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  1. I messaged @Celairiel and she's open to participating if you could postpone to next Tuesday, perhaps?
  2. Sorry for my belated response. I guess I always lurk too much and then forget completely about posting. Thank you @Sinical for hosting! I know we haven't had WW games around for a while and it was a great small snack bite as a refresher into the game. It dawned on me on the last day as to why Sinical would put in a dreamer in a game this small, and then I realized spirit was most likely a baddie, but it didn't seem either players left, Inu and Rift, would be willing to be convinced off of me. I didn't feel like I did too much in the game, but the game was small. As the others players have said, I would love to see this extended to a larger game, especially with the RPS mechanic. It would help to know processing order early on, but I didn't think it affected my role too much. Felt like Inu and I were at a stalemate the last day, but Inu probably has better words of persuasion than I did. Great game, though. Now my appetite is back for some more WW! @Shattered Rift - Is there going to be an All-Stars game this summer/year?
  3. I'm in.
  4. Okay...but it looks like I'm on the chopping block today. I don't know if the game will end...assuming there's only one baddie and 2 innocents left after me. Then I must be confused as to how my role works. Night 1, I lost my RPS but I was still able to disable someone, not knowing who. Last night, my results said I disabled Inu, but it seems like everyone is claiming I didn't? I can vouch that Inu (or whoever) did change my RPS to rock Night 1. I don't know if that may be a bit of a strong power for a killer role. Anyway, I'm going to die innocent...I still recommend looking into Inu because lack of activity Night 2.
  5. Why can two people both protect and disable Inu? Mccraabi died due to a randomized day execution, not night kill. There was not a death last night. A protect doesn't necessarily hinder a disable. I believe my results say that my disable went through. Also, Inu is trying to help but has yet to make a role or power claim as to what he did last night.
  6. I'm the Disabler. My results said I targeted Inu last night (even though Spirit was my first claim). It looks like a bunch of us targeted Inu...or someone redirected us to do so? Anyway, based on what looks like a successful disable and nothing happening last night... Vote: Inu
  7. Hmmm...who would try to kill off RocktheFox first...? Or would it have been a redirect? Too bad there's no PMs, either. I would like to know who I targeted because that would clear the two of us, maybe. Would this be small enough of a game that if we all just role-claim we can deduct who the killer is by that? Anyway, just by hunch alone... Vote: Inu Placeholder so I don't forget to vote and can be swayed to change later.
  8. I'm guessing there's only one baddie/killer (based on how my role sheet was phrased). Vote: Nobody
  9. I saw this and still have no idea what it is. Saw some pics of coffee... okay? I just know a lot of people were making fun of Trump because of the typo or something? It was very weird. A typo, is that it? I'm thinking, could he be doing this on purpose? He probably didn't, but the reaction to it was bewildering. Kinda tired of seeing all these people talk about his little perks, like his hands, his hair, his skin color. Here's an NPR article about it: http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/05/31/530861002/trump-asks-who-can-figure-out-covfefe-and-the-internets-hands-shoot-up I believe I read somewhere that it was meant to say "coverage"...There's also a Reddit Thread I saw a post on Facebook that compared this to "Trump pulling US out of Netflix to bring back Blockbuster jobs." ETA: Recent video that explains a lot
  10. I almost forgot about this thread because I don't have any political-minded friends that I can vent to and was about to go all rage quit on Twitter. I just can't imagine the U.S. being a first-world "super power leader" country and not be engaged in climate issues in a positive way, especially since we seem the be the only first world country that doesn't care about climate (sorry, I haven't read the Paris Agreement in detail to know what other countries are engaged). I mean, Trump did promise job to the coal miners and it doesn't seem to be focusing on alternative forms of energy, but there are articles about how solar (and wind?) energy will create MORE jobs in the future. I feel like we are spiraling to a backward society where Trump is just resetting progress. Even big respective corporations urged him not to pull out of the agreement: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/facebook-apple-urge-donald-trump-paris-agreement-not-pull-out-climate-change-global-warming-a7766521.html We live on this earth and we need to take care of it. To believe climate change and global warming is a myth only for liberals makes me upset. What kinds of proof do we (apparently not science since that's not good enough) to pull out for people to start taking climate change seriously?! Now that Trump doesn't care for the environment, then how do you expect the American people to follow. I'm upset that how can one president make so many awful-seeming decisions and not suffer consequences? Is he really listening to the people or is he just doing whatever instinctively makes the most noise and makes him the worse? Not to mention, all the #covfefe memes yesterday seem to be huge distraction to what really matters at hand. Yes, the jokes of his tweet were fun and all, but I fear it took away from more pressing and serious issues like this. When does Mars open up again? ETA: Full transcript here https://www.vox.com/2017/6/1/15726638/trump-withdrawing-paris-climate-agreement-full-transcript
  11. Magikarp Jump is a surprisingly addictive game. (It helps that it's pretty cute!)

  12. I can play. 10 pm CST...got it.
  13. I don't think I have found a thread to house YouTube videos, so I am starting my own. For any of those familiar with The History of Japan, the creator came out with this yesterday. What I love about it is how incredible the amount of research it must have taken to make it.
  14. How many years did those transitions happen over? When I arrived, it was about 6 years ago for the "business casual". Then 2 years in, it got "business professional". Then a year after that, it has been "creative casual" since. Oh, I also remember hearing about "the third piece" that I'm trying to also incorporate into my work wardrobe more. Shirt + pants = 2 pieces...then add a cardigan, scarf, chunky necklace as the third piece. As for guys, I know bowties/ties are pretty default, but blazers and sweater vests might be a nice addition. If you're up for it, a nice pocket square can also be a good touch. I know a guy at work who always wore his neon running shoes with his nice shirt and pants and another guy who mixes up his funky patterned socks, so he wore pants that were purposely a little above the ankle.
  15. I would say, keep your ties as an accent and your general wardrobe full of neutral basics (whites/cream/ivory, light greys, dark greys, etc.). If you are keen to match your tie with your shirt, I would say go complimentary instead of direct tone-on-tone, which is the issue of your ties getting lost if they are too similar to your shirt color. Complimentary schemes might be a blue tie (cool) with a cream shirt (warm) or an orange tie (warm) with a light blue (cool) shirt. If your tie is patterned/illustrated, I would keep the shirt as one-color/blank as possible. And vice-versa, if your tie is a single color, you can play up your shirt with a subtle plaid or polka dots. As far my company goes, when I started, we were "business casual" (J.Crew and Kate Spade) with "casual" (tshirt jeans) on Fridays. Then somewhere in the middle, we got a bit more restricted and went to more "business professional" (pencil skirts and blouses). Now we are "creative casual" and you can do whatever, so most of the times I wear jeans and graphic tshirt. Recently, I have been trying to live more minimally (I know there's another thread with this discussion somewhere) and that includes purging my wardrobe. So my current tactic is to get a lot of neutrals as my base and spice it up with a fun accent necklace or cute pattern on shoes (Old Navy is my go-to). I personally prefer working in the most comfortable clothes possible, but now that I am rising up the corporate ladder, I am in more meetings with important clients, so I try not to look so "hobo-esque" at work.