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  1. Apologies for not getting back yesterday to vote, IRL things tying me up. Busy weekend. Vote: Rox
  2. Checking in... Too strapped for time yesterday to even read all the rules and mechanics, but will do so today and report back.
  3. Werewolf By Design - Signups

    Sign me up. 1. B 2. C 3. C 4. C 5. B 6. A 7. A 8. C
  4. Werewolf: The Return Signups

    I agree with you Sinical on the disclosure part. Once myself and Fox were outed by Star, Rift decided to go all in with the claim and rez the person he simply had to, Zilary, to make it the most believeable. But this plan was heavily dependent on us winning in a 1v1 situation.... Put blacjak up as a viable execution target for the next day, kill Star that night and then kill either Zilary or Neo the following night. Of course, had Blacjak being active then that plan was out the window anyway, once Neo decided to vote Rift as that is surely who blacjak would have voted with his double vote. I think all this considered, we should not have won in a 3v3 or 2v2 situation for balance but should have in a 1v1... That's my assessment. Oh and I also loved the idea of an evil player rez that could only be used on an innocent.
  5. Werewolf: The Return Signups

    I'm sorry Exiled... But that ending was just nonsense. Rift was left against 3 innocents and from there the best he could hope for was a coin flip. Totally disagree with that being used as an ending EVER!! It was a good game up until then... The first two targets I suggested we kill were Zilary and Starmaker. That was game right there had we stuck to that plan. Fox killed Zilary Night 1 but then decided to kill Sinical and that is what ultimately lost us the game... But I questioned in our group chat why we hadn't won the game after Sinicals death as we had a 3v3 situation. So I surmised that we must have an OMT and genuinely believed that it was Blacjak after he survived execution. My suggestion on the thread that Blacjak had some kind of copy cat role was to provide cover for Rift when the remaining innocents would question why a mauling took place the night after both myself and Fox died. Neo considered it but there was really no activity last couple days. It was an enjoyable game, I just really disagree with us not winning in a 1v1 situation!!
  6. Werewolf: The Return Signups

    I have no clue why the game is still continuing... Only conclusion I can come to is that both remaining players are evil. But what is NPM's win condition??
  7. Werewolf: The Return Signups

    Such an exciting end to the game .
  8. Werewolf the Return: Gamer Thread

    Hurray for a boring last day ... I hope Blacjak takes yee all out!!
  9. Werewolf the Return: Gamer Thread

    Exiled... You missed Rocks vote on blacjak.
  10. Werewolf the Return: Gamer Thread

    Well that dreamer and necromancer just ruined everything ... But somebody put Sinical top of the list last night when I suspected Star was dreamer. And I can tell you.. Blacjak is an OMT. From what I gather, he has some sort of copy cat role. Fox had an execution dodge in the form of a... Shield... And he was informed that it was stolen yesterday. Hmmm I wonder where it went?? If you guys want to shoot one of us today and and execute blacjak, I'll happily take second place?? EDIT: Vote: blacjak
  11. Werewolf the Return: Gamer Thread

    Well that's just great . Vote: Blacjak Laying low and not saying much. Thats on a par with how he plays when evil. He's usually more vocal and active when he has an innocent role.
  12. Werewolf the Return: Gamer Thread

    Yes well my main point is we are denied analysis... So I guess we just have to ask which is more productive: post and vote analysis or night one results??
  13. Werewolf the Return: Gamer Thread

    This is the issue I'm having. It just always feel wrong to me to not vote for someone Day 1. I'm more understanding of the nobody vote in bigger games on Day 1 because it does give a chance for investigative roles to discover things during the night to analyse the following day... But in this small a game we don't have the luxury of time. We need to pressure people... I might very well vote when I get back on later...
  14. Werewolf the Return: Gamer Thread

    Being a maths and logic man, Its hard to argue with the higher percentage approach. We just lose out on any potential analysis Day 2 if we vote nobody... Vote: Nobody