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  1. I have never been a fan of Pandemic. Co-op games are a great concept, but every time I played Pandemic, the most vocal person ends up being the leader and telling people what to do (much like your situation) instead of everyone offering a healthy discussion or debate onto our next steps (no matter what group or chemistry the group has). I have played one of the sequels of Pandemic (Pandemic: The Cure), and I have liked it a bit more, but still not my favorite franchise of co-op games. If you are looking for better co-ops, I highly recommend the Forbidden Island and Forbidden Desert series. Every group (either basic or intense Euro-strategy folks) I have played with gets into it and the replayability is quite high. It's fairly easy to understand with medium strategy, but the game always ends up more difficult than it appears. Also, much more discussion tends to happen than a leader arising. Yeah, it does sometimes still happens, but I find it less often with this series. If you like co-ops with a little bit more story and RPGs, I have liked Mice and Mystics. It reminds me of the Redwall book series and the story is pretty cute. Betrayal at the House on the Hill isn't too shabby either. There's also a new set of much, much intense co-ops that remind me a bit more "escape room" feeling with a series of solving many clues, I have liked T.I.M.E Stories a lot. Because it is a bunch of puzzles, once you solve it once, you can't play that version of it again. But, our board game network in my area have enough people buying different versions that we exchange it each time. ETA: Also, Burgle Bros is pretty fun. Multi-layered dynamic game (physically). Replayability was medium-low, personally.
  2. I'm sorry NPM. I think it's definitely the slow time of the year for WW activity. I was looking forward to this game, but maybe save it for All Stars?
  3. Yeah, these first 100 days feels a bit chaotic to me and it doesn't help that all my social media streams (namely Facebook) are amplifying his actions. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't most presidents issue a bunch of executive orders the first 100 days? Is it mainly to uphold their campaign promises? Here's Obama's first 100 days: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_100_days_of_Barack_Obama's_presidency Right now, I'm primarily using the Countable app to engage with politics (sees policies, gives both sides, you can contact reps, etc). I find it practically useless to engage with "debates" on Facebook and get into conversations that end up nowhere. I vent on Twitter from time to time and then I write a blog every once in a while (such as thoughts on the Women's March). But no Facebook politics for me. As much as I want to be upset over Trump's actions and be frustrated every day with each new thing he is implementing, I decided it's not worth my time and emotions. I'm waiting the first 100 days hype to be over and then we'll see the next 4-ish years. The best I can do is keep updated, keep calm, and bug my reps.
  4. Thanks for hosting Exiled! You did a good job of balancing with such few players and I liked how you experimented with not having the game end when the baddie players equaled innocent players. I know ending on a coin flip sometimes feels dissatisfactory, but it is what it is. Yeah, when I was rezzed, which was unexpected, it cleared Rift in my head for me and I threw suspicion on Blacjak and NPM. I thought that was a great mechanic having a baddie rez an innocent. That's something I haven't seen enforced before as baddies tend to rez baddies or risk rezzing an innocent to clear their name. StarMaker fortunately had two baddie hits, which gave the innocents a chance with the number of baddies you had. I'm glad the game somewhat balanced itself out. Anyway, thank you for hosting the game, especially around the holidays! Sorry there weren't more players, but I hope if you host another one later in the year, you'll get more participation.
  5. I'm in. 1. A 2. C 3. C 4. A 5. B 6. A 7. A 8. C
  6. Oh, huh. Usually, when it's a WW left and an innocent left, the WW wins. But I'm guessing whoever is not the WW has killing power?
  7. Cool. Umm.... Vote: Blacjak ...I guess?
  8. Unvote: RocktheFox Vote: theZodiac
  9. Ah, that was a short-lived death. Thanks for rezzing me, assuming the person who did so revealed it prior the host's post. So Fox and Blacjak were both claiming some form of protection/shield role...? Then now Fox is claiming Dreamer role after TheLastStarMaker? Does Fox have a copycat role? Anyway, assuming I might not have rez-protection, who should I be shooting...Zodiac or Fox? Any other options? Also, what does it mean that someone had picked up Sinicial's campaign sign? Do you think that gives someone execution powers? Okay, since I forgot to change my vote last time and didn't get on prior to execution... Vote: RocktheFox I'm still on the fence if Blacjak and Zodiac are playing the way they usually play. It's also late and I will need to read the thread better when I'm not on mobile tomorrow.
  10. Checking in. I agree with the smaller number of players that we should not waste our executions, but I'm also willing to speculate after Night 1... Vote: Nobody For now. Will likely change closer to execution.
  11. I'll play!
  12. Oops...almost forgot I got "resurrected" again for this cycle of the game. I know I'm not the werewolf...surprisingly my roles have gotten more and more, should I say, plain as the cycles went on. Should've used my powers when I could. Vote: Blacjak To tie it up so I have less of a chance of dying. Also, I still have my one item that does good things if anyone wants it!
  13. Hm, seems like a very low activity game, so far... Randomizer chose... Vote: NPM Is she nice...? Maybe a little TOO nice...? Execution roulette will tell! Also, is anyone interested in an item? If so, I can give you one. It does good things, I promise. Hollah on thread.
  14. So in case I forget to vote later tonight... Vote: Traj ...because has not shown up and it's mostly random. I don't have hunches on anyone, but is also willing to change my vote if new information arises.