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  1. What are you playing?

    I have tried playing the 3DS version of Mario Maker, but without an online share, or someone who I could regularly trade levels with, it quickly became boring. It was fun for a day while my brother was in town, though. I think Link's Awakening was the game I played most growing up. I only had 5 carts for my Gameboy so it got a lot of use. I still remember spending hours swimming through walls and exploring the random mess that interlinked the dungeons if you abused the screen transition glitch. I am still playing Pokemon GO, but the introduction of the legendary birds has brought out organization in the community that rivals the first month excitement. It's almost like a flash mob when 30+ people gather for a legendary raid, then disperse 20 minutes later to get to the next one.
  2. Back from Texas. Never driving through that hellhole again. Incidentally, I will now be looking for a new car.

    1. Shattered Rift

      Shattered Rift

      Did your AC give out or something?

    2. InuyashaOhki


      No, hit a truck tire because I was blocked into a lane while merging and had no chance to avoid it, tearing up some stuff under the hood, and "loose gravel" was flung at my windshield, dinging and cracking it. Also, a lot of trim is hanging loose, which might be because of the insane heat while I was down there.

    3. Shattered Rift

      Shattered Rift

      That sucks.

  3. Cardwolf Signups

    This is inspired by the card game "One Night Werewolf" (but it lasts more than one night). Each turn you will get a different role that will include alignment, so you could be the dreamer on turn 1, the wolf on turn 2, and the serial killer on turn 3. Turns last 2 days so you have 1 day to get your power uses in and 1 day to act on those power uses. This has a lot of flexibility in the size of the game. Two-day turns: At the start of each odd-numbered day, you will be given a card with your new role on it. There are 2 more cards than there are players, so that fake role claims can be made. The Jester card may be among the cards left out, but all villain cards will be in play unless dead. Before the end of each odd-numbered day, you MUST put in your power use. Please put in your power use as early as possible and change it later if you change your mind. At the start of each even-numbered day, you will be given the result of your power use. Before the end of each even-numbered day, you MUST vote for a living player to be executed. Execution is by plurality so there will be a player executed each even-numbered day. Ties will be broken by random selection. Rules: If you die, you take your role card with you. There are no villain TEAMS. All villains are OMTs. Each night, the villain cards will have a random number generated for them. The higher random number goes first between them in all things that night. All cards will be listed in the order that their powers are processed. Cards will be listed when the game starts and will be crossed off in the same way as dead players. The game will last until either all villain roles are dead, or until a villain role wins. Which cards are available is determined by how many people sign up. If there aren't enough people, for example, Jester won't be in the mix. Private messages between players regarding the game are not allowed. Dead players do not have private information, since they die just before cards are redistributed. They can talk all they want in the signup thread. Failure to submit a list will result in a strike and your power use will be randomly selected from the living player list (excluding yourself). Failure to vote will result in a strike. (Nobody votes are not allowed, nor is abstaining allowed.) Failure to post on any given day will result in a strike. Three strikes and you die as a neutral (instant loss) and 1 randomly selected role card is removed from the 2 cards not in use that turn. This will happen immediately after the next execution to minimize impact on a round. If something comes up and you need to miss a day, notify me before the end of the previous turn and I will allow substitute a Plain Innocent role for you that turn. Plain Innocents can be killed or executed, but will not receive strikes for failure to participate. Strikes and Plain Innocent status will not be made public, so don't assume that someone is innocent just because they failed to post. Win conditions: The Jester is neutral and wins by being executed (NOT by being killed by a villain) first place ahead of whoever else wins. The innocents win by having members of their team outlive all villains. If you die innocent, you win or lose with the innocents. The innocents are considered to have failed if there is 1 innocent left alive and 1 or more villains. A villain wins by being the last villain left alive with 1 innocent. Since the villain cards are redistributed each turn, your only goal if there are too many innocents to win is to not get killed that turn. Signups close on Tuesday at 10PM Central time. I will send out role cards for the first turn at that time. Players: Sinical card Zilary card Rift card Blank card Blank card Blank card Blank card Blank card Blank card Blank card
  4. Cardwolf Signups

    I'm glad you enjoyed it. I talked with NPM about the general idea a long time ago, but backburnered the idea. As always, feel free to steal the good parts. Have fun with the All Stars game.
  5. Cardwolf Game

    As mentioned in signups, this game consists of 2-day rounds (first day - use cards, second day - vote). You can read the full details in the signup thread: Due to the number of players, I am making a Rule Modification: You will each receive 2 role cards. This prevents you from being absolutely certain of a result since it's only 2 possible options with 3 players. No player can be both Wolf and Jester. All other cards are possible to combine (yes, including Worst Innocent). We will play exactly 3 "hands". If you are innocent, you will win 2 points for executing the Wolf and 0 points for executing someone who is not the Wolf. If you are not innocent, you will have instructions on your card. There are no dead players, but the same rule applies about not talking privately about the game. Cards in play, Round 1: Jester: You win this round by being executed. Any other result is considered a loss. Jailer: Pick one player to lock up in jail. That player will be unable to use their power(s) and any power(s) used on that player will fail. Wolf: You win this round by not being executed. Being executed is considered a loss. Dreamer: Pick one player to learn the first letter of that player's first card Role. Worst Innocent: If you are not executed, you gain 1 extra point, regardless of who wins the round. Disabler: Pick one player to disable any power on one of their cards. Tiebreaker: Pick one player who is not yourself. In the event of a vote tie, that player's vote will break the tie. Plane Innocent: You may fly one player to safety who is not yourself, skipping them in execution order. And with that, the game has begun. I am posting this a little late at 11:25pm Central, but remember to get your power uses turned in privately by 10:00PM Central tomorrow.
  6. Cardwolf Game

    Umm... Last day and I only have 1 vote. EDIT: And nobody else voted... Votes: Sinical - Rift. *BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG* Sinical was tied to the fireworks for a festive execution. Sinical was the Wolf and Tiebreaker. There being only 1 vote, his tiebreak didn't help him. He ends with 4 points. Rift was the Dreamer and Jailer. Being an innocent, he gained 2 points, bringing his total to 4 points. Zilary was the Jester and Disabler. Not having been executed, she did not gain points. She ends with 3 points. Sinical and Rift are the winners with a total of 4 points each.
  7. Cardwolf Game

    Darn, busted. The cards, they are processed. Day 6 has begun. Cast your final votes!
  8. Cardwolf Game

    Since everyone is revealing one role, I'm the MC.
  9. Cardwolf Game

    Alright, tallying the votes: Rift - Zilary Zilary - Rift Didn't vote - Sinical This would be a call for a tie-breaking, but I can't seem to find Zilary anywhere around. She must have been flown off. Rift gets executed instead. *BANG* Rift is hung...while people shoot off fireworks outside the MC's window. Rift was the Wolf and Worst Innocent. His total is still at 2 points. Zilary was the Jailer and Tiebreaker. As an innocent, she gained 2 point, bringing her total to 3 points. Sinical was the Disabler and Plane Innocent. As an innocent, he gained 2 points, bringing his total to 4 points. With the opportunity to win 3 points, it's still anywolfs game...I mean anyones... Last cards are being dealt now. EDIT: Cards have been dealt. Day 5 has begun.
  10. Cardwolf Game

    Powers have been used, day 4 has begun. The generic background music starts playing a jazz rendition of the Macarena.
  11. Cardwolf Game

    Correct. With only 3 players, I can't kill off anyone, so they can't die with their cards.
  12. Cardwolf Game

    *BANG* Sinical has been executed. He was the Jester and Dreamer. He has won for 2 points. Zilary was the Worst Innocent and Disabler. She didn't get executed, so she gained 1 point. Rift was the Wolf and Jailer. He didn't get executed, so he has won for 2 points. EDIT: Round 2 cards have been dealt. You each have new roles and powers. The dealing is completely random once again, so do not assume the last round will affect the cards this round in any way.
  13. Cardwolf Game

    Correct. I am very loosely basing it on One Night Werewolf. EDIT: I don't currently have a vote from Sinical. Technically, I don't have one from Zilary either, but I'm counting the one made a little too early. Votes: Sinical - Zilary, Rift Not yet voted: Sinical
  14. They outfoxed you. I will potentially be out of communication for the 14-18th for a trip to Texas to visit my other brother who you haven't met, so I will have to sit this one out. Good luck, wolves.
  15. Cardwolf Game

    To the first part - I don't know if the math is right on that, but the cards are dealt independently and redealt if somethings wrong like wolf not being picked or wolf and jester being paired. To the second, the Round ends once you execute. We only have 3 players, so you'll know who was the wolf regardless of if you execute the wolf or not. The cards will be re-dealt at that point. Think of it as playing 3 games of 1-Night Werewolf in a row and adding up the score to get a total. Day 4 is the same as Day 2 and Day 6.
  16. Cardwolf Game

    Today is Day 1 of the game, so it's odd. It's game day, not calendar day. Voting starts in a few minutes. A wolf is the only guaranteed card. Everything else is randomized except Jester never being paired with Wolf. Not sure why day 4 is a coin flip, but you are correct at there being no nightkill (all powers are listed above). Edit: Powers were quick to process with 3 players, so on to day 2. Using your intuition amd anything you learned overnight, vote for the one you want executed. Do not vote for yourself.
  17. Cardwolf Signups

    15 minutes left. I will be a little late sending out role cards and posting the topic and modified rules.
  18. Cardwolf Signups

    Assuming you, Sinical and Rift are ok with that, it's fine with me. I'll figure out a lightning round rule if I get a sudden influx of signups between now and then so we don't run into signups for All-Stars. EDIT: Next Tuesday it is.
  19. Cardwolf Signups

    I haven't quite figured out how to make this a 2 player Werewolf game, so if anyone knows someone else who would like to play, please extend an invite.
  20. Rock, paper, scissors wolf.

    If no one else does, sure. I can start signups this week and start the game next week.
  21. Rock, paper, scissors wolf.

    Is anyone lined up to do the next game?
  22. Rock, paper, scissors wolf.

    I honestly have no idea how the RPS mechanic worked for anyone else. All I knew was that I could change your RPS choice and that nobody could change mine. I technically wasn't a traitor. Traitors turn into villains if all the villains are killed. If Spirit died at any point, it was over. I'm actually a little surprised no one questioned if Spirit's claim was a bluff. Even if I wasn't the "fan", claiming you dreamed a random person as innocent is an easy claim when it's the last day.
  23. RPS wolf game thread

    Zilary: At this point we're all picking paper because I said I would throw a rock. I have no reason to change what I'm throwing because whoever I throw it to loses and the other wins. They have no reason to pick anything but paper because they know they'll either have rock or be up against rock. If you aren't the killer, then everything is riding on who I throw a rock at. I'm going to throw the rock at the one least likely to be friendly.
  24. RPS wolf game thread

    That still leaves it vague how the things in this grouping affect each other. I've claimed RPS choice modifier, Zilary has claimed to have disabled me. I know you can't speak to whether or not we're both telling the truth, but if we are, would I be notified and would she have disabled me before I changed Rift's RPS choice?
  25. RPS wolf game thread

    Here's the rundown: 1. I got attacked last night and was successfully protected. 2. I got zero notification that my power was disabled. If Rift got a rock last night, I was not disabled. I confirmed with Sinical when I first got my role that you would indeed receive a message if my power worked. 3. Rift: Zilary is getting a rock tonight if she and I are both not executed. 4. Zilary got a rock the first night. 5. I change people's RPS selection. I've been setting "rock" each night and picking "paper" for myself each night so that there's a better chance I won't be killed. This isn't a pure disabler role, but the intent is clearly to disable (as it did to Rift last night). It's also why I felt safe volunteering that I wouldn't be picking rock the first night - I would certainly be targeted by the killer the second night, and I had a fair chance of defending myself while also being a lower value target if I failed.