah colors in the shoutbox are broken also its annoying how the textbox expands whenever you go to use it to shout :(

  15. oh man its in the shoutbox space!!! 


    Share all your secrets now while no one will ever be able to read them!

    Bananas are awesome
  18. Where do these appear now?


    Bananas are gross
  20. new HS adventure coming out thursday. wut. figured we had at least another month...

  21. Splatoon Sunday @ 4 PT/7ET

  22. Ping one of us on skype if you want to get added to the call and hear us splatoon

    1. TheLastStarMaker


      I don't think I have any of you on skype? Fairly certain I'm TheLastStarMaker if anyone wants to add me.

  23. Sparkbomb Splatoon Splour tonight! 8 eastern / 5 pacific. come be a squid or a kid with Clucky and Dyl and Kirby!

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    2. Dyl


      If you were jelly you'd be a jellyfish.

    3. Lixyl


      I'll try to join in on skype

    4. TheLastStarMaker


      wait wat is dis ting u spak ov