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  1. Count the Fox to Rock with you all night lol I'm in
  2. So Blackjak you admit it you were the bodyguard all along. This is proof ladies and gentlemen the Blackjak was the protector all this time and he had just found out the biggest secret that Star was not the dreamer all along but I was. Vote: Blackjak
  3. Oh! Clearing a few thing up are you, Jak? Well allow me to clean a few skeletons out your closet. I claim the role of protector without saying protector before you and for you to claim it also simply duplicities so you are simply copying me and of course you might be making it out that I am trying to copy you but I already said it first so if you think you can out Fox the Foxman your to late because I already done it my self.
  4. I have fond the Watcher/Dreamer and they are under the Foxman's protection. and I feel NPM is right about Blackjak and Rift looking shady but one is more shady than the other which makes sense and they could be the one after the dreamer/watcher who must not be named at the this moment for their safety so trust me, the Fox like God of Rock on this grave matter. Vote: Blackjack
  5. Right someone here is a dreamer and someone is also a watcher and my suspicions fall on to one player which i believe is both.
  6. Alright lads, so let get on the graft with this one, you know proper stuck in so who havin it off first? Vote: Nobody
  7. I will play
  8. I feel like I should Apologies for my role as a dreamer because I think I screwed it up when I got mixed up when I dreamed about Blackjack.
  9. I fought, I lost, I rest. I wish you good fortune in the wars to come. O Flower of Scotland,When will we seeYour like again,That fought and died for,Your wee bit Hill and Glen,And stood against him,Proud Edward's Army,And sent him homeward,Tae think again.
  10. I got your back Jack, plus Exited is very shifty and I don't so much trust him. Vote: Exiled
  11. Right I'm not going to reveal my role but I've sent Weee a message saying what it is and I can confirm Blackjack is not evil so we would be accusing the wrong dude.
  12. Stop in the name of Viking who discovered America. Blackjack is innocent!
  13. Then I do not bite my thumb at thee! Sure Foxes are in the same family of Canidae (Canines) which divides though into two tribes which those that are related to Canini (Wolves) and those related to Vulpini (Foxes) but only one goes into the other ones teeth.
  14. "I do bite my thumb at you sir, do you bite your thumb at me, Sir?" Questions to be answered, Werewolves to find, innocents to save. busy day for a Fox
  15. Wee and Taj are dead and so far we have managed to take out bed who was a traitor. The Werewolves are pulling no punches right now so if they are getting bold then we have to get bold so let look at some facts. Suspicion earlier fell on Cel and it was either her or Bed and the minority choose Bed. I don't think Cel is evil but I think recent suspicion casts a great dark shadow over her that would lead us to believing she is evil. As For NPS well saying he is not a Werewolf then I might be inclined to believe her because a player of her caliber is far to good to let themselves be unmasked by saying they are not a werewolf but I might place my suspicions on you Ash come up with an argument like that. Vote: Ash