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Found 1 result

  1. Digimon Online: Reboot "The Digital World is in peril! Band together with your partner Digimon, and save it from the powers of darkness!" The words on the back of the game's box, and at the top scrawl on the game's webpage make it quite clear what a player's goals are in DO. You are casted into a world where humans are a minority--a world that is populated mainly by creatures known as "Digital Monsters," commonly referred to as "Digimon" for short. The few hundred humans that have found their way into this "Digital World" have began to colonize, creating settlements around a great city built by the first to set foot in the Digital World--Boot City. But all is not well within the Program Continent. Greedy humans who seek only power... Digimon who seek to destroy or conquer the human realm... all sorts of rebellions cropping up in opposition of the humans' colonization efforts... these are just a few of the problems that Boot City faces. For this reason, Human and Digimon within Boot began to cooperate, forming the Tamer Union, an organization of humans and Digimon who were dedicated to preserving peace between the two races. The Tamer Union's Head-Quarters are in Boot City, and its agents come in all shapes and sizes, with Digimon Partners to match, and a special device known as the Digivice Bracer that connects the human and Digimon together, letting strength flow freely between the two. And at the top of the heirarchy of these Agents are the Avatars, a clandestine order of Tamers who stand out amongst the oceans of players within the game... who have been selected to safeguard the game and the players from threats that exist outside of the game's parameters... such as hackers and viruses. You are one of many capable Avatars who watches over Boot City... and this is your tale. RULES No overused Digimon lines. Let's try to think outside of the box with this one. Use unorthodox lines if you want to. Whatever you feel confortable with, go with it.Admin used Royal Knight Digimon for their partners in DWO. This will not be the case in DO. Your choice is unrestricted, so long as it adheres to the other rules.No fan-mades. This is an RP that is based in an MMO-like-world, afterall.AMENDMENT: Fan-mades are allowed for Mode-Changes only. All characters will be Avatar class.No god-moding.No spamming.Keep out-of-character posts in this Casting Call Thread. Anything posted in the Role-Playing thread that is OOC will be considered spam.FORBIDDEN DIGIMON This is a list of Digimon that are unavailable in this game to the player. This could be due to being overused, or perhaps because it serves an important plot-point later in the story. Omegamon ZwartBlackWarGreymonBlackMetalGarurumonTEMPLATE Code's Character