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    Following Rift anywhere he goes. Consider me his Celestial pet.
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    Hi hi! So you wanna know. About the woman behind Thedreamcard huh? I'd be happy. To fill you in.

    My real name is Whitney, I've been around for years. I came from Neopets when I first met the gang. I love Digimon,Pokemon,Sailor moon,Yu-Gi-Oh, Ah my goddess, Inuyasha, a ton of books that would take months to list.

    I love role playing and writing in general so don't be shy to ask what I role play. I have way too much time on my hands and I never log out. My friends here are my family and I consider myself to be the big sister of the group.

    Ha, I rambled on again but anyways I hope to get to know everyone here.

    Take care out there!

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  1. I kind of want to start a role play on here but what???

    1. Celairiel


      What do you like? I like books. I'd join one based on something I've read.

    2. thedreamcard


      Oh yeah I'm a huge nerd when it comes to fandom so like HP, Lord of the rings, anything by Jane Austin. I have more but they are escaping me right now.

    3. Celairiel


      I'd guess you'll have better luck after the holidays. But LotR sounds fun to me. :)

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