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  1. How do you like your pizza?

    That's the problem. Only half of them
  2. How do you like your pizza?

    There is Pizza Hut, Domino's Pizza and Papa John's franchises here in Mexico. Given that they're franchises, they aren't the same as their United States counterparts. Heck, even the websites are quite different.
  3. How do you like your pizza?

    Dudes, that sounds so gourmet that I don't think that I'll find places that offer those options here in Mexico.
  4. Werewolf R&R

    It is a darned shame I'm not evil! This is the downside of no PI games: not everyone has a list to send. Oh well, it was a good ride.
  5. Werewolf R&R

    So, this will be another chance to prove my claim? Vote: Red Go ahead, make it a tie!
  6. Werewolf R&R

    Now we are all a silent group. That's a new idea for a Werewolf game! If you post you're dead! Lately Steev and Red seems most uncooperative with the rest of the players, yesterday several people did vote for Red. Given such circumstances I'll just Vote: Red. Maybe we could see a tie so this mayor person can prove themselves to the rest.
  7. Werewolf R&R

    Dang timezones that are early compared to mine!
  8. Werewolf R&R

    I tried to approach Red a couple of days before, he got quite defensive and severed all communications with me. Vote: Red
  9. Werewolf R&R

    Half our players aren't that vocal on thread (Red, Killer, Nell and me, for example), so it gets quite hard to qualitatively identify how dangerous we are. I've talked to few people but I can't follow the "you show yours, I show mine" mechanic quite well given how my role works in this game.
  10. Werewolf R&R

    I concur with NPM. Celariel is trying to lay low because she isn't an expert liar. Vote: Cel If she's innocent, we'll see what Blac can do, too.
  11. Werewolf R&R

    I second Killer on that. Looks more like a protection role rather than an interruption. If Clucky could target himself the lock started at night's end, as previously stated.
  12. Werewolf R&R

    Blac, if it's true that you can't be executed, why are you being insistent in not losing time? You claim you're a neutral, neutrals do not care about anything! Vote: Blac
  13. Werewolf R&R

    Seems like we aren't able to read our rolesheets correctly. By what you're describing Blac, sounds like a neutral/OMT-ish kind of role to have such sweet perks.
  14. Werewolf R&R

    Indeed, that mechanic would break the game; too hard to make proper balance if there are dreamers/vigilantes and whatnot. Vote: Nobody At least we should try to say "hi" to our neighbors before killing them.
  15. Mah boi (girl), this peace is what warriors strive for! And I thought that wasn't a very old meme.