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  1. Oh my god, I am alive!!!

    1. Shattered Rift

      Shattered Rift

      Dreamer's alive! How have you been?

  2. Hoping to make a role play soon.

  3. Howl on the Ranch [Gamethread]

    Um what? How is barely posting making me a suspect? I have been sick due to a stomach virus and just where did that thought of almost silence become shady? I'll vote later when I'm feeling better but Wee next time get the facts before you cast doubt on a person. Also we have barely heard from you as well.
  4. Howl on the Ranch [Gamethread]

    Vote:Cel. Hi guys, I'm not staying long so I'm just voting.
  5. The Future of Sparkbomb (2015 Edition)

    Cel, may I call you that? I love that idea! I want to continue my hobby of writing and this would help a lot. Any role play in general may help. Maybe writing and art contests can be made so we can reward the community.
  6. Howl on the Ranch [Gamethread]

    Seeing as I missed things due to being sick it seems to me that there is proof that at least two of us are evil now, I will go with what I had planned on doing before. Vote: Spree
  7. The Future of Sparkbomb (2015 Edition)

    I am more than willing to help out and go beyond my usual check in, post and stay logged in schedule. I can come up with ideas with you. I have a lot of time on my hands. Plus, i don't want the site to die, you guys have become my family and each of you help in some way for me to get over my social anxiety and my once low self esteem due to my Aspergers. I can see us doing more Werewolf role plays, keep it balanced for everyone and keep this a friendly and welcoming place.
  8. Howl on the Ranch [Gamethread]

    There is always that theory. Maybe Wolf is bad or a red herring got to wait see I guess.
  9. Howl on the Ranch [Gamethread]

    Vote: wolf I agree with this.
  10. Howl on the Ranch [Gamethread]

    I say we take shifts on patrolling and sleeping. The elder ones can lead us.
  11. Splatoon

    I have heard it is a great game from my online friends but I haven't tried it yet. I may one day.
  12. Howl on the Ranch

    Hehe, well at least they don't eat us.
  13. Howl on the Ranch

    I'm so in!!!!! Oh Thedreamcard says meow!!!!
  14. I kind of want to start a role play on here but what???

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    2. thedreamcard


      Yes!!!!! Do you like having OCs in roleplays? I will look into it after the holidays.

    3. Celairiel


      I... have hardly ever role played. What's OCs? Other characters? We could just play /in/ Middle Earth. :D

    4. thedreamcard


      Original characters that people in the fandom have made. That's ok, I love role playing with people no matter their skills. Yes, that works! :D

  15. What are you playing?

    Tapped out is easily one of my go tos when I need a break from reality. I do play the Family Guy app but I prefer Tapped Out. I need a Wii U before I can play those awesome games. Dragon Quest is another reason I took up gaming as a hobby. Though I will admit I know less about it than I should. I know I want another RPG game like Pokemon Dungeon, I love the series way too much. I want to picked up my Digimon World Dusk and Dawn but I misplaced them during my move. My youngest sister has our Wii so I can't play any of my faves and I am becoming addicted to Fall out four and I blame it on my boyfriend since he plays it all the time.
  16. Bored bored bored. Anyone wanna roleplay? Hit me up via pm!

  17. Huh I wanna role play so badly. <3

  18. What are you playing?

    Oh I forgot to include The Walking Dead to my list. Let's see, I went back to Pokemon Black 2 for awhile to finish somethings up. I am still playing Pokemon Conquest on my down time and The Sims 4when I can since I don't have a computer at my new place. If watching counts as playing: My boyfriend of a year is playing Fall out Four and Dark Souls 2.
  19. What are you playing?

    Hi hi, so I got caught up in Alpha Sapphire again due to the fact I want a completed national dex for once in my life. Yeah that sounds lame but before I didn't really care about completing a dex until they made Alpha Sappire. Hoenn is my second favorite region behind Kanto and I love the starters and their evolutions so I gotta catch them all.
  20. Wow, I need to remember to come back everyday now that I'm in my new place.

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    2. thedreamcard


      I have been great, Rift. I missed you! I was moving so much that I got stressed out and only checked up on everyone on face book. But I am settled in now. How are you?

    3. Shattered Rift

      Shattered Rift

      I'm doing well! Been teaching dance, which has kept me pretty busy. What have you been up to?

    4. thedreamcard


      I am happy to hear that!!!! Oh teaching dance sounds like fun thing to do. I have been looking into hobbies that I can do during the winter and trying to get back into writing fan fictions.

  21. The People Thread v.3

    Hehe, I'll need to find one I really like of myself.