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  1. I'm sorry guys. Zil poked me this morning. I was sick last week, then I was feeling better when the game started, but I woke up Wednesday twice as sick as before. I've basically been working and sleeping. Traj, I'm especially sorry for breaking your game. I know that was on me. by the time I remembered the game it was already late on day two, and I couldn't think of any way to fix things. I'm very sorry.
  2. Here, and I'm good with either extended day or end day early.
  3. Now that we're past the busy weekend, I'm more able to play, especially a more basic game. I am likely to sit out more complicated games at least until the turn of the year. If you go basic, add me in.
  4. 24 hours of protection, 24 additional hours before night would hit and we could kill them. Regarding finding Bed: we had to attack him to convert him. So I don't know how quickly that would reasonably have happened. Bed was also our heir. If he were found and then Rex had died, he would have become spokes for the team. As it was, Rex died last so it never shifted spokes.
  5. The reason for the double claim was as Blac said - we were gambling on there not being a dreamer. With the rez protection we hoped that a dreamer wouldn't be included as a balance. However, Rock claimed and screwed that up. Zodiac - I have a couple of replies for you specifically. First, regarding your suggestion for a mass claim to Smile. That was a fear, but I at least hoped that because she's newer, she wouldn't have enough of a network to have people start the ball rolling. When weee called for a claim, it was a lot more dangerous. If I were innocent, I would claim to weee in this situation every time. We always chat during a game and my not full claiming once she was cleared would have immediately marked me as a baddie. Because of this, I at least was forced to claim to her, even if no one else had. And she had enough influence to probably have the same said with a few other players - thereby sealing the game for the innocents. Regarding the vote on you - you saw me defend you on thread. The initial bandwagon was on flimsy reasoning. But your choice to rob a known traitor with no known power in an open set up game was what changed that. With that claim, you locked the vote on you because it frankly didn't make sense. Smile was right to share that, and it made the baddies very happy that you did something so confusing because we knew there would be a lot less discussion of who had voted you because it honestly made decent sense. I don't know why Rex jumped on you before that. He was certain you were the sociopath, but I don't see that the evidence was all that strong until your claim. At that point, I agreed with him that you probably were evil. I think if rez protection had been 24, not 48 hours, the game would have been balanced decently, since processing order did work in our favor in most cases. Fun game, Inu! Thanks!
  6. I'll join that, Ash. Vote: NPM
  7. As I'd said, Smile was chatting with me and she and I discussed Zodiac's graverobber claim. This was the point at which I unvoted, then took a break to think through all possible reasons he would have for doing that. So now I'm back to Vote Zodiac.
  8. @Rexozord - you asked for my thoughts on the validity of the evidence. Zil made the initial vote based on the idea that those who didn't vote may have not sent lists. One was confirmed innocent via death. One voted for me (I know I'm innocent, but it's not proven) and one voted for weee (who is now confirmed innocent but wasn't at the time of voting). Therefore she suspected the person who voted for weee. That, in and of itself, isn't all that strong. I don't think it's weak enough to be bothered by this initial vote though. I agree that there are questions to be asked and attention needs to be drawn to the correlation of low activity and now knife kill. However, it's not worth joining when a sudden bandwagon builds. A vote or two, then wait for a reply from Zodiac to try to get information. That's why I voted Exiled. Blac was going with what was not great proof, but a direction to look and a vote to join. By the time Exiled voted, it looked a whole heck of a lot more like a bandwagon. I don't know Exiled's playstyle well, so I will defer to your read on that if you believe he seems more innocent, but my gut feeling is that he looks like he's trying ride a wagon without having to explain himself. However, a lot of discussion has since happened, and Zodiac's defense has seemed much weaker than I think it could have been. He's coming across as far more desperate than an innocent would need to be. Unless he has a role that is dangerous to reveal publicly, I think he should have role-claimed by now. I know he says he's claimed to Smile. I'm in touch with her at the moment. As things develop I may be persuaded to join the popular vote at the moment. Unvote: Exiled
  9. Regarding this bandwagon, I agree with Zodiac and Lion. The evidence isn't all that strong. However, Zil made it clear that she just found him the most suspicious of the options at the moment. She posted this before a ton of discussion was going, and it has certainly got people talking. I think her vote was made in good effort and that she will see the logic behind it is flawed and will change it. Blac and Exiled concern me more. Both of them jumped on a weak vote that the voter was open to changing. Between the two I am more concerned about Exiled. Isn't it a tendency that third on a bandwagon is evil? Plus, I know Blac has been working a wonky schedule - see his last game as evidence - that probably makes his researching into the validity of arguments a little more difficult. Therefore: Vote Exiled @InuyashaOhki ETA=Edit To Add
  10. I didn't want to vote Bed unless it was to save myself, since I think he was genuinely confused. I'm not going to defend him more than that, though, because the argument against me was frankly silly. Indeed, now that I'm not tied for execution, I am going to go with my first instinct and make a counter-vote based on the weakness of the argument against me. Vote Traj I think your reasoning was weak, and not just because it's against me, but because I do not think it is in baddie's best interests to kill their friends early. They cut off all lines of communication by doing so and make the game more difficult.
  11. Ash, Smile, who died last night, is my roommate's sister. So she's my friend. That's who they're talking about. Not everything is about you. And I totally wouldn't have killed you. I would much rather manipulate you!
  12. I'll put it down to weee knowing me better than either Traj or NPM, but the hypothetical situation you are using is not something I would be inclined to do. If I were evil, and knew Smile's role, I wouldn't kill her immediately. I would naturally try to manipulate her. I would only kill her when it became dangerous. If I were evil and didn't know her role, I wouldn't include her in a "random-low-profile-player" list because, as a friend, she would form part of my innocent network. I rarely if ever kill my friends early when I'm evil. In fact, I was a bit miffed she got killed off night one since this is her first standard game with PMs and I was looking forward to playing with her. But we hadn't talked since she signed up because of IRL obligations on my end, and jet lag on hers. *crossed with Rex - your meta reason is pretty much exactly accurate, as I explained above. Regarding Bed, I don't think he was being intentionally confusing. I was a bit puzzled by the names and roles as well. However, I need to save myself potentially. Inu, I'm not seeing in the rules, is execution my majority or plurality? And what happens in the case of a tie? Thanks!
  13. Bed, based on this comment to weee and the following clarification, I believe that none of us have the name of the roles listed at the beginning. I think we have those powers, but our own names. in the death scene, Smile was only given her own name. She wasn't called Godfather.
  14. The open set up with 20 detailed role descriptions but only 15 players is actually rather interesting. I like the depth you took those to, Inu. Plus they're entertaining. Reading over the descriptions I've had a couple of thoughts. First, I didn't notice a clear neutral-type role. There's obviously a traitor, OMT (one man team), and three wolves for potential non-innocent roles. But everyone else is on the side of the town, from my reading. Does anyone else have a different take on that? Second, I'm curious which, if not all, of these have been put into play. I would think that having all five active would be a bit heavy on the balance, but not out of the realm of possibility. As per usual, until further information is available and we can discuss anything more than set-up, I shall Vote: nobody.
  15. Sarcasm?! A sure sign of evilness. Vote: Phoenix / Unvote: Phoenix Inu, clarification questoins: 11pm Central, correct? Or are you on the east coast? I know you mentioned in sign-ups, but I'm on my phone and too lazy to wait for the thead change to load. May we vote for that Nobody Mouse that was hiding at the back of the bus?