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Found 2 results

  1. Mainly, I'm making this thread to see if there is anyone who is active that wants to participate in one. But I suppose this can also be transformed later into the official Interest Check thread for anyone else in the position I'm in. Things to include: My first RP I'll be hosting is as follows: Digimon Role-Play. But not based from any season of the television show.Story driven. Maybe will feature a stat-based battle system later, if I have the time to run something like that outside of my schedule.Digimon Online Reboot - As the title implies, this will be a story revolving around the old Digimon World Online plot that me and Soon ran on the X-Evolution boards a lifetime ago. The plot is going to center around a group of staff members trying to control a viral outbreak that threatens to quarantine the players in the game indefinitely. May feature influences from DWO but is by no means going to be a carbon-copy.I'm looking for about 3 more players to run this effectively, but no more than 6 players altogether... heh, like that's going to happen. xD
  2. Sooo... I have some RP ideas. Buuuuut I don't know who else would be interested in these ideas. And I don't have time to run them all. Ideas! Suggestions! Other things! Assuming I can edit polls post-thread-submission, I'll add more options if people show interest. GLOSSARY OF TERMS (in the context of this poll): Canon - Main story-line from the original medium will be in effect, all characters, events, locations, etc exist, and the story is either still in-progress or only shortly concluded. Canon characters and original characters are playable. Non-Canon - World setting is used, but canon characters and events either haven't happened or happened in the distant past/distant future/very far away e.g. fifty years after the events of the Harry Potter series another group of students is attending Hogwarts. Only original characters are playable. Semi-Canon - World setting and canon characters are used, but events of the series either haven't happened, will happen in the future, or have been significantly altered, e.g. Yu-Gi-Oh!'s main cast of characters as "mostly normal" high school kids. AU - Stands for Alternate Universe, a setting where events in the original media occurred differently or not at all, creating an alternate timeline, e.g. a setting where Harry Potter was killed prior to the Battle of Hogwarts.