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  1. Werepodcast

    https://www.stufftoblowyourmind.com/podcasts/a-game-of-werewolf.htm This came up in my podcast player today and it made me realize I hadn't been on SB in ages! It's been a really interesting listen and makes heavy reference to a Wired article Rift shared with me when I first got into SB. I thought the discussion of AI lie detection and fabrication was quite interesting, especially in the context of such a stripped-down environment as a werewolf game. In the podcast, one of the hosts talks about when he hosts IRL Werewolf, he has each player choose a RP character and use that throughout. It made me think of a "build your own character" game. I'm not entirely sure if it would self-balance or not. But my thought was that each person who signs up gets the same initial PM. They get to choose a set number of elements from a predetermined list that will indicate their powers and abilities and craft a character name and concept around this. For example "Choose 1 nightly ability from the following list. Choose 2 single use abilities." After this is completed (probably a 24 hour period or a weekend), I then roll for wolves vs. innocents.
  2. Werepodcast

    I thought about that. I would probably say they have to choose one out of each category, and then make the categories so that one player couldn't load up on a single type. And possibly a lottery system of who gets first pick on any given ability. Then each ability can only be given to x many players.
  3. Franc, I was positive you suspected me. I have no idea why you believed me. When you claimed the support, my utter shock was totally genuine. I spent the day you were asking for support trying to find any way to avoid the conversation. It was actually one of the easier days for me to participate, IRL, but I just acted like it was a normal day. And at one point, I also wondered about the "not exactly baddies" idea, even though my role PM said "baddie HQ." The set up would have allowed for a really effective subversion of the standard town vs wolf concept.
  4. I'm bummed at the lack of fanfare, but pleased at the result. Great game, Rex and Blac. I loved the tournament style. I think if we gave this set-up another run, players would play strategically earlier. I was able to interact with enough players to realize that there was a lack of understanding how to utilize the set-up. It's different enough from execution-style werewolf, that I think we would all have played a little differently. For example, I'm surprised that we only had a single player volunteering to fight. It really shouldn't have been looked on with such suspicion. Players like myself with strong support powers, but weak battle power should have tried to get into the ring early in order to avoid having to go up against a strong champ later in the game. I also think that if we had fully strategized, more players would have stayed engaged after defeat. The support concept was a great way to do that, but the set-up was unfamiliar enough to limit confidence in where to throw support and just how it worked.
  5. Sinical, I'm really sorry for your loss. I hope you are doing OK. Posting for the sake of posting, because, as Rox clearly feels, there isn't much to say at this point. We just need to make our best effort to win the finals. (Since, from what I can tell, me and Rox are equally beneficial winners).
  6. I... I really appreciate that support. I don't know who offered it. Thank you.
  7. That's because I'm gonna die... Seriously, I'm very low powered in battle. Eta: oh hey, I actually am getting some time for a real lunch break. That's cool. More so vote rift so I don't get in trouble for not voting.
  8. Doctor 1 says "more tests" so those are lining up. Doctor 2 says "nothing is obviously wrong, come back if it doesn't feel better in a month. Try different toothpaste." Doctor 3 says "more images" and I'm now lining those up as well. In other words, the answer to your question is pending medical review. And I'm tired. Thanks for asking!
  9. Ok. That's a fair point. Thank you for saying something on which I could reasonably make judgement. Unvote Rox - Vote Fox for basically the same reasons as my initial vote. For the record, I'm not very powerful in the arena. I'm probably not who you want up against a serial winner if your goal is to take him out. If it's to polish off another player, ok. But I really am going to lose. Probably against anybody, as I've been AWOL and not really built connections to ask for support.
  10. The conversation is so minimal that 3 doctors appointments haven't set me back even a bit. Vote: Rox Because there really is no reason for one over another of the possible options. May change if any conversation happens before I leave to TKD.
  11. I am unlikely to be able to get on much tomorrow. I'm going to Vote Roxeon as a placeholder. However, I'm thinking on the Red question still. I'll try to get on while at work, but if I don't manage it I won't be back until after cutoff.
  12. Your last line is more what I mean by "how" to take him out. We should be pairing his battle strategically, not just throwing him into the arena with anyone else we feel like. If you aren't strong enough to feel confident in winning, we shouldn't sacrifice you to him, unless we think you are also suspicious. In general, I think we need to be more strategic in our combatant picking. I'm going to leave my vote on you for now, since your opponent has switched and I honestly don't have enough information or time before cut off to recommend a different pairing.
  13. That's rather important. It also is a good thing to be aware that conserving FS in order to win a tie is not a Are we sure his "benefit" or "power" is something that needs to be worn down? He's reading more like a Jester to me, seeking loss and/or death. Which would indicate that we shouldn't be sticking him in the arena when he so clearly wants it. I know the "execution method" as it were invalidates some traditional thinking about the game. But I still don't know that we should be giving a suspicious person exactly what they want... I will continue to think on this. The game is rather two layered: who are the team(s) we need to take out? And how to/who can take them out? While Red may need to be taken out, what is the best way to do that? Did overstate or understate your power? If you are willing to share that much detail. I understand if you aren't, but I think there are different conclusions dependent on which one you did. If you understated your power (said you were weaker than you actually were) then he may have boosted his own power in order to try to take you out. This caused the tie. If you overstated your power (said you were stronger than you actually were) then it's more likely that both of you were matched just to start, since he would have tried to bulk up to match/beat your stated power level. I'm assuming you understated, since overstating doesn't benefit you, but I'd love confirmation. By understating, you still may have initially been matched, and he just felt no need to augment his power level because he assumed he would beat you without it. But it makes him adding to his own power level a more likely possibility. And frankly, none of this should surprise us. Who wouldn't boost their power if they had an option to if they were in the arena? The goal of all players is to either win or have a teammate win. Therefore, losing in the arena is against your team's best interests.
  14. Sorry guys. I got home from work feeling super sick. I'm awake now and catching up on thread briefly. ETA: I read the results. I'm staring at them and trying to conclude things logically. It's not going well. I'll have to wait for sleep and thoughts from others to give me a framework. In order to avoid missing my vote tomorrow (honestly I did not calculate the time difference correctly, and it's really a tough time for me on days when I'm healthy, forget about sick) I'm going to vote someone who I haven't voted for before. Hopefully I'll be on to update it tomorrow, because if I'm not, it's because I'm sicker than today and I don't like that. Vote Franc I will now stop whining and go to bed. Night all!
  15. No vote formal vote count, so I think I'm just evening things up with this. Partly my above reasoning, and partly because - of the currently voted combatants - two have said almost nothing about their current actions. I'm giving Zil a pass for this round only because this game is suffering a shortage of women. And at this point, there's basically nothing else that differentiates her and Zodiac. Vote Zodiac
  16. I'm not totally sure I agree. If I understand the rules, their Spirit is decreased, not their Power. So, especially if they have teammates who were active, they may not be impacted. Spirit only limits their extra power use. And I'm assuming baddies would have teammates who would be able to use support powers to offset any Spirit loss of the person who didn't vote. I think the voting of people who are already in the running is a much better self-preservation vote. It limits my chances of ending up as one of the Fighters. Until I've seen a fight, I don't really want to end up there. I'm going to watch a show with my sister, then come back and see how the votes stand. I will place a vote at that time based on my above reasoning.
  17. My new roommate moves in tonight, so I'm unlikely to get on again before voting ends. Since the current votes mean anyone who gets a single vote could be chosen, I will vote on someone currently on the list. Voting Red won't really change the current standings - it would keep it random for the second person, and therefore anyone else with a single vote as well. And between Sinical and Franc... there's really nothing in thread against anyone yet... Well, Sinical seems to want to duke it out with Red. I might as well increase his chances of it. Avenge the orphans!!! Vote: Sinical
  18. Randomized second combatant would be my guess. But it's a very good point to confirm. I've been out of werewolf for nearly a year. That combined with the unique elimination method here means that I'm double checking everything. Also, starting with set-up analysis. Because of this, I think it may be unlikely for there to be an OMT. I feel like, in this game, it would be an even greater disadvantage than normal to be solo. Instead, I expect to see a neutral as was popular last summer (not sure if they still are). On the baddie team, I don't remember the proportions to expect in a game this small. Will we be looking for 3 in coordination or 2? Since we don't have a direct elimination option. Either way, the obvious best situation for us is to have 2 baddies in the arena fighting each other.
  19. Haven't read anything yet. Just checking in and confirming I received my role PM. ETA: read the rules/thread. Love the set-up. One question: what distinguishes Non-combatants from Dead? Please clarify what capability differences these two have. Thanks Blac!