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  1. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    iko switches position with Blacjak Attack: WebCrawler A Nodding at the move, iko preferred being behind the group. That way he can see the action in plain view. "Got it, Khem." Even though Blacjak clearly looks different from Khem, there was a disappointing lack of attention from iko. He must have been 80% self-reflecting still.
  2. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Attack: WebcrawlerA
  3. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    iko was nervous upon seeing the enemy. He started to meditate his thoughts by self-reflecting. His composure changed and he appeared nonchalant. The plan to maneuver around the enemy came quick, as if natural. iko attempts to stealth first
  4. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    iko rejoins Team Piracy with Nebiros and will auto-follow Nebiros' travel commands.
  5. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    After the battle in the Mafia Lounge, iko snapped out of his coma. Scanning the situation, he quickly took note of Traj's recommendation for iko to equip a Graphic Tee. In tandem, iko quietly picked one up. He started to take off his regular shirt, but then froze. He became self-conscious of his body, and then decided to wear the Graphic Tee over his regular clothing. Was it stylish? he thought. He looked down at the graphic on the tee, but there was not enough story description to describe it. As the others were negotiating the rest of the items, iko slowly moved over to Nebiros. He didn't know how he got into another party, or why Nebiros and Khem were where they were. But he still wanted to stay with Nebiros and Khem. Although it has been brief, Nebiros has been taking care of him, and he suspects Khem has feelings for Nebiros. Item: Use Graphic Tee on iko
  6. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    iko continues to attack. Attack: WebCrawlerC (Front A )
  7. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    iko continues to attack instinctively while his mind is lost in self-reflection hell. Attack: WebCrawler (Front B )
  8. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    As the team moved, iko thought about Star's comment and Nebiros' prompt finger guns. Were they talking about me? thought iko. iko started to feel a little self conscience. He looked around to make sure nobody was looking at him. Then he patted himself. What am I? iko fell into deep thoughts... about his identity, about his past life. Who am I? He was pretty sure he had 'hacker' in his genes, as suggested by Star, but he really didn't know what that meant. iko wanted to sit aside and self reflect on himself. But his self conscientiousness prevented him from doing so - it would be too uncool of him. Instead, he darted his eyes around once more and then stared off into the distance while walking. He became emotionless, dummy-like, and cold. He was lost in his own thoughts. The incoming enemy Webcrawlers did not snap iko out of his daze. iko then acted out of instinct, attacking the three Webcrawlers. Attack: WebcrawlerABC, or WebcrawlerA(If it really is 3 separate enemies, or 1 unit that looks like 3 enemies.) Provisional: If sparkmini heals Khem and he has higher sparks than iko, switch party position with Khem.
  9. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    "Ouch," said iko as Nebiros got damaged critically by the Spambot. Was it time to panic? A feeling of nostalgia entered iko. Maybe he was through this experience some time in the past, but he couldn't remember. He didn't know how to react. However, he wanted to help. iko offered to switch positions with Nebiros. 1 spark is really cutting it close, thought iko. "uh... hmmm... I recommend shifting Nebiros to third. And for conservation, use only 1 spark mini. It would be nice to observe a possible max average heal..." iko contemplated further but became annoyingly indecisive. He saw new enemies and readied himself to attack. Spambot probably has to be deleted first. iko was thinking Spambot really hurts, more than Webcrawler that is... Pre-Battle: iko switches party position with Nebiros. Provisional: If iko's team members decide on new position, iko would like to change positions based on decision. Provisional: If team members decide different target to engage, iko would like to attack and auto-battle the decided target. Item: Use snowball on Spambot (Encounter A) ooc: let me know if these commands don't work
  10. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    "Thanks for the heals, Nebiros," said iko. He got up back up and stood as if rejuvenated. iko speaking randomly, "It seems the Team Science Project is going to recover the weapons. Guess we are going there." iko will travel with his party to whichever next destination the party members decide to go to. iko will continue to attack any enemy based on the party leader's attack preference for the next engagement.
  11. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    "My sparks..." whispered iko. "I think I should be third in line since I suffered some damage... so if you please, Khem." iko positioned himself third to Khem. He knelt down as if he was hurt. Iko attacks WebCrawler (Encounter A).
  12. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    iko took notice of Rexozord's choice. He nodded his head and turned to Nebiros and Khem. "Hey, can I join your party? I'd like to help," said iko as he walked toward them. iko felt a particular atmosphere between Khem and Nebiros. He carefully took some distance to observe. iko queues up to attack Spambot A, as 2nd in the party.
  13. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    iko intends to join the party that Rexozord is not joining and attack the bot that the party is intending to attack. ooc: Thanks for the clarification. I was typing 'start' and changed my wording, but forgot to delete it.
  14. Are loot boxes considered under-age gambling? Please note, the definition of gambling can be applied to any situation related to chance with 'desirable result' vs. measured resulting value. It was just annoying seeing people quote the dictionary to draw this line. In recent news, Belgium is considering banning the loot box mechanic altogether, and Hawaii is interested in doing the same. Please also note, 1 politician's opinion probably doesn't represents Hawaii. Articles these days... The rationale: We don't want our kids exposed to gambling. These game makers are predators to young children, messing with their psyche and exploiting them for money. The voices are coming from maybe a couple of old people that have never seen gaming in a good light. As far the internet goes, it is a controversial topic, with many expressing how much they hate loot boxes, and if this is what it takes to get rid of them, they will gladly support the idea. Re-occurring themes or analogies come up: 1.) Gambling is gambling. And so is going to the zoo or new York. There's a chance of it not going well. But we can't ban everything... Time to move on from Dictionaries... But gambling is gambling. AHH! 2.) Card Games like MTG or baseball cards is similar to lootboxes for kids. This is often refuted by saying that when you buy a booster pack, you get physical material. In a game, you get a virtual item in which the integrity of its existence varies. Also, physical cards are tradable and can be sold or bought individually, allowing people to have an alternative option to obtain certain cards. Loot boxes in online games have various alternative ways to get them, but often not for the box contents, individually. For example in Overwatch, you can obtain loot boxes for free by playing more often. In others, you can buy skins individually, but at a much higher price. Trading items that come from loot boxes are rarely found in online games. In games like Dota 2, you get random items as an award for progression, and you can sell/trade these items, creating a sort of small marketplace. In my opinion, the trading element of virtual items actually adds more value or integrity to the item. You can sell these items for real money, which is something very measured in terms of gambling. Virtual items from most loot boxes can't be traded or sent, which really limits how you measure what is more value or less value. They are all equally the same value in this regard. The only reason why you might value something over the other is based on your personal preference, or what the developer labels as "legendary." Although there is intrinsic value like, what there is less chance of getting is considered high value - this notion is nothing less than an opinion or preference. There's probably better way of explaining this. To put it simply, my train of thought is that, it is not gambling because all items coming from a lootbox, or booster pack, or whatever is not gambling because each card all has the same value. For them to have value is if you can sell/trade/buy loot boxes, single cards, etc. Is there any big holes in this logic? I mean, what EA did for their SW battle front game sucks. That's why I don't play it. People shouldn't pay for that stuff. But the kids don't know this stuff, they take their parents cards, they buy and stuff. Well, as you can see, I think this is another case of bad parenting. The reason why I'm strongly against banning loot boxes is because it is another controlling measure that limits the profitability of the gaming industry. I'm all for consumer protection and stuff, but I think in this case specifically, it comes down to a choice - unless it is decided by everyone that the choice to buy something should be controlled by the government for kids and not their parents. The other reason is I think monthly subscription sucks. Single player games are hailed for not containing loot boxes, while online games are criticized for having them. There's a difference in the cost of selling a product and running a service. Online games require the cost of servers and data management to operate their games. I was one of the kids that couldn't afford monthly subs and I always thought it was more "leeching" toward my wallet since it is often automatic. I would rather play for free, and have the rich kids buy stuff, to keep my participation free. What are your thoughts. Are you concerned for the aggressive buying and spending of the underage?
  15. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    iko stepped behind the rest of the group. Apparently, 2 groups of 2 have formed and both are already attacking. He didn't have a preference or considered the stats advantages of each party, and he thought he should give the choice to Rexozord. Turning to Rexozord, he asked, "Which party are you joining? I'll go after you pick." OOC: I'm assuming the party limit is 3 people. And that when you say "3 members can form a party" does not mean 3 members can star form a party, each.
  16. That's an interesting idea. So when you buy a pack, you're not participating in RNG/Gambling if one of the items is always the same. The rest can even be considered 'bonus' items. This is very deceptive and I would assume this kind of loophole would be fixed right away since it would be applicable to many other serious gambling scenarios. I think one of the least talked about parenting topic is about how to talk to children about money. Adults themselves are not that great at money. I'm not really either... Maybe because they weren't raised with anyone talking about that to them. Games introduce currency to kids even before they can even talk these days. Which is good I think. It's when there are mechanics to Cheat your way to the top, (pay to win), or sometimes (pay to look good) isn't such a great life lesson. Kids learn more from games than their parents, obviously. But parents give them access. I think one of the root issues is that typically, parents, or people of old age are not tech savvy. When a product is rated "FOR KIDS," I think the general idea is that less parenting is involved. But I still don't see this as an issue, because micro transactions are only enabled if the card number is entered after purchase, manually. And if not, it should be this way. For a kid to buy online content without permission, they would be subjected to stealing... which is very different than 'gambling.' Stealing is the issue here, and it's no different than a kid stealing a firearm which might make a parallel that is controversial and I'm only thinking of it now. Anyways, It seems like when I was thinking that gambling is not gambling if it is not tradable is very similar to how the UK parliament defines gambling. I feel like the first time I was on the right track. From UK gambling commission:
  17. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    "iko" is fine since... "Iko" looks weird to me. It's pronounced ie-koe. Suppose to be derivative of "Loki" and doubled up in meaning with the Japanese term "ikou." Lunar Jade sounds cool to be in . Amber Matriach... I was reading that, maybe it would be fun to infiltrate an all-female club too...
  18. Werepodcast

    Wow, welcome back! That's an interesting concept. Would the game not devolve into everyone picking the best abilities? how would you make people pick a diverse set of abilities without prior coordination?
  19. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Desire: Make friends Character username: iko Desired usergroup: Non-usergroup, or Werewolf if not being in a usergroup is not a thing... Desired Class: Savant. Would like to be Specialist though. Trait: Hacker.
  20. What are your hobbies?

    That's cool. I don't know much about the dance scene, but if you want to hang out or crash, let me know. I recently upgraded to a different place, which has a bit more room. I've been having chronic back pains for the last few years and I feel it is getting worse. I'm currently trying to recover via gym training, swimming, etc. It's hard to keep it up, exercising. This summer has been quite busy. My doctor's approach is, get some advice from therapist, try that for a while, and if it doesn't work, get some x-rays. Given that this has been a chronic issue for years, I don't see how doing some arm movements will help me fast. It would have to be at least half a year to see any clear improvements I think. Wouldn't it be more logical to get x-rays, see if there are any major issues, then proceed to treatment? It does hurt, and makes my life miserable. I have a sedentary life style because of my work and playing on the computer. It's a lot of sharp pains, cracking, inflammation, from my neck to my lower back, and my shoulder joints. I've been practicing whenever I go hiking or travel. Which is like 2-4 times a year? I'm looking to do more traveling these days. I recently got a decent camera, so there's more I can do now. Some things I would like to do with filmography would probably try to capture everyday life. I like silent films, it's easiest to do. I also like to do some action, but would require another person. If I had more people involved, would like to do some show, or a series, of things weird and interesting. Comedy is the best, but subtle comedy. A mix of things would be cool. I'm less interested in photos, and more into character building, world building, etc. Videos that are just fun is what I would go for... entertainment for the people involved.
  21. What are your hobbies?

    Well, I would have never imagined you would become a dancer and a fashion statement, from when you were in high school. That's great that you found something you really like to do. Are you going to Utah? I like to play video games mostly to keep me from thinking about other stuff. Like back pains, hunger, work, and other life responsibilities. Would this be a hobby? I don't know. I truly enjoy interacting with other people, on a level where it's by leisure, free of bias, and you can say or do anything you want without being held responsible for your words. In that same vein, I like hanging out with people that are kind and forgiving but also honest. Not many people have patience in reality. Another hobby I have is growing plants. Just like to see things grow up by my care. Gives you some perspective on how time has passed. Or, sometimes you can see the progress, even though you're just doing a minor routine thing. Another hobby I have is reading up on new technology, things that can potentially change the future for good. I occasionally read tragic, bizarre stories to keep myself in line with reality on how people can be. I try to remind myself of the worst and best things in life to maintain some form of clarity on scope, or non-bias, neutral viewpoint on things. Not necessarily always about people, but things that can be observed to show me whats possible and whats not. It's easy to get hyped, brainwashed, conditioned, tunnel vision etc. Maybe this isn't a hobby, more like something I need to do to keep me in check with reality. Another hobby I have is capturing things on video and photos. I want to be a film maker, story maker to show things I can't seem to express otherwise.
  22. What are you playing?

    The remaster has been great. Once you play on these graphics, you can't go back to the old version. Everything seems to be like the old game, with just improved graphics, and a new ladder system. I wish they would fix multiplayer, functionally. There's still bottleneck lag issues which wouldn't hurt to fix. I'm not sure how easy it would be to change the netcode though. I'm just having fun doing some fastest possible maps. Will probably get bored after some more hours I suppose. But it's still a gem to have in my opinion.
  23. What are you playing?

    I'm playing starcraft. Lets play again. Got the remastered version.
  24. New Prez

    Since the election is over, what are your thoughts? Just wanted to say I've been pretty good at holding back all year. It's a touchy subject, and I realize my employers can check my facebook and other social media if they so do choose. My boss is very vocal at work and I've so far did pretty well remaining neutral at work and on social media. I don't want to go into a blame game, but I thought this thread might serve as some sort of place to find some closure, anonymously, since I'm sure many backlogged. I've been very observant since the beginning of the primary, and the most interesting thing - I mean, corruption aside - is that the internet, twitter, facebook, google, reddit, etc. were very politically controlled despite claiming to be a free domain. Talking about political censorship. Not only that, but superpacs were invested in online botting anywhere on the internet. So when you go to online articles, you might find botted comment sections. It was really annoying not know what was what.
  25. New Prez

    Coal and oil has done wonders for everyone overall. I think the use of these resources were integral to advance our civilization and enable us our present quality of life and capabilities like better health and control of disease. I think we've reached a transitional point that many of the negative issues tied to fossil fuel can be forgoed.