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    Cult (Team Convert)

    Shattered Rift

    The cult begins the game with a single cultist that has a powerful conversion power.

    Example role names: Vampire

    The cult begins with a single cultist who has a multiple-use conversion power (that can usually be used each Night). Variants of the power may require two successful uses to convert. Or the power may be used every other Night. Other variants are also possible. Converts to the cult typically lose their previous role/powers, but in some variants they may retain their role/powers. Attempting to convert an unconvertible player may result in failure or may result in the death of the cultist if targeting another baddie. Unlike the traditional werewolf team that wins the game by killing their opponents, the cult seeks victory by converting a majority of the living players. One of the greatest strengths of the cult is that the town is usually unaware of its existence until the mid-game when a cultist dies.

    A variant of the cult is the Suicide Cult. In this variant, all cultists have the conversion power. When a cultist is killed, all cultists that he converted (and all cultists that they converted, and so on) will also die. Thus, killing the original cultist will defeat the entire Suicide Cult.

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