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  1. Let's Remember Werewolf

    wow. i could go a long time on this. I learned mafia at friends houses getting together in high school. I was playing neopets when i went to IDB and i found the forums, and realized werewolf was like my favorite game on crack. I played a bunch there, moved to multiple other sites, eventually made it here. I have hosted/played over 100 games of werewolf in real life. not sure how many online. I have convinced people that there dream result on me was fake. I have won over 15 games online, and over 20 in person. I have lost/died more games on day 1 then anyone else I know. I have enjoyed this game for going on 10 years. And I have made a few friends or at least people i respect the hell out of along the way. my favorite hosted game was a LOTR my survivor game which focused on immunity idols. i enjoyed the forte/silver games i think they were on IDB the most. as well as neopetsmoms games everytime. I have rivals, people who hate me, and people who... maybe enjoy me? not sure if any of those are left. I remember all the notorious players and wonder If I am in that list. I remember all the laughs, all the lies, all the truths, all the begging, pleading, argueing, reasoning. this game has meant a lot to me. i appreciate all of you.
  2. Pokemon Go

    huh. i got super effectives the whole time i used psychic against water. but maybe it was one of the abilities was... different. i will have to investigate. magikarps are so fun. i wish i could get... 300 of them... lol i am having problems with the experience cap. how are you guys doing? do you just not dwell on it? if you see enough pokemon your just able to find big cp ones?
  3. Pokemon Go

    i got 35k experience in a half hour just now. screenshots if needed lucky egg farming op. But as i hit level 20 here. theres just a lot of factors that are daunting, the experience needed to hit 40 the cap right now would be like me playing at this rate for the next 2 years... I think they left the game kind of open ended and steep exp climb for this reason tho. they want a lot of people to hit a cap. and only a few crazy players to really seperate. but what i like about that is it allows them to add... pvp fighting downline that has real potential to get exp... i take down gyms for fun. but im in too competitive of an urban area to keep them for long. i try to get 2 then cash. if i drove around i guess i could probably get 5. it doesnt take me long to take a gym. my wife is a level behind me and me and her can take anything basically now. and we have went up to groups of 4 to take things faster and get them higher level as well. I think the biggest thing about the game right now for me is just i play it in the wee hours of the morning that no one else does. only time i could because of my work schedule. helps me, but it does change the pool of pokemon i see consistently. I also have a pokestop next to my house so i spin a lot and thats useful. Im going to taper off playing it within the next few weeks. but ive really enjoyed it. I am a bit dissapointed by how useless gyms are at the moment. its basically like, take it put enough in it that people will have to glitch to much / not worth the hassle of trying to take it. And honestly me and 3 people can take down ANY gym. any. just give me enough time. AND... seriously. i can just play the rock paper scissors game. you have a water pokemon? with water abilities? i just use psychic. You have a fire, then a water then a water? i put in a water pokemon first, then i put in psychics for the next 4... make sure i just set my lineup to be the counter of your lineup. took a 1276, a 1400, and then a 1820 fire, water, water. down only using 4 pokemon all under 1200 because i used counters. And say you get that nice stacked gym. cuz i play at night lower server usage less glitching... me and my wife and a friend can take a lvl 9 gym. sure at first we only get to... the 7-8th guy. but after 4 times we can easily make it to the final guy. and 5-6 times were beating it everytime and it only takes like 9 times with 3 people attacking to take... Defense has literally no counterplay at the moment other then glitchy servers. the games fun tho. i hate walking and it has made me exercise way more then ive ever "wanted" too. ive walked around 42kms in the two weeks its been out. and not in many nights of playing either. prob 8. so... lots of long walks.
  4. Pokemon Go

    That was the tip I was referring too. Cool just wanted to make sure people were up to date on it. 33.3km walked. 576 pokestops. 514 Pokemon. Lvl 18. Max is 1202. I've enjoyed the game. Wish I could play more of it without my battery draining. I turned the aq off. I turn the brightness down. Ive seen 63 caught 60. What's your guys biggest catch so far?
  5. Pokemon Go

    TL 18, Pokemon 57/60. Caught 507. Where do I find traveled? Or gyms and stops? Biggest is only 1100. Does everyone know about the eevee evolution trick to get what you want of the three, one time only? I like it. I can barely play. If I didn't have a pokestops next to my house or the urban area I live in. I would barely be level 8 prob. I have only committed like 6 trips of walking around. And worked a ton the last few weeks.
  6. um, hi

    hey linyah. nice to see ya again.
  7. Anyone remember digitaldevotion101 from the old days?

    i remember you. ello again. EDIT: er you were on idb right? because ive seen that sig, but i wasnt on this site 6 years ago.
  8. good lord my notifications do not work -.- 

    1. Shattered Rift
    2. Ekul


      i set it up to bother me about basically everything. that way i know when a game starts or i get a pm. 

      It turns out i just had it wrong in my settings. had a box unchecked i needed checked. 

  9. Duowolf signups (Name subject to change)

    No bias. Ha! Ha! I will play. Solo please, no point getting someone else killed day one
  10. my apologies. got stuck in a snowstorm and had to stay at work for my night shift, the next all day, the next night shift. then on the way home in a blizzard i watched a semi jack knife in front of me on black ice and i broke a brake pad slamming the brakes so hard. Im just enjoying a nice drink and then bed. for a very long time.
  11. I've got a golden tickkkkkkettttttttt. Beam (sign) me up Scotty.
  12. Werewolf - Level Up 3.0! Sign Ups/Graveyard

    Ahem. And I quote. "a Thaumaturge, - a magician, a miricale worker, my opinion probably our rezzer if we have one. could be an evil team where he has a convert, can also rezz people and have a cult team possibly. just throwing that out there." I was wrong kinda. As his role was innocent. But he was the rezzer and there was that concept elsewhere in the game. Nailed ittttt. Good game synical. Always fun watching you work your magic at the end of games.
  13. Werewolf - Level Up 3.0! Sign Ups/Graveyard

    Dying so soon? Shocking In my opinion anyone voting for me was just preaching the day 1 or at least early on day 1-2 execution s I prefer. So I'd look to people who had horrible votes day 1-2. Not 5 votes on a obnoxious player that is a easy vote earlyon.
  14. Werewolf - Level Up 3.0! - Game Thread

    I like how the new person picked up on a grudge. It's not really that. But good idea. @Silver don't worry. I often play like a jerk. So I'm an easy vote from past games. This kills me, so good luck innocents. Ty as always npm. Love your games.