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  1. Just realized I posed in the game feed without realizing that the game was already over and the forces of darkness have already one so again apologies for being absent along time. But congrats on winners but the war of light and darkness is never truly over. I loved the style of this game I saw a lot of like Tekken style in it. I was wondering if that is where you got your inspiration from Jak?
  2. Hey dogs of war, sorry I've been MIA for the past few days things just at work and the weekend got busy very fast so not really had enough time to come on here but I've been reading through the thread and we I think are now at the finals if the semi finals have already happened and we are now down to Cel vs Rox and you both are pretty much good vs evil right now.
  3. Ahhhh! Red is dead. He was the only one who would fly this boat and now I am stuck here. All hope is lost unless I can get to the program grid that I think Red left behind in the stadium then I can use the auto pilot on the ship to get off this rock but to do that I must do battle again probably much like the up coming Thor: Ragnarok movie. Well Its time to let the Titans Clash again. Lets Rock!
  4. I stand on a hill top looking down at a valley of uncertainty, with tensions running so high it would take more than a well folded steel of samurai sword to cut it. But I look to the sky and see hope in the form of the Red and his newly refurbished hyperdrive cargo ship, The Red StarFox It was my mission to be sent to this Battle work to seek out new life and new civilisations and to boldly go were no Fox had gone before. So before we get are selves into a Mexican stand-off kind of situation who will join the crew and go off on some cool, crazy and dangerous adventures as well as taking down the true enemy of this planet.
  5. Rift we are players in the game and in the game some player will be playing their own game with the other players to which the other players will be playing in the other players game vote: Roxzoid
  6. Ladies and Gentlemen Here I am Yes, behold the Fox, the Champion , the rock, the hard place, like a wind from East. I sweep by blown far from my homeland in search of glory and honor, we walk... in the garden of my turbulence! The one, the only Rock the Firestorm Fox. Parse me!
  7. Lets to discuss. I know my input have not been much toward the activities at had but if we would do a little bit of analyses to what's happened from all the previous matches and I don't know if it happened or not but I don't know if there has been any more team involvement yet but it just seem like we are going from match to match.
  8. As I enter the arena all the gods and mortals stand vivified at my every move as the bagpipes start playing Scotland the Brave, then followed by everyone standing for the national anthem. then a reenactment of the Mel Gibson' William Wallace speech and then I raze my Claymore Long Sword and with my kilt I run into battle with no underwear on shouting Freedom! Ok Zodiac its go time !
  9. Sorry for the late reply had to be off the computer for a while. Vote: Red
  10. If you wanna ROCK THIS FOX! Then I will be rocking with me all night and will be dancing you right into the sunlight. I'm bad, bad Rocky Brown, the baddest Fox in the whole damned town!
  11. At least it as not as unintentional like the results at Wimbledon, Frankie-boy!
  12. I don't know about odds but the odds never seem to be in the winners favor because we are always surprised by the results. You may float like a butterfly but be prepared to get squished by the paw of a polar bear or the cold arctic temperature which no butterfly could possibly ever survive in as well as such two creatures that would never really encounter each other unless in captivity and under strange circumstance.
  13. That the second draw I've head this week. The first being the result of the Scotland vs England game, one all. Alright, Rift your up next! Get in there, my son! Zil's got nothing on you. give him the old 123! The Kansas city shuffle, the New York Deli special, The New York Subway special in fact just give him all the New York specials. Sting like a bumblebee and hit like a polar bear.
  14. We finally got our selves a decent brawl but can hardly call it Thunderdome just yet. Red and Sinical's fight had a big build up like the McGregor and Mayweather match but I'm still unsure of the outcome mainly because I don't know if it happened yet but I agree with Rox about the self-preservation right now but also because I'm unsure about teams right now but it good while were are still fresh faced in this game to mix things up which is why I'm voting for this contender for the next match. Vote: Rift
  15. Form my understanding this game follows a tournament like format and vote are no so much from executions but for players being voted to select each other like the dialog between Sinical and Red which I would like to see. Now for my introduction; I am Rock of the Clan Fox. I was born in 1518 in the village of Glenfinnan on the shores of Loch Shiel. And I am immortal who shall like to put the name to the test and bring their pretty face to my axe Vote: Red
  16. This game will be far different from the ones I've played before. In my mind its kind of looking like fight club and we all know the first rule! of Fight Club?
  17. RPS wolf game thread

    To catch a killer you need to think like the killer so anyone got a beat on how we do that lol vote: Nobody
  18. Rock, paper, scissors wolf.

    Count the Fox to Rock with you all night lol I'm in
  19. Werewolf the Return: Gamer Thread

    So Blackjak you admit it you were the bodyguard all along. This is proof ladies and gentlemen the Blackjak was the protector all this time and he had just found out the biggest secret that Star was not the dreamer all along but I was. Vote: Blackjak
  20. Werewolf the Return: Gamer Thread

    Oh! Clearing a few thing up are you, Jak? Well allow me to clean a few skeletons out your closet. I claim the role of protector without saying protector before you and for you to claim it also simply duplicities so you are simply copying me and of course you might be making it out that I am trying to copy you but I already said it first so if you think you can out Fox the Foxman your to late because I already done it my self.
  21. Werewolf the Return: Gamer Thread

    I have fond the Watcher/Dreamer and they are under the Foxman's protection. and I feel NPM is right about Blackjak and Rift looking shady but one is more shady than the other which makes sense and they could be the one after the dreamer/watcher who must not be named at the this moment for their safety so trust me, the Fox like God of Rock on this grave matter. Vote: Blackjack