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  1. What are you playing?

    Wiimote that came with the console, with Nintendo branded Motion Plus attached. It's all what it's supposed to be in hardware, but it just wasn't designed right for the controls they tried to use in the game. Pointing your controller upward to raise your sword is the most obvious example since it breaks line of sight, but the up and down with the bird just isn't responsive enough for such an integral part of the game's navigation. There was some switching around, but all of them let you get through with 3-4 items. Usually Hookshot, Tornado Rod, Bombs and Torch. The dark palace lighting mechanic was great as well, now that I mention the torch. I loved Link's Awakening back in the day, but stopped playing Nintendo games after the Super Nintendo (my brothers handed me the controller for a bit with Ocarina of Time, but I couldn't handle the 3D perspective then so I didn't play). Just listened to Ballad of the Wind Fish and it still holds up as well as I remember it.
  2. What are you playing?

    I've been playing Pokemon GO still, but lately I've been playing Zelda: Link Between Worlds and Zelda: Skyward Sword. More or less because I said I wouldn't buy a switch until I got through those, and I bought a switch (my excuse - it's still in the box). Link Between Worlds has been fun, minus the stupid mini-games that ruin the Piece of Heart quest in almost every game. The baseball thing I hated, and the timed BS like the run across the map and gather rupees before the invisible timer runs out just grate on me. Other than those, though, it was a lot of the old Link to the Past fun, with a great new perspective with the wall-merge ability. The sand rod was interesting, as were the new variations on the ice and fire rods (coming from above and coming from below, respectively). I really love the level design, especially on the Ice Palace. I hate the slippery floor mechanic that gets abused, but the mass of floors and intricate pathways with switches and the roaming block that you keep moving around are awesome. I also loved how this didn't feel linear at all after entering Lorule. I got no indication of which one to start with, and I think I started with the second and third hardest without realizing it because after the first two, they were all far easier until I got to the Ice Palace (and I'm not even sure that was meant to be the hardest). I don't like the controls in Skyward Sword. Nintendo did not have motion controls worked out well enough to be used in the way it was on this game. The flight mode is painful, and even Skyward Slash is hard to execute because pointing the control upward breaks line of sight and makes it unreliable. That said, the story is interesting and the puzzles make a lot of sense with the new ground they broke with the game. Not a fan of the character design as much as other games, but I can see why others like it. Really nervous about Breath of the Wild, but I'm told they didn't make the same mistakes with motion control on it. I also have Nefarious in my queue. It's essentially supposed to be a villain's perspective game. I was a sponsor with the Kickstarter, but I honestly didn't follow it very closely. My impression is that you're capturing princesses and defending your keep against heroes that come to save them. I played a demo game a while back on Wii that seemed like a similar concept, but it was Final Fantasy themed and very simplistic with towers you built that amounted to floors with defenses to annihilate waves of generic heroes with varying HP and weapons. EDIT: Strike that, Link Between Worlds is evil and dumb, and I hate it. Also, it's Dead Man's Volley mechanic at the end is horribly designed.
  3. Obscure Werewolf Roles

    Sounds a lot like a jailer. With how we typically use jailer, the target can neither use powers nor have powers used on them. I've done mass conversion before, but a protected player is usually a required nonconverted role in mine, like the curer or someone on other teams. I have written inoculation once (where, instead of curing, someone could inoculate people against conversion), but I don't honestly remember how it turned out if I even got around to running it. - The "contamination" version starts out with 1 infected player who is immune to execution and detection until he infects someone, and only the oldest can infect. With this one, the infected are discouraged from networking because I usually include a cure role to uninfect someone. - Multivector conversion where there are just two or more conversion wolf style teams and a bunch of innocents. With this, usually a double-infection kills with the dead being counted as the team that converted them first. - I've considered a version where the innocents are the minority team trying to cure everyone else, but I didn't ever work it through. This sort of lends itself to the scene from Sean of the Dead where they're moaning and stumbling around so the zombies don't realize they're not zombies. As for more roles, I mentioned before: - Fisherman - Offers players a one-use power. Unbeknownst to them, he learns part of their role if they accept. - Ambassador - Linked role with requirements that can change the landscape of the game (merging opposing teams, create a win-win ending, etc.) I have done this with a never-run game with 4 teams and a sort of rock-paper-scissors approach to who could form a treaty with who, and I did it with two games here where people could negotiate a treaty and make peace with two factions. One of those was meeting a set of requirements which ended the game peacefully, the other was meeting a set of requirements that turned a game with 2 opposing innocent factions into 1 while leaving the villain factions active. - Sub-MC - Not generally useful, but this is a role from my Metropolis Werewolf game. I keep saying when I post availability that I have a plan for ludicrous numbers of players, and this is the linchpin role. Essentially I break the game up into smaller suburbs and assign someone a Sub-MC role that can be either evil or innocent, and cannot communicate what is going on to the players either way. Other thoughts (I haven't gone through Epicmafia, so apologies if this overlaps): - Dealer - Sort of like the Inventor role, but with no control over what power is given out. Just deals cards and then learns what was used. The "deck" would be a known quantity, though, so as it dwindles down, you could guess at what might be next. - Hired Assassin - Probably needs a better name. Basically a Neutral has to kill a specific role with no idea who has that role. Loses if that role dies by other means or survives the game, doesn't have to live to the end.
  4. 13 Year Anniversary

    Zombie angst?
  5. Got back from Maryland. Beats the heck out of Texas. :)

    Seriously, very beautiful land and architecture. Great small businesses, great enthusiasm for history. At least around the capitol where our conference was. Never got outside of walking distance and had a shuttle between the hotel and airport.

  6. What are your hobbies?

    The raid fatigue seemed to go away with the new Raikou release, but it came back with a vengeance tonight. Barely any raids showed up all day, then had a few after hours and had so few respond that I think 2 of the 3 Raikou reported didn't get raided, and we barely had enough for a Lapras raid that 2 people at the raid (and several NOT at the raid) still needed. EX raids start tomorrow, which is kind of scary since they're based on what raids you've won recently. Hopefully tonight was just a quirk, perhaps being the day after Labor Day. I enjoy this on the rare occasions I get to, but I never find the time to go up and get involved (40 minute drive for me). I do play a lot of games with friends and family, but it's mostly card games and card-heavy board games like "Sushi Go!"
  7. What are your hobbies?

    Thank you. My middle brother has taken it up more than I have with a DSLR and all. I'm kind of curious if my littlest brother will take it up as well, but he's in the phase of life where he works 24/7 for nowhere near what he's worth to his employer. I was playing individually after the game initially died down. The first few months were wonderful with a great sense of community with everyone helping everyone, then it got a bit bitter with the tracking issues and people seemed to stop playing. I knew they still were because I would randomly run into people, and I was talking to a couple people on Reddit about it, but 99% of the time I was walking the park trail alone. Gen2 in March sparked renewed interest so there were a bunch of people back to playing that I'd met the first few months who I got to reconnect with briefly, but the crowds were gone. Did get to talk to a lot of people about what they were catching and what excited them about the new pokemon, though. The gym rework in late June reinvigorated it further, with people finally able to be active in gyms (and surprisingly the previously nonexistent Yellow team has turned out to be one of the more dominant groups now). Unfortunately, there still wasn't a sense of community, and it was difficult to get even 5 people together for the new raids. I did most of them with people I knew already, and I was bitterly watching the news about how legendary raids would require huge groups. The very first legendary raid, I was going to go to Columbia which has more people, but I felt called to turn the other direction and go towards downtown JC where I ended up raiding with more people playing than I had seen at one time since August of last year, being invited to join something called "Discord" and being told how to invite others. By the end of the day, we were breaking up raids into teams small enough to fit the 20 person limit, by the end of the week we were well over 100 members, and many raids each day had 30+ people at them even though you only get 1 free raid pass a day. There's definitely some fatigue setting in from so many "rush to this raid" events, and there's a growing cancer of "got-mine" festering, but there's a large group that is very dedicated to the game community and helping everyone succeed. That said, ours is a community minded group partially because of it's leadership. The city I had planned to go to the first legendary raid day isn't, and has people showing up, doing the raid as soon as there are enough people present even if others say they are on the way, and leaving. Part of the reason we've got so many people is that a lot in the in-between area, and even a few from the bigger city join us on weekends. Others I've talked to are indeed playing individually like you mention, and they're missing out on the raid features because of it. Niantic is supposedly working on a solution, but the game isn't what it's supposed to be right now if you don't organize a group. Off the top of my head: For my brother, I made a helmet based on the Ox-King in Dragonball (and a "fire mountain" stand for it). I almost finished a Tissue Compression Eliminator (the weapon of The Master in Doctor Who) but ran into a snag figuring out how to make it open, and left it sitting too long with the batteries in it. I've made lapel pins with gel pen designs I drew on them (carefully clear-coated so they don't rub off). I've made enamel pink ribbon pins for my mother's 5 year celebration after being unhappy with ones I bought. I've done part of the work on a leather cell phone holster after my old one tore and I couldn't find a replacement (but ended up setting the project aside when I did find a replacement). I've made a Pikachu "skin" for a mini-keg to give to my boss as part of our group Christmas gift. Maybe it can come back for the next revival. Keeping it up for the full year was harder at the beginning, then it got to be just part of my day. That said, it was surprisingly easy to stop once the year was past, heh. The big help was that I promised online that I would post one every day, so I felt guilty if one wasn't done yet and the end of the day was getting close. It motivated me to get something done, even if a few were less than inspired, heh. I think the worst I had to do was a rushed simple one because I took on more than I could finish in one day. The theme of my drawings was Daleks, and I did a Dalek version of "American Beauty" (the flower petals promo art, but with a Dalek instead of the girl amid the petals). Drawing all the little petals about drove me insane.
  8. What are your hobbies?

    I'm not very good at keeping a hobby for too long, so my list changes a lot over time. You can probably tell that some of these are in the "decay" phase of interest, though I tend to cling to remnants of my hobbies for a long time, even if I don't do anything with them. Very amateur (cell phone) photography, though admittedly it's become more a thing I do when there's something I see, rather than going on specific photography outings like I used to. My father was an amateur photographer and very avid about it to the point of actually teaching classes. As a kid, he taught me how to compose photographs, and while I never really got into the cameras themselves, like he did, I've found myself very interested in the composition in recent years as my cell phone cameras have reached the point of being usable. Pokemon GO. Since the initial craze, I tried making it the thing that focused me into regular exercise, and for many months it did just that. Then they changed the dynamic where now I'm chasing gyms all over the area (which, being rural, means up to about 15 miles) based on where people report. Having to drive killed the walking aspect, and mosquitoes, heat, and work schedule were already making it hard to keep up with that anyway. But with the legendary raids, came a new facet to it. I encountered someone who was forming a Discord group and we've gone from barely being able to find a 5th person for raids to suddenly having a group of 250-ish people in our small area. Despite being the state capital, it's a town of 40k that is more of a farm town than anything else if you take away the government side of it. Technically, cosplay, though I've not had the energy, time or physicality to deal with it since my last surgery. I still want to get back into it, but I'm not getting younger, I'm not getting more flexible, and that's preventing me from working on the things I want to work on. Crafting, also on hiatus for the same reason. I've got a lot of half-finished projects ranging from props that I want that aren't for cosplay to a stuffed animal (based on Bananya) that I want to try to make. My mother taught me how to sew, how to make a lot of things, and to enjoy making things that weren't necessarily high art but were fun. Of course, from my perspective, mom's work was high art, but she refuses to believe it in much the same way I'll swear mine is near-junk. Drawing, also more a thing when there's something I want to draw. I spent a year doing daily drawings that I posted online to force myself to keep practicing. Someone showed me a picture they had drawn that both impressed me, and made me feel it was attainable. I somehow ended up deciding to do this on a leap year, so there were 366 official drawings, plus "bonus draws", and drawings I did on the padbacks. I got to the point where I was satisfied with my drawing ability, at least insofar as drawing Daleks and mechanical objects.
  9. What are you playing?

    I have tried playing the 3DS version of Mario Maker, but without an online share, or someone who I could regularly trade levels with, it quickly became boring. It was fun for a day while my brother was in town, though. I think Link's Awakening was the game I played most growing up. I only had 5 carts for my Gameboy so it got a lot of use. I still remember spending hours swimming through walls and exploring the random mess that interlinked the dungeons if you abused the screen transition glitch. I am still playing Pokemon GO, but the introduction of the legendary birds has brought out organization in the community that rivals the first month excitement. It's almost like a flash mob when 30+ people gather for a legendary raid, then disperse 20 minutes later to get to the next one.
  10. Back from Texas. Never driving through that hellhole again. Incidentally, I will now be looking for a new car.

    1. Shattered Rift

      Shattered Rift

      Did your AC give out or something?

    2. InuyashaOhki


      No, hit a truck tire because I was blocked into a lane while merging and had no chance to avoid it, tearing up some stuff under the hood, and "loose gravel" was flung at my windshield, dinging and cracking it. Also, a lot of trim is hanging loose, which might be because of the insane heat while I was down there.

    3. Shattered Rift

      Shattered Rift

      That sucks.

  11. Cardwolf Signups

    This is inspired by the card game "One Night Werewolf" (but it lasts more than one night). Each turn you will get a different role that will include alignment, so you could be the dreamer on turn 1, the wolf on turn 2, and the serial killer on turn 3. Turns last 2 days so you have 1 day to get your power uses in and 1 day to act on those power uses. This has a lot of flexibility in the size of the game. Two-day turns: At the start of each odd-numbered day, you will be given a card with your new role on it. There are 2 more cards than there are players, so that fake role claims can be made. The Jester card may be among the cards left out, but all villain cards will be in play unless dead. Before the end of each odd-numbered day, you MUST put in your power use. Please put in your power use as early as possible and change it later if you change your mind. At the start of each even-numbered day, you will be given the result of your power use. Before the end of each even-numbered day, you MUST vote for a living player to be executed. Execution is by plurality so there will be a player executed each even-numbered day. Ties will be broken by random selection. Rules: If you die, you take your role card with you. There are no villain TEAMS. All villains are OMTs. Each night, the villain cards will have a random number generated for them. The higher random number goes first between them in all things that night. All cards will be listed in the order that their powers are processed. Cards will be listed when the game starts and will be crossed off in the same way as dead players. The game will last until either all villain roles are dead, or until a villain role wins. Which cards are available is determined by how many people sign up. If there aren't enough people, for example, Jester won't be in the mix. Private messages between players regarding the game are not allowed. Dead players do not have private information, since they die just before cards are redistributed. They can talk all they want in the signup thread. Failure to submit a list will result in a strike and your power use will be randomly selected from the living player list (excluding yourself). Failure to vote will result in a strike. (Nobody votes are not allowed, nor is abstaining allowed.) Failure to post on any given day will result in a strike. Three strikes and you die as a neutral (instant loss) and 1 randomly selected role card is removed from the 2 cards not in use that turn. This will happen immediately after the next execution to minimize impact on a round. If something comes up and you need to miss a day, notify me before the end of the previous turn and I will allow substitute a Plain Innocent role for you that turn. Plain Innocents can be killed or executed, but will not receive strikes for failure to participate. Strikes and Plain Innocent status will not be made public, so don't assume that someone is innocent just because they failed to post. Win conditions: The Jester is neutral and wins by being executed (NOT by being killed by a villain) first place ahead of whoever else wins. The innocents win by having members of their team outlive all villains. If you die innocent, you win or lose with the innocents. The innocents are considered to have failed if there is 1 innocent left alive and 1 or more villains. A villain wins by being the last villain left alive with 1 innocent. Since the villain cards are redistributed each turn, your only goal if there are too many innocents to win is to not get killed that turn. Signups close on Tuesday at 10PM Central time. I will send out role cards for the first turn at that time. Players: Sinical card Zilary card Rift card Blank card Blank card Blank card Blank card Blank card Blank card Blank card
  12. Cardwolf Signups

    I'm glad you enjoyed it. I talked with NPM about the general idea a long time ago, but backburnered the idea. As always, feel free to steal the good parts. Have fun with the All Stars game.
  13. Cardwolf Game

    As mentioned in signups, this game consists of 2-day rounds (first day - use cards, second day - vote). You can read the full details in the signup thread: Due to the number of players, I am making a Rule Modification: You will each receive 2 role cards. This prevents you from being absolutely certain of a result since it's only 2 possible options with 3 players. No player can be both Wolf and Jester. All other cards are possible to combine (yes, including Worst Innocent). We will play exactly 3 "hands". If you are innocent, you will win 2 points for executing the Wolf and 0 points for executing someone who is not the Wolf. If you are not innocent, you will have instructions on your card. There are no dead players, but the same rule applies about not talking privately about the game. Cards in play, Round 1: Jester: You win this round by being executed. Any other result is considered a loss. Jailer: Pick one player to lock up in jail. That player will be unable to use their power(s) and any power(s) used on that player will fail. Wolf: You win this round by not being executed. Being executed is considered a loss. Dreamer: Pick one player to learn the first letter of that player's first card Role. Worst Innocent: If you are not executed, you gain 1 extra point, regardless of who wins the round. Disabler: Pick one player to disable any power on one of their cards. Tiebreaker: Pick one player who is not yourself. In the event of a vote tie, that player's vote will break the tie. Plane Innocent: You may fly one player to safety who is not yourself, skipping them in execution order. And with that, the game has begun. I am posting this a little late at 11:25pm Central, but remember to get your power uses turned in privately by 10:00PM Central tomorrow.
  14. Cardwolf Game

    Umm... Last day and I only have 1 vote. EDIT: And nobody else voted... Votes: Sinical - Rift. *BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG* Sinical was tied to the fireworks for a festive execution. Sinical was the Wolf and Tiebreaker. There being only 1 vote, his tiebreak didn't help him. He ends with 4 points. Rift was the Dreamer and Jailer. Being an innocent, he gained 2 points, bringing his total to 4 points. Zilary was the Jester and Disabler. Not having been executed, she did not gain points. She ends with 3 points. Sinical and Rift are the winners with a total of 4 points each.
  15. Cardwolf Game

    Darn, busted. The cards, they are processed. Day 6 has begun. Cast your final votes!
  16. Cardwolf Game

    Since everyone is revealing one role, I'm the MC.
  17. Cardwolf Game

    Alright, tallying the votes: Rift - Zilary Zilary - Rift Didn't vote - Sinical This would be a call for a tie-breaking, but I can't seem to find Zilary anywhere around. She must have been flown off. Rift gets executed instead. *BANG* Rift is hung...while people shoot off fireworks outside the MC's window. Rift was the Wolf and Worst Innocent. His total is still at 2 points. Zilary was the Jailer and Tiebreaker. As an innocent, she gained 2 point, bringing her total to 3 points. Sinical was the Disabler and Plane Innocent. As an innocent, he gained 2 points, bringing his total to 4 points. With the opportunity to win 3 points, it's still anywolfs game...I mean anyones... Last cards are being dealt now. EDIT: Cards have been dealt. Day 5 has begun.
  18. Cardwolf Game

    Powers have been used, day 4 has begun. The generic background music starts playing a jazz rendition of the Macarena.
  19. Cardwolf Game

    Correct. With only 3 players, I can't kill off anyone, so they can't die with their cards.
  20. Cardwolf Game

    *BANG* Sinical has been executed. He was the Jester and Dreamer. He has won for 2 points. Zilary was the Worst Innocent and Disabler. She didn't get executed, so she gained 1 point. Rift was the Wolf and Jailer. He didn't get executed, so he has won for 2 points. EDIT: Round 2 cards have been dealt. You each have new roles and powers. The dealing is completely random once again, so do not assume the last round will affect the cards this round in any way.
  21. Cardwolf Game

    Correct. I am very loosely basing it on One Night Werewolf. EDIT: I don't currently have a vote from Sinical. Technically, I don't have one from Zilary either, but I'm counting the one made a little too early. Votes: Sinical - Zilary, Rift Not yet voted: Sinical
  22. They outfoxed you. I will potentially be out of communication for the 14-18th for a trip to Texas to visit my other brother who you haven't met, so I will have to sit this one out. Good luck, wolves.
  23. Cardwolf Game

    To the first part - I don't know if the math is right on that, but the cards are dealt independently and redealt if somethings wrong like wolf not being picked or wolf and jester being paired. To the second, the Round ends once you execute. We only have 3 players, so you'll know who was the wolf regardless of if you execute the wolf or not. The cards will be re-dealt at that point. Think of it as playing 3 games of 1-Night Werewolf in a row and adding up the score to get a total. Day 4 is the same as Day 2 and Day 6.
  24. Cardwolf Game

    Today is Day 1 of the game, so it's odd. It's game day, not calendar day. Voting starts in a few minutes. A wolf is the only guaranteed card. Everything else is randomized except Jester never being paired with Wolf. Not sure why day 4 is a coin flip, but you are correct at there being no nightkill (all powers are listed above). Edit: Powers were quick to process with 3 players, so on to day 2. Using your intuition amd anything you learned overnight, vote for the one you want executed. Do not vote for yourself.
  25. Cardwolf Signups

    15 minutes left. I will be a little late sending out role cards and posting the topic and modified rules.