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  1. I grew up almost entirely without video games. We weren't exactly poor, but my parents bought more house than Dad's peers, so several years I was eating bread with pizza sauce and leftovers, watching a black and white TV with a coat hanger for an antenna (the family TV was usually off limits), and reading the encyclopedia because it was more interesting than my parents' book selection at that age. When I got access to the family TV, I spent as much time as I could watching it. It's not quite the asceticism you're speaking of, but in retrospect, I found the limited access made it too much of a focus. TV became precious, and when finally the restrictions were gone, I spent too much time watching TV, playing games, etc. Over the years, I reached a saturation point where I realized the TV would get by just fine without me, and I was not really enjoying a lot of the games I was playing. Right now, I'm far from an ascetic lifestyle - I have a TV, 2 computers, a smartphone, 2 consoles (up from 0 a couple years ago), but I find it only becomes a focal point if I have something specific I want out of it. The TV only gets turned on if I want to do something - watch a new movie, watch a TV series I'm feeling nostalgic about, etc. The Wii, despite several games I haven't touched hasn't been turned on in months. On the other hand, the computer and smartphone are my links to the world. I do everything through them, and enjoy the lack of clutter they provide. Now, a dumb question for you - Electronics have never cluttered my life. Government, business and busybodies have. What are you doing that let you live your ascetic lifestyle without massive piles of paper when you come home? I separated it out one month and the stack of garbage that was pure advertisement was more than 2 13 gallon trash cans could hold, the mix of bills, tax information, "keep for your records" documents, and other such garbage was about a third of another 13 gallon trash can, and that was before getting into the things I had carelessly gotten myself into (eg. donating to charities). Incidentally, never donate to charities unless you can do it anonymously. They all abuse your contact information.
  2. That is awesome. And, yes, it works for those of us who don't put our faces in books.
  3. As feared, this year has started rough. I am beginning my hiatus early this year.

  4. Our new governor just declared a state of emergency and deployed the national guard for the storm that hasn't started yet. That's not foreboding at all. We're expecting an ice storm for the next 3-5 days.

  5. I'll be a standby or replacement.
  6. I didn't know Pikachu could learn Self Destruct.
  7. Yep. That was my role the third game. I'd be curious to see how this would play out with more players. With as few was there were, there was no real time for anything beyond analyzing 1-2 posts and speculating on the impact of inactivity. The aspect I liked best was the interaction between games where it mattered who died in which game. I would have liked there to have been a little more variability in between, though. Knowing for certain that Zodiac had to die was about like having a game run long enough that all but one player is cleared.
  8. It's specifically a set of 3 games. You're arguing for treating it as 3 separate games...which conveniently would give you the overall win if anyone listened to you. EDIT: Actually, the argument itself, along with the convenient "oops, forgot the lists I could easily have submitted while telling you I was submitting them" is very wolflike anyway. I think it's a safe bet when they execute you, they'll be executing the wolf.
  9. ~OooooOOoooo~ *The ghost of Inu haunts Zodiac, then posts in accordance with the Deathless rules.* I think you can call tonight a foregone conclusion. Everyone is strategically forced to vote for Zodiac. If he lives and is the wolf, he will have an insurmountable 33 sparks to NPM and Blac's 10 (or 18 if Blac guessed the outcome correctly after dying in game 2) If he lives and is not the wolf, and the wolf dies, he will have an insurmountable 32 sparks to the surviving non-wolf's 21 sparks (or 29 if it's Blac and he guessed the outcome correctly after dying in game 2.) If he dies and is the wolf, he will have 21 sparks, NPM will have 21 sparks, and Blac will have 21 sparks (or 29 sparks if Blac guessed the outcome correctly after dying in game 2). If he dies and is not the wolf, the wolf will win with 22 sparks. There is no scenario in which NPM or Blac wins in spark count where they fail to execute Zodiac tonight. The only possibility that this is incorrect is if NPM or Blac earned super secret sparks some other way that isn't known publicly. They can add those super secret sparks to the totals here and see if it works out, but I get the strong impression that no super secret sparks have been awarded. ~OooooOOoooo~
  10. It's the ghost of Werewolves' past!
  11. As it stands, I think Zodiac has won overall with 21 sparks already plus whatever he gets this round. At best I can beat him by 1 spark if he dies and I'm one of the last 2 innocents standing this round (giving me 2x 11 spark rounds for 22 sparks total). Unless you've won sparks behind the scenes, everyone else has 10 sparks so the only one who can beat him other than me is the wolf (12 sparks), which I suspect based on posts so far is someone who hasn't spoken up yet. What he offers tonight is too good to kill him day 1, and day 2 we can't spare the vote unless he's looking like a wolf. On the off chance that something happens to me tonight before voting time, I'll go ahead and vote for Zilary as the other I have no info on yet. I should be back to change it if need be, but the fan is being hit by something unmentionable right now. Vote: Zilary
  12. Whew... I was a little worried I misread you, NPM.
  13. The only thing I have to go off of is the public behavior of the two of you, and yours yesterday left me leaning towards you being the wolf. This latest post is in keeping with your behavior when you're about to be executed on uncertain terms when you just happen to be a wolf, so while I'm not confident in my vote, I'm not convinced to change it either. My power also has to do with presents. I can swap with someone. Since this cycle will end before the night phase, I won't get to use it. Unfortunately, the analysis you've just made, while correct, only covers 2 possibilities out of 4 obvious ones (if we eliminate the possibility of Bed changing things up). Each of the two possibilities you claim with you having the PI role could equally apply to Zodiac having whichever I don't have. I know you well enough to know you thought of that fact and intentionally didn't mention it because you hoped to make me "think past the sale" of your asserted innocence. That doesn't tell me anything, though, because you do the same as an innocent. Still, the vibe I'm getting from you is more lupine than innocent.
  14. *Throws a smoke grenade, appears mysteriously wearing a ninja outfit. Hides Trajectory's unconscious body while coughing on the smoke.* Nothing to see here. Move along, move along... I'm inclined to vote with Zodiac. Vote: NeopetsMom
  15. Due to an unusually demanding December schedule, I will again sign up as a backup. (I suspect my hiatus may start earlier next year too.)