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    Turf War

    Shattered Rift

    Turf War is a browser-based paintballing game where teams compete for control of key areas. Players can shoot, avenge, build, assault, carry, clean, and invent their way to victory. Want to hit that guy you dislike on the other team? Shoot him! Want to coordinate your efforts with your fellow teammate to build up your team's fort? Build away! Want to show off your awesomeness to everyone by avenging wounded teammates or carrying disabled teammates back to base? Do it! You're in control, and every action you perform will bring your team that much closer to victory.


    A player's team is randomly determined when he signs up. Players begin the game in their team's Base, an area only accessible to members of that team. They begin the game at a full 60 Sparks (which represent health), full ammo (6), and without any paint or tag. While in Base, players can perform certain Base-only actions (Clean, Heal, and Invent) or they can move to one of the contested areas. In contested areas, they can perform certain Field-only actions (Shoot, Avenge, Build, Assault, and Carry).

    Movement and actions both incur a cooldown period of four (4) hours. With the exception of Respawn and certain Invent actions, movement and action cooldowns operate independently of each other. A player may move and then immediately act, or a player may act and then immediately move.

    Field-only Actions

    • Shoot: Damage a specific member of the opposing team for ten (10) damage. Shoot leaves paint on a target, and it creates an avenge marker and a tag on the target.
    • Avenge: Damage a member of the opposing team for twenty (20) damage. Whenever a player is shot by Shoot or Assault, an avenge marker is created. That player can then be targeted by one of their teammates for an avenge action that damages the original shooter. Both the avenger and their teammate are announced publicly to all players in the area, but the player shot by the avenge is not.
    • Build: Contributes ten (10) Construction Points to the team's Fort. See Area Conquest below.
    • Assault: Destroys five (5) Construction Points to the target team's Fort. If any members of that team are in the area, one of them will randomly be shot in an equivalent manner to the Shoot action (painting the target, creating an avenge marker, and tagging the target).
    • Carry: Moves both the user and a disabled teammate to their Base. The action is announced publicly to all players in the Base. This action bypasses the movement cooldown penalty caused by being disabled.

    Base-only Actions

    • Clean: Removes paint from the target and clears their tag.
    • Heal: Restores a target to full sparks. This action gives no points.
    • Invent: Creates an item. This action causes movement cooldown equivalent to its own cooldown. This action gives no points when it is used, but each item compensates for this by granting extra points upon use. Items can only be equipped while in the Base. Invent Big Paintball (4 hour CD) may be combined with Shoot, Avenge, or Assault to deal an extra ten (10) damage. White Paint (8 hour CD) may be combined with Clean to remove additional paint. V-Barrel (12 hour CD) may be combined with Shoot, causing it to target two random players. Both Big Paintball and White Paint are single-use, and a combination of up to three of them may be equipped at once. V-Barrel can be used three (3) times but cannot be combined with any other item.

    Universal Action

    • Respawn: Returns the player to Base and restores their sparks to full. Only a disabled player can Respawn. If a disabled player moves to Base or uses Respawn, they incur a doubled movement cooldown (eight (8) hours instead of the usual four (4)).

    A player is disabled when they reach zero (0) sparks. Disabled players cannot perform any actions (except Respawn) or move to any area except their Base. If they move to their Base or use Respawn, they incur a doubled movement cooldown penalty requiring them to stay in their Base for eight (8) hours. This penalty can be bypassed via the Carry action (though they will still need to wait the usual four (4) hours before moving again).

    The first team to successfully complete a Fort will conquer that Area and gain a point bonus for their accomplishment. Once an Area is conquered, players may no longer move to that Area or perform Build or Assault actions there. If all Areas are conquered, the game ends.

    Tags, shown by the colored square next to each player's username, are a mark of the last team to shoot that player. Teams gain additional points for each player currently tagged by their team. A Clean action may be performed to remove another team's tag.

    Reloading happens automatically when a player enters their Base.

    Avenge flags are created whenever a player is shot by Shoot, Assault, or V-Barrel. (In the case of V-Barrel, only the second player shot will receive an avenge flag.) Players may only have one avenge flag on them: being shot by another player will replace the avenge flag. An avenge flag will be removed if that player leaves the Area. Teammates that can be avenged have their name indicated by bold letters.

    The Leaderboard in each Base shows the number of actions each player has performed. Heal and Respawn are both considered actions for this counter. Invent White Paint and Invent V-Barrel are considered to be worth two (2) and three (3) actions respectfully.

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