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    Shattered Rift

    Spectres are a fictional race that exist in the Sparkverse. Long before the Rain of the Sparks, a race called the salamoor inhabited the planet Altara with the lucians. A war between these two races ended in the defeat of the salamoor, but somehow their spirits were preserved. Time passed like a deep sleep, and many of them awoke in the minds of human sparkborn. Coexisting with their human hosts, these beings have adopted the spectre moniker because of their ability to phase in and out of the material world, seeming to appear and disappear like ghosts. They also have the ability to channel electricity from their fingertips in much the same way that was possible as salamoor. Upon discovering the presence of the lucians on Earth, the spectres swore vengeance and seek nothing short of the total annihilation of the beasts that drove their species to extinction.

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