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  1. Now that it's over I can say: If you didn't understand my "Froga nire ipurdia da" post in the game thread, you have to put it in google translate
  2. Haven't caught up on every post but: I lol'd. Also dat giga duril. I hope Rift/anson can be rezzed so that NPM has to post that the spell makers are no longer defeated
  3. Hi Qanda. Yeah it's all good now So, currently 3804 replies to the game thread. Hope nobody needs a replacement, the poor replacement won't be able to read the thread before the game is over Edit: There's players (dead or alive) from every likely remaining team I'm rooting for, so dunno which team I want to win - Groupies is quiet.
  4. Finally I can relax. If I didn't mention it in the game thread, I love these trust level posts
  5. Werewolf All-Stars: Reunited

    Just a little reminder of the plan to not place the first vote on Rift, please. (Assuming you want to try executing him of course.)
  6. Werewolf All-Stars: Reunited

    Even if the cat watched something useful, who's to say I didn't have two cats stored up? That and I'm not sure the night result would've came back due to the steal anyways... ah well, was looking forward to clawing Rift and dying, but such peace was not to be.
  7. Werewolf All-Stars: Reunited

    Fixation? Hah. I didn't even put you on a dream list until the night where I got your result (very late in the game), and you're the only person alive that has an evil result. Trust me I'd rather be dead at this point so that there would be no more expectation for me to dutifully play my role. Especially since your inane posting style is starting to resurface again. Siniri: My cat failed too, maybe add day attacks to the list of things Rift is immune to, haha.
  8. Werewolf All-Stars: Reunited

    VOTE: thelilbear The execution stop in addition to everything else is enough for me... also no one cares about my Sinical result so that's just a wasted vote at this point. I'm wondering, assuming I'll get executed as innocent soon, if people will care then.
  9. Werewolf All-Stars: Reunited

    I thought about the 'person with first vote cast against them gets immune' thing too. If I were an MC I'd be hesitant to do a mechanic like that, as if you had a friend helping you be immune, it would require they be online right at day start, and I would want to back away from mechanics that rely on you being online at a certain time of day, as it's not possible for some people. That being said, Rift becoming execute-immune this many times seems OP and there's no downside to not-trying it. That and I just realized there's already a first-to-vote mechanic in the game...
  10. Werewolf All-Stars: Reunited

    So my cat was stolen, I guess that makes me more suspicious? I doubt it could've cleared me anyways, people would find some way to suspect me regardless. I already resigned myself to getting executed at some point so it doesn't really change anything from my perspective.
  11. Werewolf All-Stars: Reunited

    I'm willing, because most people seem to want to execute me anyways barring another target It's tiring being the innocent that the majority doesn't trust.
  12. Werewolf All-Stars: Reunited

    In one of anson's games you could sign a peace treaty as an alternate win condition, which I did. Love that game <3
  13. Werewolf All-Stars: Reunited

    Oh right, it didn't actually connect. Still makes lilbear more suspicious though.
  14. Werewolf All-Stars: Reunited

    Well surviving execution certainly makes you more suspicious lilbear...
  15. Werewolf All-Stars: Reunited

    Whatever are you talking about? (I changed my vote) Also think that's a silly thing to look into over Mike voting Sinical (A known innocent)But yes, please "look into this" by mentioning multiple times that my vote needs to be "looked into" without saying anything else or making any arguments. Hey if I'm missing something concrete that says he's a known innocent after my result was obtained, do tell.