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  1. I've experienced this twice... I believe it has influenced my material approach to life. The first time, I didn't have a computer. Slept on the floor pretty much. I was very bare. I bought a $100 computer later on. I bought maybe 2 new sweaters. I didn't have much because I was living in a corner of a room. So getting material was not an option for me. The 2nd time was because of a job offer. I came up with my computer, clothing and some documents. I accumulated a lot of stuff I think. Got a shelf, drawer, got a free desk. I think these are essentials though. Some things that are not essential are some cooking tools that I wanted and ended up not using. Got a small sandwich grill and a pressure cooker I'm not using. Brought my bike but ended up not using it much. I have 2 bikes now, looking to sell one of them. Because I have some spending money, I've been buying stuff off Amazon only. Like new shoes, clothes, containers. I think I went overboard with some things. I think a number of other things affected my material approach. When I didn't have money, I save things up in case I need it another time. I wanted a lot of stuff. When I got a job, and was able to spend on things, I did not start to hoard or collect thing. But I tried many things that can help my life a little. Like running, jogging clothes. Some terry cloth towels for cleaning, an air filter, bicycle equipment, a fan, etc. I do grow some plants, and currently at 6 potted plants in my room. I often get the urge to get more, but due to space and more work needed for care, I stayed firm at 6 for a while now. The other material thing that's probably bad is my computer. I got two good computer. I rpobably don't need a $500 SSD, $800 graphics card, $800 CPU+motherboard... Maybe went overboard... I think I got an Xboxone at $500 when it first came out. I learned to not buy consoles ever again. I guess another thing that helped me on not hoarding is... I think I might move around a lot. It sucks having a lot of furniture. Room size, storage space accounts for how much material I accumulate. Also, I live in a shared house - so I try not to have too many value things. If they steal my bed, OK. Steal my clothes? OK I got ugly clothing. Steal my plants? I'd be sad. Wait, I have a pretty nice jacket I wouldn't want anyone to steal actually. Some valuebles I left at my parents place are some magic/yugioh cards. Got a Diablo 3 collector's edition box. I secured these things so they don't get thrown out. If I ever get a house of my own, I'd store these things in it of course.
  2. I'm not familiar with the smallville comics... I figured the direction into a team oriented show follows superman's story in the comics, so it was natural. I did like the green arrow here and how they teamed up. It's kind of hard to pinpoint what is lacking, but maybe if I think about some of the things I enjoyed or kept me watching... I generally like shows where it doesn't feel like things are being dragged on. I think every episode should have a key moment, or should be somewhat purposeful to drive the story. And these moments should be interesting and not always predictable, as long as it fits the character of course. Also, for some reason I feel like I can detect a set-up, or a plot device... which makes things predictable and when I keep seeing these things, its less exciting. I don't mean to say being able to predict things is bad, but there should be a good balance between 1) knowing something turned out as you hoped and 2) finding out its not always turning out as you thought. Basically, it's sometimes fun being on edge because the show is telling you, anything can happen. That's something Games of Throne does well, because the character that you like, might be gone anytime. There's something in the struggle that makes me more invested into not missing a scene or episode. I enjoy good character interactions. I think people call it chemistry? Sometimes it's chemistry, and sometimes it's just very different kind of characters, interacting with each other in the most interesting ways. Strong characters are characters that you can understand and predict their behaviors the more you watch. Putting them against an unknown or another strong character that makes for a very unpredictable outcome or conversation is fun. Chemistry however... there's some sort of attraction between characters that it doesn't matter if it's predictable or not, you just like seeing them interact like that. I tend to keep watching if I like certain characters. Kind of embarrassing, but I tend to lean toward some romantic aspects of shows that have strong chemistry and strong characters. Respecting the characters... I think it is something that was a turn-off on Smallville. I think some of these characters were great, but things dragged on, and the characters got used too much in too many different ways. I think characters can degrade if you use them in awkward ways. This is sometimes shown as changing a character so much for the sake of an episode, then fixing them at the end. Anyways, this is just rambling about quality-- I would probably watch a more philosophical show I guess. Maybe a horror/mystery show that's not too much gore? I sometimes watch ghost shows so that I can actually feel scared. I watched too much drama in the past, so that won't work. Something that breaks the mold, or something that is not too politically correct could be interesting. Something with careful dialogue, -- It's hard to describe, maybe I just want to watch a masterpiece of a show, that has a strong message, intent, idea, philosophy, behind it. I tend to like sci-fi because I always find situations I never thought about, and it's a fun idea. Stranger Things had something familiar, but it was good at how it was told. Maybe I just watched too many things and just got desensitized... I remember I got so bored that I watched Gordon Ramsey a lot since I liked the shock factor when talked down people. I guess I do like comedy a lot too. Are you watching these shows and analyzing them? Does analyzing shows make it any less enjoyable... I feel in some way I'm thinking too much into things.
  3. I recently watched some survivor some months ago... it was something like smart people vs physically good people. And then after that it was like millennials vs baby boomers or something like that. Without evidence, I have high suspicion that the Survivor series takes an impromptu approach into faking scenarios and game-play, or at least a good part of it to appeal to viewers. I know there's always some amount of meddling for a game show to put the show on a path that's interesting and rake in the ratings. At some point during these seasons, I was a little doubtful of how entertaining these people appear to be. Then I sort dropped off the millennials season since I felt the portrayal of millennials and the adults was kind of sad. I wasn't able to get into any CW shows... the last show I watched on there was Smallville, and that was mostly out seeing how things end and not enjoyment. I sort of lost faith in these kind of shows after that. I really liked some of the characters in smallville, but everything fell apart when Lex went away and ideas were reaching for almost 10 years. I heard Game of Thrones was good, but I couldn't even latch onto that. I watched Stranger Things since I kind of liked the dark and mysterious tone that I haven't seen much. I thought it was Okay. Watched it in a day though...
  4. I'm not sure what it means by "better." Games have improved graphics, cut-scenes, emotions, more capability in general... As far as nostalgia goes, I feel like this experience is something I would only feel about games I played when I was growing up, probably from early age to age 20s? Games after that, I don't think I would feel nostalgic, maybe because A) they are recent, or they just less memorable because of more things in life at older age, or C) first experience is more memorable than the repeated ones? I wouldn't be compelled to play these games again at age 40 or something, but maybe check out or revisit the music or something for that nostalgia effect. I think the games with great good feeling music is most nostalgic to me, there might be other things. list: Donkey Kong Country I, II, III, Final Fantasy 8, Chrono Trigger.
  5. I never intended to say that you will automatically get gud once you got the proper controller. It takes practice with whatever controller you choose to use. I tried to elaborate on why I didn't like the console controller - because of thumb soreness and lack of flexibility. An Arcade stick has buttons, and the setup is similar to what you see in the old school arcades. The stick itself doesn't really add any value, it's just the placement of the buttons and stick with your hand. Even on an xbox controller, you have a small stick. That's just, if not better than the one you see on the arcade. The button spread is what really helps. It's a simple controller compared to an xbox controller, but for some reason it costs an upward of $200. There are cheap ones about $60 as well I suppose. Depending on the game itself, you may not even be using your controller to the point where you need an arcade stick or pad. Street Fighter is more refined in that it's has short combos and a different tempo. More than half the game, you're not even pressing that many buttons, unless you have an aggressive play style. That's how I played when I was a kid. I spam. Killer instinct however, the game I was talking about, has long combos, fast sequencing, high tempo, probably twice or more the input frequency of a street fighter match. Although, that's great so many top players have been able to win with a console controller, the PS1 controller win was a surprise. I'm sure that guy really worked hard. I'm not a hard worker, not to that extent. I wonder if he was holding the controller like an arcade? And yeah, modified controllers for fighting games, that's great. Maybe I should be getting that then if they're cheaper. It looks just like an arcade setup, just miniaturized.
  6. I think it will feel like a console if there was a TV or monitor that it can hook up to. The small split screen on such a small screen looks like you have to squint to actually see whats going on. It's good for those simple games that was in the first reveal though, but I don't see those types of games as fun. I use to, now its out in a living room used for a theater set up. I think some of the contributing factor that I tend to play is the socializing elements to the games. Some people go out and have a social life and such. I imagine you have a better balance of this. I usually get to meet and talk to people online, still. Thinking about it, it reminds me of how I use to go to chat rooms, neopets, create online content/art when MMOs were non-existent. So it's not really about the game, but maybe the community created by the game? Well, the game is what gets me into the community, and I stay for the community. If I didn't have an interest to socialize online through games, I don't think I would be playing games at all at this point. By socialize, I mean interacting through game mechanics(killing people, etc) and chat / voice chat. These are all components of couch gaming if you think about it. I am playing Overwatch, and I would say I suck at shooter games in general, and sometimes its not fun getting pummeled and people calling me out for sucking. The interesting thing about this game I found out so far is... not to be sexist or anything, but I observed there is a surprising number of females playing this game. And they're way better than me. I like this. The sad part is that I'm in my upper 20s. I found that a lot of girls are very accurate and specific when it comes to point and shoot. I was invited by a few girls to play Osu when MMOs were a thing and I think a lot of that translates into shooter games. Compared to a game like starcraft, I think it's less about accuracy / puzzle type of thing, and more... of something else, maybe decision making? Though I think girls are probably as good as boys if the culture was balanced, I think there are minor advantages and disadvantages in terms of neurological differences. Anyways, my multiplayer experience came from fighting games, chatrooms, to Korean online games, to MOBAs, and now multiplayer shooter games. I think the next big thing is a virtual world combining all these things. Are you saying top fighting game pro players are using the controllers? I find that unbelievable. Unless when you say "pad" you mean a keyboard device or something. I've played a ton of combo mashers and this is why controllers are terrible: your thumbs get sore. Imagine playing guitar hero, with just your thumbs controlling 12 inputs, and your index fingers controlling 2. That's hell. The main reason why an arcade stick pad thing is desirable is because of this. It's ergonomically made for fighting games so that you can utilize most of your fingers and not concentrate on just your thumbs. Overall it improves not just your in game performance but eliminates thumb soreness. I remember full well how I got blisters from playing street fighter alpha 3 on the super Nintendo. It almost got to that point when I was playing on the xbox controller.
  7. My answer is No. I got an Xbox one, got killer instinct, just dance, and life is strange. The only upside to the xbox one is that it serves as a multimedia device for the living room, and is inexpensive compared to a PC. You can surf the net, play youtube videos, play blu-ray, things like that. Killer instinct cost me about 40 bucks. It is a fighting game similar to street fighter. I wanted to get good at it, and probably the reason I got the xbox one because of the nostalgia from the super nintendo games RARE made back in the day. To play the game effectively, you needed a arcade stick, and an online subscription. The stick costs $200, and the xbox subscription the regular $60 for some months or something, I forget. Not worth. As much as I was excited for this game, I didn't like the added gambling mechanics that they're calling the old C-C-COMBO BREAKERS. Plus the character design is from textbook art class, which has no class and taste to it. I did appreciate the fast paceness of it. I didn't really play this game. Just dance lasted for proabably 2 days. I might come back to it. Oddly, this is the game I would play out of the three I got. I did not have patience for Life is Strange. I stopped maybe 30 minutes in. Cool time mechanic, but that's it. I found most of the storytelling titles that I would play is already the PC. So there wasn't much of reason to play it on the xbox. I play my games in my room most of the times too, so that is a big factor in why I think the xbox is useless to me. The games I would want to get on the Xbox are multiplayer titles, which costs per month. I don't like doing that at all. I don't play games consistantly, usually it is on and off. And if I'm paying per month, that is just stupid. If I play a game for maybe 5 days online, why do I have to pay for the rest of the month? As far as my gaming interest, I actually still play a lot I think. Some days I don't play, but I usually play to take my mind of things. I would say every other day, 1-3 hours per day probably. My interest in story games have declined though, because I usually just watch a movie version on youtube, or just read a synopsis. There hasn't been any interesting new games lately. I thought Gravity Rush was really interesting, but it lacked substance. If it had more than just the interesting gravity mechanic, then I would look into it more. Overall, I'm less excited about games as I get older. Part of it is that I played so many games and don't have the patience. I know the experience, and it's going to be repeated. And something about single player games makes me feel lonely sometimes, so I just watch other people if there was the chance. The best experience I remember were games like pokemon, donkey kong country series, street fighter, killer instinct, mortal kombat, some of those old school racing games. I liked these games because it was imaginative, and there were some role playing aspect to it, and then theres the social aspect of watching others play, others watching you play. As a kid, I was restrained and disciplined in what I can do, and these games were in contrast to a world I really hated. I do feel as an adult, the constraint is different, and the games have become less of an outlet. It's evolved to be less of a couch event. The excitement is gone, there's less curiosity, and I'm not exactly sure what would get me excited. I have high hopes for VR multiplayer games.
  8. Didn't the admin clarify that green card holders were exempt? The % impacted is just a blanket statement, as I do not know what the criteria is to determine irreparable harm or the extent of immediate damage. It appears arbitrary and an outlet for exploit. What is this criteria if temporary nature of the order appears to be difficult to undo? Is there a reason there is a preference, not including bias. I know courts doesn't compensate for failed lawsuits, they can pretty much hold someone and not compensate for major damage to a person after the person is found in the right. My only gripe is that, in my opinion, I think the court is abusing this out of political bias. How lawful the order isn't dependent on its performance. And it looks like a bunch of people are trying to figure out if it is lawful when it seems it is mostly if the order is religious discrimination. If you don't like a law, you need to go through congress to get it changed. These judges are reaching and if it wasn't Trump, they'd lose all credibility.
  9. I am a little rusty with these things, but I think the term "check/balances" might be misleading here. The courts do not check or balance the power of the executive branch. It is a separation of power, and the judicial branch is merely invoking it's power. It does not take away or balances power at all. It just judges if the order is lawful or not to enact it. The judge here is claiming that the order causes significant damage to the state in terms of finance and economics, which would harm American citizens. Businesses have talents overseas, and they are unable to come back to do work or able to do work, or whatever it is which would cause financial loss. We are not able to see the claimed significance of this loss until the lawsuit is over, so in the meantime the order is blocked, maybe for a very long time. To me, this is an abuse of power. The order is clearly within law since there was nothing else other than the claim of financial loss. I don't where the line is drawn in significant loss. Obviously there will always be some amount of loss when the presidents takes advantage of the power to regulate immigration this way. I don't think it's significant and warrants blocking the order for all states, since the magnitude of effect it has on states varies from state to state. Plus, the number of people effected is like what, less than 1% of the population?
  10. So the immigration order got blocked by the judicial branch... how is this even possible when it is clearly within law? That's crazy.
  11. I think the recent order is not the best implementation, and the guy is going really fast to get his promises in... I thought we can all continue with our lives after the election process is over. He's the president, that got elected through process, and he's doing what he said he'd do. And it seems the world agrees, for example brexit. But each day, going to work, listening to the radio... and people around me... it's like nothing has changed. The mainstream media is blasting anti-trump propaganda 24/7, one after the other, nonstop. Often repeated one after the other. I carpool.. :/ I sometimes feel someones trying to hypnotize me, but I also wonder if there's some ulterior motive here? Is it really the case of discontent and putting pressure on everything the guy does? I think there's a lot of things that we are missing out on by electing Trump, and I'm concerned about things he might do, but I'm just glad we have things in place to stop those kind of things and there are term limits.. I can't say it is all discontent, although it might be the biggest factor for the Resisistance... I just think some of these reactions are out of hand, and suspiciously chaotic, as if there are dark forces in the works to help stir things up, perhaps from outside. For example, you have bright people from the left, trying to work with Trump, and they get blasted for just being with him. You have people try to voice their conservative views, and it's hard to get any discussion in. If Trump does something against the law, he will step down or get the punishment. Until then, wish people would stop witch-hunting people that are trying to be constructive. Is someone actually trying to set up a coup or something? probably an overstatement but it is concerning to see the small signs of it . My current perspective is: Putting pressure on NATO... ok, but don't dissolve it. pulling out is something i strongly disagree. Influence is a great power IMO, and it'll be hard to get back, maybe. the "extreme vetting" of 7 countries... ok, poor implementation. I feel its just a publicity thing to keep election promises and as a result, many people are being treated unfairly the great wall - have yet to see how things work out with mexico health care - seems like its going to be universal, but not. interested in the plan, but I don't feel too optimistic. So far what I'm hearing sounds good. economics - less regulations, less taxes inside, tariffs, more taxes outside. OK, sounds reasonable. Plus, trump's got an interesting economics advisory group. Though I feel like the CEOs here have a big duty, and in a very bad position in terms of publicity. environment - doesn't look good, but I'm not too concerned. As long as he doesn't cut renewable energy development, I'm okay. Although some demand for renewables would be nice, but I think the current resources needed are there for a transition, and a lot of people are aware and are getting elected for it. education - Why devos? war - always scout first... :/ annnd, how do we get a third party elected the next time around?
  12. I posted all the roles and items below if anyone is interested. Hmm, originally I just wanted to do a regular, normal traditional game. With 5, the game was on thin threads. It was probably the lowest I could go. I did think of 3-4 player games though - a concept with 1 player controlling multiple roles, not sure... It would be even more experimental, maybe. But with 5, I felt a little more safe, but was still pushing experimental. The game was operational, but it really needed 5 votes. The biggest thing was that not voting/posting was close to verifying you are not the wolf, which I would say is the breaking point of the game. There were other concerns, for example - After every game, players can verify roles (if they were re-used). If you were a wolf, you would know what other things a wolf can do, which would tweak the balance. So I had to think new sets of roles for each game. I thought it was a good opportunity to use something similar to deathless, but it never was explored much. I wanted dead players to still play the game, since it was 3 games, it was appropriate for dead players to stay inbetween games. So by adding in gambling, I tried to add some uncertainty on if a dead player is on the side of the wolf (to get more points) or not, and whatever they say can somewhat not be taken at face value. I thought it would be fun if a dead player somehow can make a difference. These are the roles everyone got - Neopetsmom - The Returner, Werewolf, Werewolf thezodiac - PIain Innocent, The Nice One, The Tricky One blacjak - The Pervert, PIain Innocent, PIain Innocent inu/traj - Werewolf, The Sneaky One, Plain Innocent zilary - The Crybaby, The Greedy One, Plain Innocent There was always a single Plain Innocent in every game. The last game had many plain innocents, mostly because powers were mostly "set up" powers. Honestly, I don't think it is werewolf if it was more favorable to get rid of the highest points rather than the werewolf. not revealing the score and hidden sparks was one way. I couldn't have powerful interesting abilities, since it's 2 days per game essentially, so these set up powers were almost useless by the end of the game. Roles: The Werewolf Alignment: Wolf Powers: Lynch - Once a night, try to kill someone by sending a list of 2 players that are alive. Steal - Once a game cycle, try to steal from someone by sending a list of 1 player that is dead or alive. If a player has 2 items, only the last item that was added to their inventory will be stolen. Devour - Eat an item from a player's inventory. The items will be destroyed. Devour version 2 - Eat an item from your own inventory. Gain 2 sparks. (note - Steal or devour would sometimes be removed after each game) Binoculars Once a night you are able to see the name of an item that an alive player has The Pervert Alignment: Innocent Powers: Once a night, you can check the body of a dead or alive person to see the name of the item they have in their possession. Miniature Portal Gun: Once per night, switch the inventory of two players. Once used, the gun will register the two players and you cannot use the same combination of players ever again. The history of combinations used will be listed here: The Returner Alignment: Innocent Powers: once during a game cycle, you can exchange an item for a new item that Bed has in his bag A gemstone If you are dead and hold a gemstone, you can activate this gemstone to add a vote as if you are living. This gemstone’s power will expire after 1 use. The Crybaby Alignment: Innocent Powers: once during a game cycle, if you don't have any items, you can ask Bed to give you another item. Frisbee This item does not take inventory space. The player receiving this item for the time gets 1 spark. Pass this Frisbee to a player. That player will receive 1 bonus spark and know that you passed this item. This Frisbee will register whoever sends the Frisbee. The new holder cannot send the Frisbee back to the player that was registered as the sender of the Frisbee. Once the new holder sends the Frisbee, the previously registered sender will be erased, and the new holder will be registered as a sender. Plain Innocent Alignment: Innocent Better luck next time Elsa Doll You can activate this doll's powers to freeze one person after execution, for a single night, disabling their powers/items. This doll’s power will expire after 2 use. The Greedy one Alignment: Innocent Powers: Once during a game cycle, you can take an item from a dead person. If the dead person has 2 items, you will take the last item that was added to their inventory. The Sneaky one Alignment: Innocent Powers: Once during a game cycle, you can switch your item with another player. The nice one Alignment: Innocent Powers: Once during a game cycle, you can give your item to another person. Bed will give you a new item. Randomized Items in Bag Safe Box (removed from game) Once per night, you can protect a player’s inventory from powers. You are able to use this item on yourself. Piece of paper (removed from game) There's only enough space here to write one name. Write down a name of a player, that player will die the next day, and if a game cycle ends, then that player will die the beginning of the next cycle. Pikachu You find a special note from Bed with the following message: "BEWARE - THIS PIKACHU IS CRAZY. I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO GET RID OF IT. THIS PIKACHU WILL SELF-DESTRUCT IF IT IS PASSED TWICED. IF IT IS NOT PASSED, YOU MIGHT GET SHOCKED." The Pikachu took the note and ripped it into pieces. When passing this item, the receiving player will not get the original message and will only be aware of this new message. "If you don't pass this Pikachu to another person, you might get shocked and lose 5 sparks. If you don’t pass this item, you might lose 5 sparks. The person you pass this item to will not know who passed it to you. A ferret You can plant this ferret on any player. If that player gets an item, you will get the item. Afterwards, the ferret will belong to the player you planted it on. This item will not be considered in any player’s inventory if you plant the ferret. Sparkbomb If you are executed/lynched, the voter or night killer will each get -2 sparks
  13. Game 3 Day 2 Results: blacjak did not post and vote, or did he? Votes Results: NPM: thezodiac thezodiac: NPM, latejak Randomized, and ninja'd blacjak vote results: thezodiac thezodiac is executed. thezodiac is Innocent. NPM the werewolf won and is awarded 12 sparks. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This concludes Werewolf: Year's End. The player with the most sparks: Neopetsmom *10 sparks from winning as innocent in the 1st game *12 sparks from winning as werewolf in the 3rd game Total: 22 sparks thezodiac *10 sparks from winning as innocent in the 1st game *11 sparks from winning as innocent in the 2nd game total: 21 sparks InuYashaOhki *11 sparks from winning as innocent in the 2nd game total: 11 sparks Zilary *10 sparks from winning as innocent in the 1st game *1 spark from an item. total: 11 sparks blacjak *10 sparks from winning as innocent in the 1st game total: 10 sparks Most Sparks Award goes to: Neopetsmom. Good job. MVP Award goes to: thezodiac. The most active player First Blood Award goes to: Zilary. Reason why Trajectory, the werewolf died first game. Awesome person Award goes to: Inu. Ninja replacement skills, almost saved my game. Honorable Mention Award goes to: Blacjak. Active the first game and ninja'd in a vote the same time I posted this post. Thank you for playing, especially during these busy times, and I wish everyone the best for this end-of-year festivities. Also, I want to apologize for any frustration since the game was underwater the entire time. Perhaps the set-up wasn't engaging enough or it turned out to be confusing. But I was surprised. Everyone played along anyways and was nice. So I'd like to end this game on that note.
  14. Game 3 Day 1 Results: blacjak did not post and vote Votes Results: Zilary: thezodiac, Inu blacjak: NPM, Zilary Zilary is executed. Zilary is Innocent. Game 3 Night 1 Results: Inu is killed by a werewolf. Inu is Innocent. Game 3 Day 2 begins
  15. Yeah, we missed you. You got removed from the game and Inu is playing now.