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  1. Werewolf Hosting and MCing

    I'm thinking we need more players. Really I think what we need to do is reach out to Sunnyneo and Jellyneo and talk to them about how we can run these games to interest their users, and build the player base again.
  2. Yep, knew there was a reason I loved Cel. Gal speaks like a siren. *headdesk* It is a pity that didn't happen. I would not have died. Part of my problem is I saw this game like Dragonball Z if you will - a tournament of worlds. I didn't think there were baddies per se.
  3. Thanks for the help ya'll! Will consider my vote later.
  4. Vote: Sinical Hail the glorious soon to be dead! *hands you a coin and some mead in case you need them* I don't plan to.
  5. I'd be glad to! *dodges punches and looks around for the DrIVe*
  6. ...I really had not planned on fighting Rift. Oh well. Just one honorable thing to do...fight and ask for support, please @.@ *lift fits and swings at Rift*
  7. All true Cel. Either way it seems I'm fighting, so, bring it on. See of you can do better Red than the rest of your heathen siblings in Tartarus.
  8. Perhaps, but again, what is this condition of his? Winning is obvious, but as struggle from a gamemaker perspective to see how you make losing a challenging condition? ...Oh, to Hel with it. Unvote: Rift Vote: Red Lets see if you have anything to to back up your bold mouth, M. Rouge.
  9. You know what, neither do I. ¥.¥ Unvote: Red Vote: Rift ---- Seem to have a freeish evening, so let's discuss o.o Cel, apart from a day...ejection? Which I don't have and haven't seen - remotely - then if you're wanting to off Red, the only way seemingly is combat. Or he loses by winning. Which is possible I suppose but seems, err, remote. Being annoying is usually a good way to make people think twice about careless actions around you. I can tell you my current power level probably isn't up to taking up Mr. Red, who seems to be a mite over 9000 just now @.@
  10. Yeah. Sorry about the inactivity <.< Will set my clock <.< I'll vote for Red if that's still possible. VOTE: Red