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  1. Werewolf: Year's End Sign-ups

    If you absolutely need another player to make your game work, let me know, but I can't commit to being active in that window.
  2. WW: Betrayal at the Mansion Down the Street Signups

    I think it's a poor assumption to assume the innocents will play correctly, though. I think it wouldn't have been infeasible for the actual Masons to be too uncoordinated/uncertain to claim persuasively.
  3. WW: Betrayal at the Mansion Down the Street Signups

    I just read the game thread, and I do think a mass-roleclaim might have been the best innocent strategy. I disagreed with the "Only the PIs should claim" approach, though - it made more sense for the baddies to claim Mason than PI.
  4. WW: Betrayal at the Mansion Down the Street Signups

    If you want to start the game now and include Zilary, I'm willing to start playing and then sub out after Monday.
  5. WW: Betrayal at the Mansion Down the Street Signups

    I actually can't play this one, since I'll be socializing up a storm Wednesday through Monday. Have fun!
  6. "Happy" Little Trees signups

    That's okay, I think the game would have played out the same way whether you'd gotten your result on Blacjak right or not. Since three people were claiming Dreamer, we pretty much needed to kill two of you
  7. "Happy" Little Trees signups

    It was a little more complicated than that. I Tracked UrGilgamesh Night 1, and saw him target Cel. Cel said nothing happened to her (so she wasn't Jailed), so when UrGilgamesh turned out to be the Sociopath, it was pretty clear that there'd been a successful protect Night 1. It also made it near-impossible for anyone to falsely claim Protector (since I knew who the real Protector had targeted Night 1). I think, instead of trying to redirect me or NPM, it might have been better to target Smile. I think at least a couple of players suspected a secret rezconvert, so a random innocent getting shot might have sowed enough distrust to swing an execution.
  8. "Happy" Little Trees signups

    Yeah, I think rez protection only holding for the first Night after rezzing (with rezzing happening during the Day just before execution) would have worked better. I actually think having both a Protector and a Disabler was also a mistake, although the Night 1 Protect just prevented the OMT from killing a Wolf.
  9. "Happy" Little Trees

    Oh good, the gang's all here! Lynch Rex tomorrow, guys.
  10. "Happy" Little Trees

    Oddly, I was told something weird happened to my list. It wasn't Exiled, because he and NPM agree that NPM's list was scrambled. There's at most one WW left after Cel, so NPM and Exiled can't just both be baddies covering for each other. Conveniently, the remaining WW power role is the List Replace Wolf. Rex and Ashontez both did nothing last night, so unless a Protector speaks up, our last Wolf is pretty much guaranteed to be one of them.
  11. "Happy" Little Trees

    @zodiac To be fair, I thought you had the right idea. However, I was dead and couldn't participate. Also, I'm really curious to find out whether you would have just become a Wolf if you'd graverobbed Bed. Rock's dream result on Blac was obviously not correct, but the Dreamer can only "miss the evil" (thinking an evil person is good), not accidentally see a good person as evil.
  12. "Happy" Little Trees

    Exiled, who did you scramble last night? Also, if there is a Protector, now would be a good time to reveal yourself.
  13. "Happy" Little Trees

    Sorry, Rock! But you did tell me Cel was evil, so now we know. Vote: Celairiel
  14. "Happy" Little Trees

    Woo! Fingers crossed that Smile hit another baddie overnight.
  15. "Happy" Little Trees

    Blacjak's roleclaim is the same as someone else's, so I'd feel most comfortable if we still executed him. We can always execute the other person if Blac is innocent.