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  1. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Attack Black Rat C.
  2. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Attack Black Rat. Continue toward the noises after the combat.
  3. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    After the fight, I would prefer to investigate the noises and go West. What do you guys think?
  4. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Shoot Black Rat A.
  5. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    After the altercation, Rex returned to his quarters, tired and a bit irritated at his weakened state. Starting over was going to take some time to get used to... not that he could fully remember what it was like before. It just felt wrong that enforcing the rules was so... hard. After waking in the morning, Rex felt a bit better, and motivated to do something... constructive. He switched his mask off, allowing him to walk around the Mansion with none that wiser to his Phoenix affiliation. He sent out a few PMs to his friends, and found that many of them were gathering to explore Jubilation Cave. Rex proceeds to Jubilation Cave. Suggested Party Order: Group 1: Rexozord, Blacjak Group 2: iko, Trajectory
  6. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    "I would have let you off with a warning, but assault on a Phoenix in the course of his duty will not be tolerated." Rex said. As he was speaking, he simultaneously logged the infraction and sent a PM to Mast to notify him of the situation. "Surrender! Or, you know, don't." As Rex finished, he shot Red Shirt. Shoot Red Shirt. Edit: Autobattle: Shoot Red Shirt>Yellow Shirt until out of energy. Cease attacking enemies who surrender.
  7. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    "Stop!" Rex commanded, stepping forward to push the two brawlers away from each other. "If you want to settle this disagreement with violence, take it to the Arena." Rex looked at the leaders of the two factions, catching their eyes, and aiming his next appeal to them. "We cannot afford brawls in the Mansion so shortly after our security has been breached." Rex intervenes. Rex postures! If Rex defuses the situation, Rex will inquire about the events of a few hours prior (regarding the Webcrawlers).
  8. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    This must be an exaggeration, Rexozord thought to himself. There were no where near as many Webcrawlers when we fought to the Script Kiddie. Still... I must keep this in mind and corroborate with other users logged in at the time. Rexozord nodded his thanks to Jenkins and moved along. Explore the Prismatic Tower and Lounge.
  9. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    After speaking with Shattered Rift about the shadow mansion as well as the Pax Regia, Rexozord returned to his quarters immediately. He was never one for much customization as far as looks went, but having to set up all his settings again would be frustrating. He wanted to get it out of the way as quickly as he could. He was also curious what Shattered would have left there waiting for him. After finishing in his quarters, Rexozord put on his mask and set out immediately to the First Tower. He wanted to check for any disturbances at the literal four corners of the Mansion, and he had seen both the Irregular and Glass Towers and their lounges recently. Rexozord is an Executive Phoenix. Rexozord returns to his personal quarters. Rexozord explores the First Tower and Lounge.
  10. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

  11. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Rex proceeds into the room at the top of the stairs. ((Leaders gotta lead, or something.))
  12. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Rex will join Star and iko, and proceed up the stairs if possible.
  13. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    Examining his new surroundings, Rex quickly assessed that heading through the door would likely be the best path. However, he saw the majority of the group head off that way, while the members he had been working with split off in the two remaining directions. Considering a moment, he decided to head East. Go East, past the unknown material.
  14. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

  15. Sparkbomb: Mansionverse Saga

    ((So what's the protocol here? Am I still expected to post a command even though I'm stunned and will not be able to act?))