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  1. What are your hobbies?

    That's cool. I don't know much about the dance scene, but if you want to hang out or crash, let me know. I recently upgraded to a different place, which has a bit more room. I've been having chronic back pains for the last few years and I feel it is getting worse. I'm currently trying to recover via gym training, swimming, etc. It's hard to keep it up, exercising. This summer has been quite busy. My doctor's approach is, get some advice from therapist, try that for a while, and if it doesn't work, get some x-rays. Given that this has been a chronic issue for years, I don't see how doing some arm movements will help me fast. It would have to be at least half a year to see any clear improvements I think. Wouldn't it be more logical to get x-rays, see if there are any major issues, then proceed to treatment? It does hurt, and makes my life miserable. I have a sedentary life style because of my work and playing on the computer. It's a lot of sharp pains, cracking, inflammation, from my neck to my lower back, and my shoulder joints. I've been practicing whenever I go hiking or travel. Which is like 2-4 times a year? I'm looking to do more traveling these days. I recently got a decent camera, so there's more I can do now. Some things I would like to do with filmography would probably try to capture everyday life. I like silent films, it's easiest to do. I also like to do some action, but would require another person. If I had more people involved, would like to do some show, or a series, of things weird and interesting. Comedy is the best, but subtle comedy. A mix of things would be cool. I'm less interested in photos, and more into character building, world building, etc. Videos that are just fun is what I would go for... entertainment for the people involved.
  2. What are your hobbies?

    Well, I would have never imagined you would become a dancer and a fashion statement, from when you were in high school. That's great that you found something you really like to do. Are you going to Utah? I like to play video games mostly to keep me from thinking about other stuff. Like back pains, hunger, work, and other life responsibilities. Would this be a hobby? I don't know. I truly enjoy interacting with other people, on a level where it's by leisure, free of bias, and you can say or do anything you want without being held responsible for your words. In that same vein, I like hanging out with people that are kind and forgiving but also honest. Not many people have patience in reality. Another hobby I have is growing plants. Just like to see things grow up by my care. Gives you some perspective on how time has passed. Or, sometimes you can see the progress, even though you're just doing a minor routine thing. Another hobby I have is reading up on new technology, things that can potentially change the future for good. I occasionally read tragic, bizarre stories to keep myself in line with reality on how people can be. I try to remind myself of the worst and best things in life to maintain some form of clarity on scope, or non-bias, neutral viewpoint on things. Not necessarily always about people, but things that can be observed to show me whats possible and whats not. It's easy to get hyped, brainwashed, conditioned, tunnel vision etc. Maybe this isn't a hobby, more like something I need to do to keep me in check with reality. Another hobby I have is capturing things on video and photos. I want to be a film maker, story maker to show things I can't seem to express otherwise.
  3. What are you playing?

    The remaster has been great. Once you play on these graphics, you can't go back to the old version. Everything seems to be like the old game, with just improved graphics, and a new ladder system. I wish they would fix multiplayer, functionally. There's still bottleneck lag issues which wouldn't hurt to fix. I'm not sure how easy it would be to change the netcode though. I'm just having fun doing some fastest possible maps. Will probably get bored after some more hours I suppose. But it's still a gem to have in my opinion.
  4. What are you playing?

    I'm playing starcraft. Lets play again. Got the remastered version.
  5. New Prez

    Coal and oil has done wonders for everyone overall. I think the use of these resources were integral to advance our civilization and enable us our present quality of life and capabilities like better health and control of disease. I think we've reached a transitional point that many of the negative issues tied to fossil fuel can be forgoed.
  6. New Prez

    1st core issue - guilt-tripping arguments: Agreed to end guilt tripping arguments. Identifying the root cause is a great way in finding the right mitigation measures. But lets just say it is natural. The U.S. shouldn't be blamed. People shouldn't be blamed. This doesn't change the predicted consequences if it is natural or man-made. The point is, this agreement acknowledges this outcome and its a call that action is needed. 2nd core issue - The significance of delaying the effects of climate change is to reduce predicted loss and allow time for technology to advance. No doubt that any amount of reduction will delay some effects- I believe the goals set by the agreement is significant enough to offset time and provide demand to help transition out of coal and oil dependence. Would it be significant enough to affect our lives though? Probably not. Climate change won't affect us directly in our lifetime. It will affect other parts of the world, that I assume is 'inevitable,' so I guess the logic is that the economic loss is not worth the 'inevitable' to many people. And the hubris from the left constantly making foolish arguments as if they know everything about this issue, but the reality is that nobody knows the future and the severity of the impact. We can make predictions based on the past and what's happening right now. If there is anyone who can accurately predict the future, I'd like to know. I prefer the cautious and proactive route, but some people would like to run the experiment. And then there are people that completely deny the issue, which is absurd, but money is money. I understand that you hold the U.S. Economy as the utmost priority, so I don't think I can convince you that priority is a mixed bag. If Trump thinks we are paying too much money, he can reduce the spending money in his 4 years in office. There isn't enforcement to uphold the requirements. Leaving the agreement entirely is just a big slap in the face by coal and the GOP. A 1000 years from now, is intriguing. In the context of nuclear war, environmental changes, exhausting resources, solar flares, epidemics, maybe even being hit by a meteor, it is difficult to imagine what technologies would exist then. In Starcraft, once you exhaust your resources, you would have to expand. But I think the idea that relying on the development of future technology is bleak. Technology doesn't just happen, it requires a lot of work and time. Technology can even downgrade if not stimulated... see the fall of past empires and how their ingenuity just started to free fall. An example I like is our space program. It was once great. Now we rely on Russian rocketry. Speaking strictly to just resources, the potential that technology can be forgotten is probable. I think it's a good idea that we transition into a new way of sourcing energy early rather than later. I personally believe that certain types of technology will continue to grow exponentially and accurate simulations would be the saving grace for machines to produce physical means for us to adapt in limited resource environments. But again, I suggest we don't rely on the future, considering potential technological walls. There's just too many probable scenarios that can end terribly. Continually steering and monitoring these probabilities is the safest path in my opinion. The Paris agreement has its parts in this.
  7. New Prez

    When you say support, do you mean if nations signed the agreement or not? The lack of penalty might be a reason why the agreement isn't as effective as you might wish, but it is the only agreement of its kind. Without penalty or enforcement, what might be the reason to exit the agreement? I really don't see a path to enforcing other nations unless we actively go to trade wars or maybe actively sell cheap energy products... Also, I would like to point out the strain on other nations might be greater than the U.S. because of the difference in industrialization. I believe the specific issue surrounds China's commitment vs U.S. is what Trump is looking at. 4 Parties entitled to sign, have not done so: Holy See, Nicaragua, Syria. And now the United States. As you said, this is without enforcement. This agreement is merely an acknowledgement of the risks involved, and clearly there is worldwide efforts to mitigate these risks and monitor progress by having such discussions via this agreement. I highly doubt 4 years is enough time to re-negotiate given the amount of coordination needed. How it is a burden to the U.S? Does Trump mean our Economy will be in shambles or be lesser of China if we continue? Who predicts these things and who are they sponsored by? I see that the U.S. will greatly benefit from being energy independent. I guess Trump did say he wants to save the coal mining jobs. Wants to keep gas prices as low as possible. With the expense of... intensified emissions. The alternative is we don't have to pay for gas, and reduce emissions, and the U.S. will lead in manufacturing this, not China. It's apparent that Trump is focused on short term goals, which I think slows us down. I don't know the degree, but the demand for new energy is apparent at this moment, because virtually everyone acknowledges the issue, even including big oil. This might not be the case in the future, I don't know. The only people I see that are pushing the counter arguments are tied to coal, and of course the GOP, which has resonated with many Americans that voted trump. It's true that this issue is used, misrepresented, and exploited for political reasons but I think it is unfair if we should disregard the issue because a few people are exploiting it for personal gains. The only issue it should represent is the potential catastrophic harm to humans worldwide. You don't need to even account if it is man made or not, the idea is that in order to mitigate potential catastrophic events identified by... scientific data, we need to mitigate these risks in case this happens. In engineering, this is principle for any system you are designing, especially for the public. Otherwise you end up killing the public, receive bad public image, and having to spend much more money to go out and redesign, install, test. If you take global warming out of the picture altogether, we are still left with the issue of running out of natural resources. Though not sure how long this will take, instead of transitioning smoothly, we intend to leave it to future generations to figure out.
  8. New Prez

    I saw this and still have no idea what it is. Saw some pics of coffee... okay? I just know a lot of people were making fun of Trump because of the typo or something? It was very weird. A typo, is that it? I'm thinking, could he be doing this on purpose? He probably didn't, but the reaction to it was bewildering. Kinda tired of seeing all these people talk about his little perks, like his hands, his hair, his skin color. I think he is listening to /his/ people but ignoring everything else. With a global agreement like this, I guess he is ignoring U.S. allies as well. Also much more safe than coal mining and transferring oil.
  9. New Prez

    The Paris agreement was probably one of the only things I thought would stay... Because it's a big global agreement, like NATO. Don't mess with these things... I don't know... this will definitely slow things down in terms of progress on alternative energy. Sounds like it will have an effect on how the U.S. looks at war too. The U.S. will eventually reduce oil consumption, as it is a limited resource. It's too bad... Demand and the technologies/infrastructure needed for the next new economy might go to China. Though I think the U.S. will always be leading in energy - I feel this decision kinda puts a dent in things... Trump says he will re-negotiate... I doubt it, seems like something an advisor told him to say to reduce backlash. It's voluntary right? Some points people on the internet have been making who supports this decision: It hurts the Economy. America First, globalism Bad. Kept his promise. Global Warming not a big deal. Hypocritical technologies because of oil infrastructure. The environment is a liberal thing, so anything liberal is bad. Religion. Even 1 person I talked actually cited Christians to be purveyors of the truth behind the conspiracy of global warming. Is this just another science vs religion biology class controversy again? I was mostly interested in the stimulating effects on technology and energy independence. Oh well, keep inventing I suppose.
  10. Fashion

    I think Goku is still pretty cool though. I too wanted to be like Goku long ago. I think in the new series, they tried to make him a bit more lean, but I'm use to seeing the bulky muscles. To compare, since I think girls have similar perspective as most guys in terms of opposite sex body types, I would say the muscular men that work to bulk up specific muscle groups are like female supermodels to men. When artificially enhanced, it looks kinda suspicious and even gross. But this ideal seems to be unrealistic... Because I don't think I will ever end up with a supermodel. So settle for a step down. The next best thing is sizeable man meat that you can use as a pillow. From a guy's perspective, a sizeable busts on girls seems to be the equivalent. Then there are more user-friendly body types who like average, not so much muscular, but shows hints/outlines of toned muscle. Overall, in general, culture depicts women less muscular and fit than men, but interestingly I noticed a comparable system or hierarchy for preferred body types in both men and women. When you say well-roundness, do you mean more flab or meat? When I think of Well-Roundedness, I think someone that has an ideal layer of fat around their body and more meat to produce a softness to touch. From what I remember, the way to do this is eating a lot, but not so intense exercise. You can always build muscles quickly by doing both, with some protein powder, and once you achieve desired weight and muscle, stop exercising and continue eating to make your body a bit softer I think people will eventually get fat overtime as their metabolism slows down, it's just some people slow way down much later I guess. Yes, a good physical health trumps all, and my rationale is by no means the best way to go out. There is a return that I was hoping for... And it is a bit out there. probably 1% possible outcome... It's something like, Maybe I can get pass that hurtle when a significant scientific breakthrough happens? Maybe if I can make it out a little longer to get there. I am not too concerned about my own mortality, and the reason I wish to see the future, and continue to see the future beyond the current limit cap is because I am curious at how things will turn out. Naturally, I like to observe what happens. If it becomes a sort of heaven, I would certainly wish to be selected to enter that realm. I think if someone was there with me, that isn't too spectacular, that would be great. I've poured money into various projects and experienced complete failure... But I've found a new motivation: back pains.
  11. Fashion

    I'm not sure if I would call it a fluctuation. Maybe if +/- 10 pounds. I think I can gain 5 pounds if I keep a steady meal intake for a month. Like you, I can lose it easily if I don't continue, and that's really been my struggle. Half of me really wants to gain weight, for aesthetics. The other half, I'm thinking it's probably more healthy to stay lean. Maybe I can be a bit more fit though because I sit around too much. I think the reality is that many "ideal" bodies are not really natural, and require continued preservation. I checked out how to body build, and it requires extraneous amounts of food intake. It takes a lot of dedication to build up for a person that has a hard time gaining weight. It is very possible, but it becomes something in the forefront of your life rather than working side by side with your other priorities. The time I dedicated to gaining weight, I felt it was taking too much time thinking about food and exercise. Also, the "Growth" factor is somewhat of a paranoia to me. Basically, gaining weight is tantamount to growing muscles. It's far more healthy than obtaining fat and you won't lose muscle as fast as fat, but the thing about growth is that you are basically aging faster, cycling through your body processes much faster, and your life span will probably be less than if you continued a state of slow growth. I think growth can be slowed down by eating and drinking certain things, though I can't say for sure - so don't take my word for it. But I think if you're constantly eating protein and exercising, there is some kind of strain to it that I worry may lead to bad things including aging, more wrinkles later, more body maintenance and other faster physiological processes. I would find out if this is a myth, but too lazy. Seems obvious to me. It's just the downside is that you might encounter really bad health issues if you're too skinny, so I think I should just exercise enough to ride that edge. I have been trying to get more fit for the past year or so as well. Some things sticked with me, somethings don't. I've been only eating home cooked food for a long time, by cooking once a week and splitting it into many days. I always have a meal ready, and I try to get at least 2 meals in a day. Each meal is quite hefty as well. I usually eat a third prepared meal or get something from the store to eat that day to mix things up. I've tried beef base meat, but I didn't feel good after eating beef with all the oil and stuff. So my protein source is mostly chicken, fish, potatoes, eggs. That usually accounts for half my meal, the other half is cooked vegetables, and some fruit smoothie. I've been able to keep this routine for a while now, and gained some 5 pounds even without exercising much. I'm looking to put some time into a gym membership and go there every day. I tried weight lifting at home, but I usually get lazy - so hopefully this will work for me. I think if you're dancing for an hour everyday, that's probably enough. I think dancing takes a lot of physical effort, so I would probably say just continue to eat healthy. I'm not too worried about body aesthetics, though I feel too far self conscious of my form than I should care for... it's a struggle of image and what's important to me I suppose.
  12. Fashion

    That guy looks nice, but this guy... I mean. I have this fear of things poking into me, including piercing, metals, hard stuff on my body. That's why I was looking for a Velcro belt. You know when you undress and find a crater or lines on your body? That was always weird to see. Plus, piercings look like they hurt too. And there's always gold poisoning, and something seems unclean when you see smears of skin or face oil on someone's metal accessories. I think there's something wrong with me... You're right, my shoes are always bigger rather than tighter. I think I'm in-between sizes. Thanks for the recommendation. Got a black version of the belt for work. I usually wear the light tan one outside of work. I am running pretty slim. I don't think an additional 5 pounds changes much. I always thought vests were weird to be honest. I haven't grown up much... but I've always seen vests to be an adult classy stylish thing, and less of functionality. I also stereotyped people wearing them too, thinking people that wear them are rich. I don't think I can imagine myself wearing one... I usually just wear regular sweaters, but I get it - makes me appear preppy when worn with a dress shirt. I was told specifically, that this isn't college, it's a professional work place while wearing such sweaters. But... So nowadays, I wear a sweater on the inside, and dress shirt on the outside, for warmth purposes. I found out more about 'thermal' wear after that.
  13. Fashion

    This is the shoe I am wearing. Had them for almost 3 years so far and still good. The colors are a bit more faded than before, but I like the faded look as well: Made of washable suede, I think lightweight, flat, laceless, with good ventilation is the best. I've had bad experience with other shoes, ones that cover your ankles give you bad ventilation, and you end up sweating or stinking. This type of shoe is not great if you happen to need to run. It can slip out if you're going too fast. What is expected are oxfords: These range from point to round to square. I'm not particularly against pointy tip shoes, it was just something I thought of when I was trying to describe oxfords at the time. The front area of the shoe goes to a tip, making it triangle shape, so it goes to the point. Even if it is round tip, I think the cone shape of these kind of shoes are uncomfortable. Compared to the loafer I have up there, it is more pill shape, comfortable overall. Also, the sole of the shoes are very hard, and I am not fond of the block of plastic for the heel. Not very flexible. I prefer shoes with sole that are flexible enough to curl up. For dress socks, I think men are able to be more creative here. I've seen a lot of professionals, the ones with executive vests and ties and stuff wear wild designs for socks. They are only noticeable while sitting though - when the pants lift up a bit. I would not go extreme colors, I have yet to see that. The sock just has more room for designs, and they should be a bit elegant designs. Usually they are angular designs. I got striped socks, and I like them, but I don't think its great as for as "elegance." They look a bit kiddy, but I don't really care. The bad part is that your socks are more important if you have low cut shoes, like the loafers above - so you probably want dark colored socks to not draw too much attention to your feet. not what I have, but been eyeing these: I buy all my clothes online so I happen to have pictures: Perry Ellis Men's Portfolio Modern Fit Flat Front Bengaline Pant - 77% polyester 23% rayon. This is mostly for comfort, but the fashion is more toward slimmed down version of these pants. I don't wear slim clothes and pants because I'm already skinny as-is, so I don't like to show my body lines. If I get more shaped up, I'd go for a more slimmer version. For now, modern fit seems to be it. This is the belt I got: This isn't fashionable, typically you go for some brown leather. I didn't intend for the braided look, I was just looking for something that is not hard leather but flexible/stretchable. If the braid was smaller that it wasn't noticeable, that would be great. I'm looking for a belt like this, but instead of the metal buckle, I'm looking for a Velcro version. I don't think these exists. For dress shirts, I tend to go lightweight fabric, soft collar (kinda hard to find these), subtle square patterns. Should I try to compromise to look more fashionable? My boss seems to think so. It's been 3 years and suddenly I get comments that it's not good enough. I would step up my game, but I have some sort of mental blockage for showing off my ###### curves and stuff.
  14. Fashion

    I think what is expected depends on the company and age/type of occupation. I know some people working for google who can basically wear sweatpants everyday. I work as a consultant in an engineering firm, so no ties needed, but dress shirt/pants/shoes are required. It us more strict for guys here, because style is limited to a certain look that makes you look knowledgeable. For some reason, girls can wear whatever fancy look they like. Maybe a stylish cute coat. Or a nice dress sweater, whatever that is called. I've been wearing loafers, and I'm told that's not good enough because they look like boat shoes. Clearly they are not, but it looks like leather and a dress shoe in my opinion. For girls, loafer like shoes is no problem for them. It seems the only kind of shoes acceptable for men are those uncomfortable pointy toe shoes. the first few weeks, I was riding a plain red dress shirt and some faded work pants with some of the most comfortable boat shoes. then my boss took me to the side and said some bad things about the way I dressed. now I wear the same thing each day. I upgraded to business like brown loafers - that's as far as I would like to go. I don't know why I don't like pointy shoes that much. I combo those loafers with some black pants. I also upgraded the pants to a smooth fabric I can't recall right now. But it was more comfortable than my regular cotton work pants so it was nice. Then a light patterned dress shirt. The patterns give you more of a sophistication, while plain color ones are more for marketing or something. Admins, receptionists, marketing, everyone in the front look a bit more clean.
  15. Site Cacheing Issue

    One time I was R.A. Another, I was Shattered Rift. I even tried to update the forum software like the site told me and log into the ACP.