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  1. Vote: Rift @RocktheFox I am a non-combatant...though, if you have a way to make me fight again, I won't refuse!
  2. I have nothing to share either. My role doesn't find information. Umm...I guess... Vote: Rift
  3. I still have my role and powers...I just can't fight as a non-combatant. Unless, someone has powers to restore me to combatant? I assume Red would inherit Zodiac's role, unless there's a specific "martyr" role out there, aligned with a specific team. As far as my innocence goes and the name you found, I can confirm that is my name, but it doesn't necessarily prove my alignment as I am lead to believe that there are some thematic names out there according to the setting of this game. I am on a team, but I don't know my team mates. I assume there are a more than one team floating around too. I don't know if the "baddies" know their team or not, but my thoughts on the game set-up is that each team is out for themselves and maybe have to go find each other? At least that's what I picked up from my role. Vote: Red Interested in his powers...mostly.
  4. Hm, maybe not mess with Red tonight. I feel like the more he meditates...the stronger he'll get. If he battles, he is likely forced to use his powers and spend his points, but he might have a different condition than us. Unvote: Red Vote: Rift
  5. I, too, am curious as to Red's powers that affect his combat... Vote: Red
  6. Doesn't that just mean I hit like Lixyl? Is that really a positive thing? Not sure what a Lixyl is...Google isn't doing me any favors. As far as voting, I don't know what to conclude from the first match...possibilities: 1. Sinical and Red are on opposing teams and coincidentally had matching Power Levels. 2. Sinical and Red are on the same team and discussed what Power Level each need to be at to end in a draw. Also, noticed that no one gave support to either Sinical or Red. It could just simply be too early to use powers without testing the waters as to who in this game is strong or whatnot. Or they don't want to reveal their teammates this early in the game. Randomizer vote says... Vote: thezodiac Will change if there's any evidence that comes up later, but it looks like we are randomly pitting people in battle until something comes of it?
  7. The odds were definitely NOT in my favor. Okay...if Rift hits like a polar bear, may I float like a butterfly.
  8. Ah...so the first two rounds of voting seems to be with little information. Tomorrow's voting will be better influenced, hopefully. 4-way match, eh? BRING ON THE RANDOMIZER. *rawr*
  9. Wait...so we not know the results of Match 1 between Sinical and Red? It looks like the matches are slightly delayed behind the voting for the following match. Do we even get results as to who supported who or what? I'm guessing that's all private and behind-the-scenes. For the case of self-preservation and trying to tie up the votes... Vote: Rox
  10. Here! Interesting set-up. So voting doesn't guarantee "execution", but gambles two players of who has greater power + supporters. Well, let's get reaaddyyyy to rummmmblllleeeee!!
  11. Cardwolf Signups

    Ugh, oops. I was out vacationing today and forgot to check the game. Thanks Inu for hosting and making it work with such few players. Definitely interesting to see the One Night game translated to forum WW. Sorry that I was terrible in the last round. I am interested to see this played again with more players.
  12. Cardwolf Game

    Somebody jailed me...wasn't able to disable Sinical. Um, I guess I'll think about between Rift and Sinical and will vote tomorrow. Might be down to a coin flip. Maybe not? *nods*
  13. Cardwolf Game

    I guess if we are only revealing one role this time around...I'm the disabler (again).