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  1. All-Stars 2016 - Sparkbomb Werewolf

    Weee didn't bother to respond so vote: weee because I find that odd. Sin, how do you have this 4/6 evil list I'm part of?
  2. All-Stars 2016 - Sparkbomb Werewolf

    I'm not really sure where to go here since I was late and don't have an alliance so the background work is an interesting mystery. On the recent point of weee, I do find it interesting that she pm'ed me yesterday with a piece of information that wasn't true because it wasn't possible. That stuck out to me as exceptionally odd. Edit work not with*
  3. All-Stars 2016 - Sparkbomb Werewolf

    I finally am at a place with internet!! And phone service!! Sorry Rift. I can now stare at y'all's posts to my breasts content (I was attempting to slide phone type heart's and that's too funny to change).
  4. All-Stars 2016 - Sparkbomb Werewolf

    So I knew I was traveling to Denver but had no idea I'd have no internet when my phone was alive and that my phone trying find internet would drain constantly. Sorry about that folks. vote: lion wiggled before my phone dies again. Will look closer tonight after charger.
  5. All-Stars 2016 - Sparkbomb Werewolf

    This is my fluff - I exist post. Was working until 1 AM last night but I'll catch up at some point later today. Btw.. been a while. Hi all. Any major life changes?
  6. Werewolf - Level Up 3.0! Sign Ups/Graveyard

    Thanks for hosting NPM. I appreciated the experiment in the no communication and all roles known. It was an interesting combination. I think it ended up being absolutely pointless for innocents to try to do anything at all other than wait to die, but there was no way of really knowing that until the game dynamic played out so that said - now we know.
  7. Werewolf - Level Up 3.0! - Game Thread

    For the record was trying to make some way too gourmet brownies while typing this. By vigi I meant the omt. I'm assuming we're going to all die in a fiery explosion or something rather soon anyways.
  8. Werewolf - Level Up 3.0! - Game Thread

    So uh.. whoever is the vigilante - want to be friends? Cause we're both outnumbered.
  9. Werewolf - Level Up 3.0! - Game Thread

    vote: Mr: H See the peculiar thing, Sin, is that I don't lie in these games. I just hedge the truth or let others make false assumptions. I said I didn't send any lists so no hedging on that.
  10. Werewolf - Level Up 3.0! - Game Thread

    Silver is telling the truth.
  11. Werewolf - Level Up 3.0! - Game Thread

    Yes, well switching any of my lists would have been useless because I've sent exactly 0 lists this game if that helps you figure anything out.
  12. Werewolf - Level Up 3.0! - Game Thread

    Mr. H most definitely cannot do those things unless he had a nice one off power.
  13. Werewolf - Level Up 3.0! - Game Thread

    I'm at work and putting in a vote now based on skimming so I don't miss it again. Vote: Mr. H. So I am here to receive my award, tyvm. I find it very interesting that Sinical and Inu are still alive right now. No way that one of you isn't bad. Just sayin'.
  14. Werewolf - Level Up 3.0! - Game Thread

    Ugh my meeting ran way late and I just got home for the day.. and it's not even to good news. I think this is the worst start to a game I've ever seen. Also we apparently do have the shooter having multiple attacks. Curious what the mechanism is for bullets - I've seen three shots be pretty common (unless I missed something we've only seen two I believe). Could also be related to leveling. Reading back but need to go to bed - Weee - not really useful information. Completely outside of the game, I was reading WW on my phone at work this morning then was only home long enough to walk the dog before going to another night business meeting that ran over so this was a real life issue that wasn't meant to impact the game.