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  1. Werewolf All-Stars: Reunited (Signups/Graveyard)

    According to a post-game conversation with anson, it turns out Red's drunk posting was just a thread-posting ploy! I WANTED TO BELIEVE Edit: Side note, Rift, a game around 25 players is ideal for me.
  2. Werewolf All-Stars: Reunited (Signups/Graveyard)

    Lol this and your pre-edit makes this post more hilarious. This was definitely an interesting and involved game. I didn't really have much to do - my role felt fairly insignificant. I will agree with Clucky some points though - in a game where the main ability of the innocents is to execute people, we were only able to actually execute 8 people out of 22 days...seems pretty low to me.
  3. The official shoutbox thread

  4. Werewolf All-Stars: Reunited (Signups/Graveyard)

    Vote: Shaun of the Dead
  5. Werewolf All-Stars: Reunited (Signups/Graveyard)

    Guise pls
  6. Jobs

    I work as a web developer/software engineer.
  7. Werewolf All-Stars: Reunited (Signups/Graveyard)

    Vote: A picture of Koshka drawn by anson
  8. Werewolf All-Stars: Reunited (Signups/Graveyard)

    RIP Red, our most innocent friend.
  9. Werewolf All-Stars: Reunited (Signups/Graveyard)

    Meow - good job innocents!
  10. Werewolf All-Stars: Reunited (Signups/Graveyard)

    Well I never
  11. Werewolf All-Stars: Reunited

    If you didn't include an extra E, that would've been confusing.
  12. Werewolf All-Stars: Reunited

    By the gods, you're right! It's so clear now! Ohwellvotesarelocked
  13. WW is starting to get too else will I be entertained while multitasking at work?

    1. Jose


      Cute cat videos?

    2. MrHeatherway


      Is it just me or does everyone on this forum use WW not to do work?

    3. graphitesmoothie


      Well...I technically do work. I've just been keeping up with the game while at work as well, since it's been moving so fast. But now that things have slowed down, so unsure how to cope! D:

  14. All-Stars Reunion Chat

    I heard from my brother that the level cap is at 250 now. I wonder how easy it is to get to 160ish now - whatever level my Hero was.
  15. Werewolf All-Stars: Reunited

    There are lie detectors in this game? (Serious question.)