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  1. (It's okay, don't worry about it! Let me know when you want the online interaction thing to happen and I'll set it up!) Sistermon had to dig into the dirt with the back of her heels with all the strength she could suddenly muster when BlackGabumon abruptly stopped. She managed to stop a small distance away from him, but just barely. If she hadn't been paying attention while she and Ryudamon were chasing him, she might have collided into BlackGabumon instead. Panting heavily, she frowned and placed her hands on her hips for a moment before pointing out, "But you're not 'the great Plutomon' anymore... You're just a regular Child-level mon now."
  2. While BlackGabumon leisurely began to walk, Sistermon began to move as quietly as possible with Ryudamon following just behind her. Finally, he had started to move! But it was still very boring just moving along in silence. She certainly wished Ryudamon would take a more direct approach to these sort of things. However, BlackGabumon suddenly dashed forward, and it took all of Sistermon's attention to catch on and not lose him despite his head start. With him zigzagging and making his way speedily around the trees, it was evident that he knew that the two of them were there all along. Clutching her three-ponged golden weapon in her right hand, she burst out from behind the bush and tried to keep BlackGabumon within her sights, with Ryudamon right beside her. There was no point in keeping out of sight while chasing him down now. Why couldn't they have all just talked about this in the first place? Now they had to go running around exhausting themselves and possibly prepare for a fight, the latter of which Sistermon preferred not to participate in if she could help it. She didn't want to get her clothes dirty.
  3. 'Fine...' Sistermon pouted and then crossed her arms at Ryudamon's plea for silence. Venusmon herself had never quite been one to sneak around and be quiet. But if the two of them were going to just sit there and stare at BlackGabumon, then sure, she could be quiet. But it was all so BORING.
  4. A hushed voice. Usually assertive and exaggerated, and maybe sometimes whiny. Right now, however, the feminine voice was soft and full of tension. “No, maybe like this… Hmm, but then again, this angle would be better than the side… But that wouldn’t show off the color in that kind of light, and then the setting wouldn’t match with that kind of fabric.” The blond young woman with a pony tail gripped the stubbed graphite pencil as if her life depended on it, making the tiniest of details on the drawing paper. She sat on the seat with the back of her open-toed heels right on the edge, curled up and perfectly balanced. Her bright pink purse sat on her right side, tucked safely next to her elbow. The ride on the subway, despite how agonizingly slow it could be, was not a very smooth one. This did not deter Elise in any way whatsoever, and her perfect drawing of the model showed that she was indeed quite skilled in drawing while sitting in a moving vehicle. The girl shifted a bit, adjusting her matching crop hoodie and tucking part of her bangs behind one ear before continuing with her sketch. Her brow was furrowed and her dark brown eyes stared intensely at the sketch. She made a sweeping movement with her left hand, frowned, erased the line furiously, and made the same movement again at a slightly different angle. “If I do it like this, I’ll have to make sure it matches with the overall theme. Maybe I can add… But no, that might detract from the background. That’s just as important. And I have to make this later once the professor approves of my draft, so I have to keep the cost of the materials into account. Silk would be nice to use in a wedding theme, but I don’t think I could do it with my budget. At least I’m not restricted on colors, that’s a huge relief. But I can’t do a traditional white, the prof said nothing traditional, but maybe I can…” Elise was currently on her way to school. Class didn’t start until 11 am, but she wanted to go to the library and work on the sketch some more before getting her professor’s approval. The other passengers in the subway car made sure to sit or stand as far away from the girl as possible. There was nothing really weird about her. She just had this horrible habit of whispering out her thoughts like she was possessed by a demon waiting to ruin an exorcism. At least this was all during the day. It would be much creepier at night. 000000 It was remarkable how similar Sistermon Blanc looked to a young human girl. In fact, the only thing she was missing was human ears. But never mind that. Her rabbit "cap" with its long soft rabbit ears pricked up slightly, and she took note of BlackGabumon's muttering and Ryudamon's slightly anxious breathing. Venusmon had always been on neutral terms with Merukimon, but she had never really worked with him on anything before. In this Rookie form, however, Sistermon Blanc was much more introverted and quiet, whereas Venusmon was... well, quite a handful of a personality. For now, BlackGabumon did not sense the two. When did he start having allergies? What was he even allergic to? She wanted to walk out and ask him, but now was definitely not the time. She gently prodded Ryudamon with a finger, careful to keep her gold Cross Barbee out of sight should BlackGabumon catch a glimpse of it. "How long are we going to hide here...?" she whispered. "He's going to find us, you know. We should think of a plan other than stalking him."
  5. Are we introducing our partners as well, or are we doing that when the heroes go to the Digital World? Just not sure where exactly BlackGabumon is in the Digital World at the moment.
  6. Yeah, originally Angewomon was mixed in there somewhere (at least in fans' POV), so I tried to avoid that by sticking with the white color/feather theme at least. I couldn't really stay faithful to the humanoid theme all the way, but 2/4 is better than nothing.
  7. NAME: Elise Linne AGE: 18 GENDER: Female PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Blond with dark, chocolate brown eyes. She usually keeps her long hair in a high ponytail, otherwise it ends at the small of her back. A tad short for the average 18-year-old, Elise’s usual attire consists of a light pink spaghetti strap tanktop with a hot pink short-sleeved crop hoodie along with light beige capris. Her favorite shoes are open-toed heels about an inch tall. PERSONALITY: Outgoing but somewhat vain about her appearance. She can be overdramatic about non-ideal situations, and doesn’t really think about what she says when words leave her mouth. She takes things personally and can get angry as a result. Regardless of her faults, Elise’s heart is in the right place most of the time. She just doesn’t know how to show it all that well. BIOGRAPHY: All the way through junior high and high school, Elise found herself swept up in the world of beauty, make up, and fashion. It was fun to always be part of the crowd that followed the fashion trend. Yet along the way, she sort of lost herself. Was it right to always go where everyone else was going? She didn’t know. Now that she’s a freshman in college as a fashion design major, she has no idea how to really express herself. It’s been nagging at the back of her mind as of late, but it’s been showing itself in her failed college assignments. DIGIVICE COLORS: White and Rose Pink DIGIMON PARTNER NAME: Sistermon Blanc (“Rabbit”) BIOGRAPHY: Sistermon Blanc is a somewhat introverted Digimon. She may be quiet and shy, but she always tries her best when the situation calls for it. Sistermon Blanc was sent as a peacekeeper of sorts between Ryudamon and BlackGabumon, since it seemed inevitable that the two would end up fighting anyway. ROOKIE Sistermon Blanc 1. Divine Pierce - Pierces the opponent with the Cross Barbée. 2. Protect Wave - Generates a protective wave by stabbing the butt end of the Cross Barbée into the ground. CHAMPION Swanmon 1. Down Tornado - Spreads its wings, engulfing the opponent in an intense whirling cold wind and feathers, tearing them apart with its sharp-pointed feathers. 2. White Marie – Lifts up vicious whirlwinds towards the opponent. ULTIMATE Hippogriffomon 1. Heat Wave - Spits out an extremely high-temperature wind. 2. Sonic Voice – Lets out a high-pitched scream that only aggravates its enemy’s hearing. Has no effect on those it sees as allies. MEGA Venusmon 1. Healing Therapy - Makes the opponent's fighting spirit vanish just by caressing their head. 2. Love You - Blows a kiss that makes the opponents who receive it fall over from the shock. 3. Peace Fantasia - Has Olive (the dove sitting on Venusmon’s right hand) prick the opponent in the head, making it have peaceful intentions no matter what kind of ferocious personality it has. SUPER-MEGA Venusmon Exquisiteness Mode (Created) 1. Venus Love Me Chain – Whips/Wraps around the opponent with her chain made of the finest jewels. 2. Beautiful Heart – Forms a heart with her hands and then sends a beam of bursting energy in a rolling, corkscrew motion. 3. True Love – Pierces the enemy in the heart with her sword that is so beautiful, it shines too brightly for anyone to see. (Does my evolution line make sense? haha Digimon is so complicated.... Let me know if I need to change anything.)
  8. Will post character profile after work today. Was waiting for another role player just in case there wasn't enough for role play to start. Work won't let me get on this site since there's "bomb" in the site title lol. Typing from phone hurts my fingers.
  9. Turf War - Important Update and Review

    Based on a few minutes of reading, it seems that the simple associations that Cel made are mostly correct (sans the actual color association, which she indicated was a stretch and discounted in her conclusion). Even if she was wrong, I think the proper response to (unmalicious) ignorance is to educate, not to lambaste the ignorant person. You're right, I'm wrong. Therefore, I'll shut up and get out now.
  10. Turf War - Important Update and Review

    The perspective you were trying to find completely reeks of ignorance.
  11. Turf War - Important Update and Review

    Says a non-Asian person......... Yeah, don't even go there.
  12. Humming nodded in understanding. It was quite a relief to know that Sparkbot was also a compass, among many other possible things. She would have dreaded getting lost here. She felt more confident. Fuller. Maybe not as brave, but there was a slight improvement there too. Knowing that she was not alone, that she wasn't going to be alone in this ordeal comforted her. Repressed memories, powers, and all. "Let's get going."
  13. "Thank you." Humming stared at where she had been scratched at barely five minutes ago, marveling briefly at how quickly Docbot had healed the both of them. But Stratus was right. This was no time to rest. They had to keep moving. As frightened as the young lady felt about what else awaited them, staying here would just make them sitting ducks. She scrambled to her feet quickly. It wasn't much, but she pushed back the fear in her mind as much as she could and then gripped the pistol tightly. "Yes, we should definitely keep moving. I don't want those things to come back." Seeing that Sparkbot had changed back to its original form again, Humming inquired, "What else you can change into?" It was more of a rhetorical question.
  14. Posted. The end of my post sounds awkward to me, so if you need clarification let me know.
  15. "Y-Yes... At least, u-um, I think so," Humming gasped out in shock. For the moment, she said nothing further and could only watch as Sparkbot summoned something like a large hammer. It was perhaps the strangest hammer Humming herself had ever seen, but she had no time to process why the weapon looked familiar. Sparkbot wielded the weapon with ease and destroyed the black evil creatures as if he had been doing this every day for years. As the weapon disappeared as quickly as it had appeared, a flood of relief washed over the injured young woman. The knots of anxiety in her stomach started to loosen and she breathed out a sigh of relief. She hadn't realized she was holding her breath while watching Sparkbot fight. The things were gone. Finally, finally gone. The wound itself was shallow, thankfully, but it didn't make it sting any less. The cuts spread over Humming's shoulder and most of her upper arm. The circle of blood had spread from the bottom of her neck to her elbow, staining most of the sleeve of her dress. It looked like much at first glance. Fortunately, there wasn't as much blood lost; it was like getting three giant paper cuts.