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  1. "Happy" Little Trees signups

    I apologize, but it's probably better if I don't play. Sorry guys! Good luck!
  2. New Prez

    I did not accuse you of racism. I said, "We apparently have differing views on what racism is. You might not feel that its racism." I did not say that you were racist. I said you might have a different view of what racism is. I don't see how I am "tearing down those around me." I honestly thought we were having a intriguing debate, but I must've misread your feelings/intentions toward this conversation. I apologize because I did not intend to hurt your feelings. Though I do think it's short-sighted to rage quit and accuse me of thinking in terms of my worldview, without considering that you could be doing the exact same thing. Sorry to everyone else for having to endure this. I misconstrued the situation. Won't happen again.
  3. New Prez

    Likewise, I think the current state of television, and to lesser degree movies, reflects a lot of progress. When they aren't trying to reboot everything just because the can
  4. New Prez

    This is your perspective. We apparently have differing views on what racism is. You might not feel that its racism. Many of his supporters don't (I know you don't support him). I do. Many people who don't support him do. I should have said it can't be denied to those who feel that implicit and covert racism is a huge problem in this country. Likewise, you can't speak for everybody with how you personally take the evidence. In an attempt to be balanced in my response, I gave Paul Ryan's and Pence's reactions as examples -- two conservatives who both felt what Trump said was wrong. That's the whole story? First, to clarify: David Duke is not the same man as the man who endorsed Clinton. The man who endorsed Clinton was reported KKK Grand Dragon William Quigg. The stories about it I read demonstrate that he's of questionable legitimacy and that all of the resulting press on it stems from comments he gave in one article, but if you find other credible sources that show differently, please share. As a summary of what I've found, here's the Snopes article: One man is an anomaly. Are there others that endorsed her? Do you know of any evidence that Clinton was asked about this group? If so, did she waffle? The white supremacists/groups who endorsed Trump include (just to name a few): David Duke The American Nazi Party: Andrew Anglin, owner of the neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer -- I am not linking to that site, but feel free to go on and read their glowing articles. There are times he or his campaign denounced these endorsements, which is good and proper. But his words, actions, and policies clearly speak to these people. So what I'm reading here is that hate speech, racial slurs and gay slurs are invalid reasons to support/not support an candidate, because they aren't "fair." That ignores the fact that there are people of color and LGBT people that supported Trump and makes the assumption that liberals don't know that. Were the POC/LGBT who supported Trump subject to significant amounts of hate speech and slurs? Please cite sources if so. This also presupposes that liberals couldn't create their own new slurs for widespread use about white, heterosexual, non-minority people. Nothing's stopping them.
  5. New Prez

    When asked about them in a CNN interview, he claimed to not know anything about the white supremacist groups, or David Duke, so he couldn't respond. Why not immediately disavow them? Even if he didn't know anything about them, they're white supremacist groups. He later blamed it on a bad earpiece, though he repeats white supremacy a few times so it's clear he knew what they were talking about. Whether or not he did, the fact is that the KKK saw something in him that made them endorse him. I'm not going to get into a long list, but here's a few more examples: He also claimed the judge handling his Trump University case was biased toward him because the (American) judge had Mexican heritage -- implying the judge couldn't do his job because of his background. Paul Ryan pointed out that's basically the textbook definition of a racist comment in an interview. Pence denounced Trump's call to ban all Muslims from entering the country as offensive and unconstitutional. (Side note and full disclosure: CNN reported that 60,000 Saudi Arabian students were attending US universities in 2015, "the fourth biggest group of foreign students in the US." I taught/teach some of those students and I do believe having these students here, seeing how Americans live and experiencing our country while we learn about theirs, is immensely valuable to cultural understanding between the two countries. So I do have a bias especially on this point. YMMV.) And then there are his comments like "I have a great relationship with the blacks" and the stuff about "the Muslims," even "I love the Mexicans!" Calling any ethnic group "the ________" is tone deaf and generalizing. (I verified these before I posted this, but I can find the links to the interviews on YouTube if anyone wants sources). I do believe he believes he's not a racist. Do I think he's a super, terrible KKK-loving racist? No, I don't. But he plants enough seeds of dissension, enough suspicion of people of differing religions, colors, etc. that it inspires people like the KKK. That's very dangerous. Aw thank you! I agree with your point as well, and I hope that this election cycle does serve as a wake up call for people that we need to keep caring about others, and value other's opinions and needs. That we need to make an effort to understand those who live, believe and think differently from us, because that's what will keep us progressing as a people and a country. I mean that as a non-partisan statement -- it's clear both/all sides need to work on that.
  6. New Prez

    I'm not saying that there wasn't violence, name calling, and hatred from both sides throughout the country -- and I'm sure it varied depending on what part of the country we all live in. We got many calls from people about Clinton and Trump signs missing/stolen, for example. I saw several Trump signs disappear on my street, several times. There was a distinct lack of empathy and civility from people on both sides. That's why I offered the example of the newspaper comments as a more objective example. It often got heated and nasty on both sides, but the ones who resorted to hate speech and racial/gay slurs were always Trump supporters. For context, I live in a county that was 52 percent for Obama in 2012, and 58 percent for Trump. We swung like crazy. I don't think it can be denied that xenophobia/racist comments were part of his campaign. I mean, the North Carolina KKK is going to rally in celebration of his victory. And yes, I know there are protests throughout the country -- as a response to the same xenophobic/racist elements of his campaign. And given the things that Trump said, it doesn't surprise me that people would rally behind Clinton even given her faults and establishment politics. That also goes both ways. That's one thing this election definitely made voters do, no matter who you supported -- decide what major issues/flaws they were willing to compromise on when it came to supporting a candidate.
  7. New Prez

    Well said. Misinformation and cherry-picking sources is a huge problem. I teach writing part-time and I try to stress this for my students. And it's getting harder and harder to differentiate between objective sources and biased sources. Almost anyone can make a respectable-looking website these days. I often use The Onion as an example in my classes, and then I show them (collects people's reactions to Onion articles, and is both funny and depressing). A few days before the election, someone from another department walked in and said, "I only watch (certain news station.) They're the only ones that aren't biased." Of course, what she really means is that they are the only news station telling her what she wants to hear. That attitude is so damaging -- the (sometimes willful) inability to judge any news source fairly. A contributing factor is certainly that some members (not all!) of older generations (baby boomers, gen X, even older millennials like me*) did not grow up with this media and aren't savvy enough with it to make those distinctions (and believe every chain mail they get). Of course there are young people who aren't media savvy either, but it's so pervasive in our lives now and will continue to get more so. It'll be interesting to see what happens in a few decades when most people alive have grown up with technology. Something I found neat: I use Google Drive in my classes. When I started teaching remedial writing 6-7 years ago, there would be maybe one or two people in my class who knew what Gmail was or how to use Google Docs. I had to block out a whole period to get them to sign up and show them how it works. Now, it's rare that I get a student that doesn't already have it, whether I'm teaching American or Saudi Arabian students. * ETA: Technically, I'm right at the crossover between Gen X and millennials, which is also known as "The Oregon Trail" generation, so of course I prefer that
  8. New Prez

    Full disclosure: I'm a journalist, and liberal (the who do you side with tests going around during the primaries always gave me Sanders first and Clinton second.) I agree with everything Zilary said. Inu, I may not agree with everything you said (I do some), but I respect your opinion For my part, so much of this election was about behavior. Being a journalist, albeit at a small community paper, I can honestly say we played the election as fairly as possible. We have both liberals and conservatives in our newsroom (more liberals than conservatives, admittedly, though our advertising department is primarily conservative), and I believe everything we did related to the election was as ethical as possible. No one tried to deliberately spin anything. We covered every candidate that came to our area. We're just trying to live our lives and do our jobs. I realize that when people complain about "the media" they are often talking about big network TV, national news and such, but those stereotypes do a lot of damage to the reputation of smaller outfits who do try to be fair. We've gotten endless calls about our "bias" against Trump, when we're just printing the things he said. I was seriously tempted to clip out all the "anti-Clinton" articles we ran -- and people seemed to forget we ran -- and send them to people who called to complain. The thing that shook me up the most personally this election (not that my issues are more important that anyone else's) is seeing Trump supporters at rallies wearing shirts with the C-word on them and shirts saying that all journalists should be hanged. HANGED. For doing a job protected by our constitution. And that's just a small thing, my little experience, compared to the way many minorities must feel every day of their lives from dealing with stuff like that. I also monitor the comment section at our newspaper, and throughout the election I saw vile things said every day. Taking politics out of it, purely looking back at my record of those who ended up banned (all for hate speech and racial slurs, we don't ban for much else) -- they were all fervent Trump supporters. The type of people who failed to see the irony is saying, "All (rude word for liberals) do is call people names!" I'm not saying that liberals can't be cruel -- they can and do -- but politics aside, the abhorrent behavior I saw during this campaign, a majority of which was from Trump supporters, astounded me. That's what worries me. How do we heal that? Can we?
  9. "Happy" Little Trees signups

    I will play!
  10. Wolf Trek: To Boldly Howl - Signup & Graveyard

    Wow, way to go guys. I didn't want to comment to influence anything (not like I knew anything anyway, as I effectively didn't do anything 'cept open Redjac's Box, which was by game design) but I was really excited to follow along and see how it came out. Great Job, Sinical. Even knowing how good Sinical is when evil, I'd have had a tough time making the last choice that Rany had to make.
  11. Wolf Trek: To Boldly Howl - Signup & Graveyard

    Ah, boo! Well, I don't think I've died night 1 in a while, so I was probably due
  12. Wolf Trek: To Boldly Howl - Game Thread

    Ugh I had the kind of day where I need to just curl up in bed with whiskey and my animals. I'm on the not-a-an-of-first-day-executions side, so Vote: Nobody
  13. Wolf Trek: To Boldly Howl - Game Thread

    Posting to say I'm here. Will read when I get home from work.
  14. Wolf Trek: To Boldly Howl - Signup & Graveyard

    I'm in! Standard disclosure that I'm on the East Coast and likely not around the 2 hours before Night ends.
  15. All-Stars 2016 - Sparkbomb Werewolf Signups/Graveyard

    Whew, well that was twist after twist! I'm sorry I couldn't stay up for the ending (and I'm sorry I missed your last message, Weee). I'm on the East Coast and I had to get up to teach this morning. Congrats fellow innocents and good playing! I'm glad everything worked out. And thank you everyone for keeping it exciting and Rift and Rex for hosting!